Poll: Ghosts of Bloggernacle Past


  1. Kingsley? Was that his/her name?

  2. Steve Evans says:

    Ah, Kingsley! Yes. A royal commenter.

  3. Amri, Willfried and John Hamer.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    (pours out Courvoisier)

  5. My vote is split between Jason Wharton, Justin, John Hamer, and DKL. In fact, I wish I could have them all over for Christmas dinner.

  6. Roasted Tomatoes, Hands down.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Ben, you can! Ask me how.

  8. I miss them all.

  9. Margaret Young. I love it whenever she reappears. It’s like a lovely burst of light.

  10. But I do want to make certain that my place in history is secure, as the blogger upon whom JW dusted his feet. Can there be a greater honor?

  11. I think I miss DKL the most.

  12. Isn’t JNS still around? My sense is that sometimes people change their blog name. Wasn’t Roasted Tomatoes somebody else? Don’t you people understand the need to maintain brand identity??

  13. Re: 11
    Agreed about DKL, MCQ. He even disappeared from Facebook. Does anybody have contact with him?

  14. I also sometimes long for the snarkernacle. Trash Calls was pretty good sometimes too.

  15. JNS = Roasted Tomatoes. Right?

  16. Justin, Mogget, Blake, Nitsav, all my co-bloggers at NCT. Darius Gray.

  17. Yes, JNS = RT.

    Mogget! and DKL.

  18. I miss JNS. After meeting him this summer I felt incredibly sad that my arrival at BCC coincided with his move to emeritus status, I only hope they were not related.

    However, my desire for gut-wrenching laughter cannot help but request either Bleak Oyster or Jason Wharton.

  19. I prefer to hold Jason Wharton in the golden glow of memory. It would be a shame to have that bright spot in Bloggernacle history disturbed by his inability to sustain the entertainment of that brief burst.

    Justin, on the other hand, was consistently wonderful in exactly the opposite direction. I miss him.

  20. I’m with Zinka – I always like to hear from Margaret

  21. Ardis, you are probably right. JNS it is.

  22. Mogget is a good call also.

  23. thebookofarmaments says:

    Melissa DLM. I always loved her posts!

  24. I voted for Justin, but JNS, DKL, The Brothers Bell, Bob and Logan, The Inouyes, Mogs, Me (at FPR), LANGUATRON, Extreme Dorito, Ned Flanders, The folks I used to blog with at VSoM, Amri, JMax (really), the NCT crowd, and the rest of the LDS Liberation Front folk.

  25. And Christian Cardell.

  26. Anyone who votes for someone other than Jason Wharton should be banninated forthwith.

  27. Steve Evans says:

    Bros Bell still blog, ED hangs around once in a while, and JMax still surfaces at M*. But yeah, lots can change in 5 years.

  28. #7: I’ll bite, Steve. How can I have all of those honoraries over for Christmas dinner?

  29. I’m with Ardis on Jason Wharton. How many times can you dust your feet before it becomes banal? Wharton was like a magical night in Paris–best to just cherish the memory rather than have failed, dull attempts to recreate it.

    Totally JNS.

  30. Steve Evans says:

    Ben, the answer is simple: come over to my house. They will all be there.

  31. amri, annegb

    Police Beat

    In searching for annegb’s handle, I ran across this snippet from 2005:

    Sorely missed: Steve Evans

  32. Steve Evans says:

    FHL, those were good days!

    Annegb is still posting with regularity at Mormon Mentality.

  33. Jennifer Mailer.

  34. The Bell Brothers had a humor blog that has been inactive for about a year now. Davis is on twitter and is consistently hilarious.

  35. Bring Hamer back for CoC reporting at least!

  36. Bring back the Metaphysical Elders.

  37. Steve Evans says:
  38. Jesse Gause

  39. Do you suppose Jason Wharton ever Googles himself and knows by threads like this one how fondly he is recalled?

  40. Annoying pseduo-omniscient poster says:

    Several of these people with pseudonyms still blog and comment, but under real names or different pseudonyms.

  41. Yes but different pseudonyms and personaes still make a difference. Just ask Languatron who didn’t even get a spot on the poll.

  42. Steve Evans says:

    But Clark, nobody really misses Languatron very much…

  43. I do, Steve. I do.

  44. DKL.

    Not really.

  45. Mogget!

  46. Justin and Amri

    DKL – but I don’t know why that should be

    Now I’ll read the comments and see who everyone else says

  47. clarkgoble says:

    Yeah Steve, and you loved the final season of BSG.

  48. How could I have forgotten JNS and Extreme Dorito?

    John C.’s #24 covers everyone I could remember.

  49. The most amusing thing about this poll is that about 60% of respondents chose “Who the heck are these people?”. If one is looking to make a lasting impression apparently the bloggernacle is not the best place to to it…

  50. Steve Evans says:

    Geoff, you’re almost one of “those people” yourself! You and Rusty…

  51. Who is Rusty?

  52. J/K

  53. Quimby, KLS, Margaret, Stephanie at fMh and ECS. Oh and Eve at ZD. Oh and I really, really miss the guy (that the spam filter always caught) who had such astoundingly detailed rape fantasies at fMh. My mornings just aren’t the same.
    Oh and John Hamer and his maps. Phew. See, I’m not a bigot, some of my best friends are men…

  54. Mommie Dearest says:

    I don’t know why anyone would miss Jason Wharton. *sniff*

    Don’t you guys have any shopping or wrapping or baking to do?

