The Illuminated Matsby: A Very Special Christmas Edition

A festive image of faith and devotion…

Uatu A Merry Christmas


  1. Brilliant, Matt! I’m surprised Galactus isn’t there holding up the star of Bethlehem. But as far as MARVELous Christmas imagery goes (see what I did there?), I still dig your nativity scene from last year the most.

  2. Let me fix your caption:

    “Uatu Child Is This.”

    There you go, no charge.

  3. You’re right, Ken. That is better.

  4. Hey, I don’t change captions around here. I…only WATCH.

  5. I’ve missed these – and Ken’s caption is awesome.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    If you look close, one of the sheep is a Skrull.

  7. “…For Uatu, a Child is born, Uatu, a son is given, and the universe shall be upon his Shoulder; And his name shall be called: Marvel-Ous! Counsellor! The Mighty God, The Everlasting Watcher, The Prince of Peace!…”

  8. And now I’m even more lost than I was in the Tim Tebow thread.

  9. We can sit over here in the corner together, Cynthia, and wonder what alternate universe we’ve wandered into, and what language the natives are speaking …

  10. Uatu is a member of a galactic race of ancient beings called The Watchers, who have dedicated themselves to monitoring events of significance through out the universe.


  11. I’m just a little upset that Uatu has bare shoulders.

  12. Some one really likes their sci-fi.

    If this came in cheap plastic figurines it’d replace the current ones.

  13. Steve Evans says:


    And the child’s name was Norrin Rand.

  14. Come on Steve. It was Norrin RADD.

  15. I heard once that Stan Lee listened to the discussions.

  16. Steve Evans says:

    dagnabit Ron, I’m sorry.

  17. danithew (#15) for BCotW

  18. Once again a work of genius!

  19. second #15

  20. For a supposedly benevolent omnipotent non-interventionist being, he looks a little creepy to me. And I only got the benevolent, omnipotent stuff from Wikipedia, but I do know who Stan Lee is. Otherwise, I’m in the corner with the rest of the normal people.

  21. Probably my favorite, so far. I might just be in the right mood for it.

    I notice that he’s wearing a mandala.

  22. 20 – Yeah, in his first few appearances he looked like just a fat bald guy. But since then, he has started looking more alien – Big head, all-white eyes, creepy, etc.

    And thanks, everyone.

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