Best Comment of the Week (2): And the nominations are…

Another set of the nominations for Best Comment of the Week.  Rules for nomination are the same;  sorry Mark B.

Ardis, once again, disses  Scott B.’s mum:

“You don’t recognize the female monsters, Scott, because they all look like yo mama.”

Dan Weston on something to do with prairie dogs and Prop 8:

“Ges, on behalf of those of us in a same-sex marriage, I apologize if Prop. 8 made you feel like a pariah.”

Glass Ceiling giving advice to Young Singles:

“A little advice for Singles…

Sex is a lot like air: As long as you’re getting it, it’s really no big deal.”

MikeinWeHo on the problems of abstinence:

“I can see why so many Mormon women wind up marrying closeted Mormon gay men.”

rk on hired help:

“If I lived overseas where domestic help was inexpensive, I would hire domestic help to be a task master for my children. They follow my kids around and show them how to clean stuff really well.”

BackRow on getting divorced for kicks and giggles:

‘Of course it would funner & easier to divorce & remarry instead of having unconditional love like Christ did.’

I just love divorcing and remarrying, it is the funnest!”

Adam Ellsworth on the problem of foreknowledge:

“‘Hath shown you unto me’ indicates to me a vision. I believe that vision included me sitting at my desk typing this comment. And now he’s laughing that I’m writing about his vision as he’s having his vision. Now he’s not laughing, because how did I know he was laughing? Now our brains are exploding.


  1. Adam deserves to win. But he won’t.

  2. i made a comment about Magic: The Gathering yesterday, and it didn’t get nominated. thats messed up. im gonna zap you all with a prodigal sorcerer.

  3. Agreed. Adam’s is glorious.

  4. dude, nominations are by the readers and are invariably low-brow.

  5. Did you see that in vision Steve? because I saw him win. Therefore know he will win. My prophetic visions are limited to comment of the week. Too bad his brain exploded so he can’t enjoy it. I should have said something before the whole unfortunate brain thing, not to alter things that cannot be changed but just to let him know before hand, so he could revel in the paradox.

  6. When Adam takes the prize, I’ll start dissing his mama, too. Yo.

  7. Robbins, you only said that because you’re fixated on exploding brains.

  8. Ardis, I saw that too. It’s a heavy burden to carry.

  9. Yo mama’s not entirely safe, Dovie. Betcha didn’t see THAT coming.

  10. I’m starting to picture Ardis with a lot of bling…

  11. @WVS Exploding brains on worlds without end. :)

  12. That was Mark Brown, and not Mark B. But if it’ll help him win the prize, I’ll take credit for the comment.

  13. I’m nominating Ardis for BCotBCotW (Best Comments on the Best Comment of the Week).

  14. If you all could see the end from the beginning, you’d know that Adam already won.

  15. Martin’s comment #10 just made my brain explode.

  16. I like Yo Yo Ma says:

    Ardis, why you dis on Yo Yo Ma? He play good cello. Be nice to Yo Yo Ma. Word.

  17. Left Field says:

    Mark Brown isn’t listed as a permablogger, but as a “past author.” If he’s “past,” he’s not very perma- is he? I say he qualifies.

  18. You tell ’em, Left Field!

  19. Just read through these. Mike’s and Adam’s comments made me laugh out loud. Well done.

  20. I think it’s kinda mean to have nominated BackRow’s comment. But since you’ve already done it, that’s the one I’m voting for.

  21. MikeInWeHo says:

    My goal is to bring laughter to the somber chamber that is BCC.

  22. The issue isn’t whether Adam deserves the award, or whether any of us have foreseen it or not. The issue is whether Moroni is sitting at his desk, scratching notes on gold plates, and seeing Adam winning the award. If Adam’s brain hadn’t exploded, we could have just asked him what Moroni saw, but I guess it is too late for that now.

    And Ardis’ mean spirited posts about people’s mothers should not win any awards, no matter how monstrous Scott B’s mother is….

  23. So many excellent choices, I want to choose them all. But since there can be only one, I guess I have to go with Moroni’s vision of Adam (shortly before both of their heads exploded). There’s something vaguely Follow-the-Prophet-y about it that compels me to choose it. Or at least makes me feel guilty when I think about choosing something else.

  24. I vote for Glass Ceiling; the 6 weeks postpartum is quickly turning into the longest 6 weeks of my life.