  55. MCQ (14), we also long for you. But in a totally straight/platonic way.

    It’s posts like these that make me miss the good ole snarking days.

  56. Steve Evans says:

    high five, Dazz.

  57. Looks like my invite to the Dead Blogger Christmas Dinner was lost in the mail.

  58. Is the winner of the poll going to be resurrected?

  59. pete! i’m writing, i’m writing!

  60. Margaret Blair Young.

  61. I voted for Justin. But I echo the other commenters who’d like to witness the second coming of DKL. Everybody now, “O come, o come, Dee-ee-ee-kay-ay-el.”

    To me, the large number of votes for “who the heck are these people” suggests that that the Bloggernacle has attracted a bunch of new faces in the past couple of years. A good thing, no?

  62. I feel bad for leaving out all of cwc’s women. Especially Quimby and ECS, who were awesome. For that matter, Rosalynde ;) So I second them.

  63. Oh man, just clicked Steve’s link and relived the glory. Of course, who can forget the feet dusting, but I’d forgotten the little legal notice at the end instructing the admins on how they are allowed to handle his comment!

  64. Christian Cardall <3 <3, the new Cool Thang guys, and… believe it or not, Mark Butler. Oh, and the Narrator back when he was really, really obnoxious.

  65. Mark Butler NEVER left…despite my best efforts. the narrator is now a papa and has gone soft.

  66. I’m waiting for the follow-up poll: “Which present Bloggernacle personality would you like to see absent him/herself?”

  67. Careful Ardis, those who request polls like that are automatically nominated as winners.

  68. Oh John C I wouldn’t call them all “my women.” I mean, mostly they were widows and pensioners…

  69. Oh, I expect to have a place in that list, MCQ — no worries.

  70. D. Golden Shizzle the Snarker says:

    Personally I long for the multi-comment posts attempting to out the Snarker. Very entertaining :)

  71. Ardis,

    Here’s your poll:

    Q: Which present Bloggernacle personality would you like to see absent him/herself?

    1. Brad Kramer
    2. Someone else

  72. *snort*

    Not gonna touch that one, Scott!

  73. Marc Schindler – probably predates the Bloggernacle, but is missed anyway.

  74. Wilfried Decoo was always wonderful. Where did he go?

  75. They are probably not alone in this, but every year Columbus Monthly magazine does a “best of” issue that features several “gone but not forgotten” people, and one “forgotten but not gone.” This thread made me think of that. “Forgotten but not gone.” That describes so many peeps.

    Steve, if you would be so kind, please give huge hugs to RT and SV and tell them I miss them. I think I will go cry now.

  76. Prudence McPrude says:

    That no one says they miss me only proves that (1) the wicked take the truth to be hard; and (2) see #1.

  77. You never give people a chance to miss you because you never really go away Prudence. You’re always there. Kinda like the Holy Ghost.

    What is the deal with JNS and his better half? Did they go somewhere? Are they ok?

    Also, what is up with all the abuse Brad gets?

  78. I’m glad Shizz and Dazz are still around. What’s up with the lack of posts on your site guys? Did you start grad school? Have kids? Just get lazy? What’s your excuse, losers?

  79. Melissa De Leon Mason, and Amri. JNS and TNS are also missed.

  80. Some days in the bloggernacle make me really miss Addison.

  81. Wait, these people aren’t around?

  82. Naiah, Ned, and JL from CitC.

  83. I’m missing the Police Beat Roundtables with its usual list of suspects.

    Any holiday specials coming up?

  84. I almost voted for Justin. I thought he might be one of the three Nephites.
    Christian C., RT/JNS. I miss Rebecca from fMh. Amri. Quimby. Janet. DKL. Ned Flanders.

  85. Dude! I totally forgot about Naiah. Yeah, her, too.

  86. Ah man, Janet, too.

  87. Steve Evans says:

    #83 trying to get one done before the holiday. There is hope.

  88. Sheldon, I too would like to see the return of Marc Schindler, but he’s passed on. God needed to him to blog on The Other Side, apparently.

  89. Definitely Amri. And RT/JNS and Serenity Valley.

  90. She’s aallllliiiiiiiiiiive!!

  91. Justin received my vote, but JNS was a close second. He responded offline to me about an issue that was important to me, and shared some vital information with me. A classy guy, indeed.

  92. clarkgoble says:

    Who was Langutron anyway? I always assumed it was you Steve. I have to admit that the first few months I honestly thought it was some sort of automated spam bot and could never figure out why on earth it was posting on Mormon blogs.

  93. Steve Evans says:

    LOL, not me Clark!!

  94. I’m still not sure LANGUATRON wasn’t an automated spam bot.

    Also, Lars Glenson.

  95. Steve Evans says:

    Alas, Lars died.

  96. Oh how sad. Sorry to hear that.

    Do you actually know who Languatron is/was, Steve?

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