Reader Question Box #8: “is Tim Tebow Mormon?”

Reader Question Box is a series where we answer questions that show up in our website traffic monitoring statistics as Google search terms that led people to us. Copious oddities are to be found in the search term logs, and some worthwhile questions. (In case you missed our previous editions: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7)

Question: is Tim Tebow Mormon?
Answer: This search has been lighting up our google stats all week long. Answer: No, but if he follows the excellent advice given him from a very, very reliable source (see video), he will be soon! We think Tim Tebow would fit right in.

Question: “can the mentally ill serve in mormon temples”
Answer: I suppose it depends on what you mean by “mentally ill.” They let me in, which would indicate that the nuttiness bar is set pretty low.

Answer: “the correct answer is mormon”
Question: What is, “What is the religion of Jeopardy! superstar and frequent BCC guest blogger Ken Jennings?”

Question: “‘brigham young’ dream stout willard fruits chair ‘just right'”
Answer: Alrighty then. Maybe we could have a reader contest where you try to construct a coherent narrative around these words.

Question: “eminen go to war with the mormons”
Answer: You might think that Mormons would get completely crushed in a rap-off with Eminem. But if the Sistas in Zion bloggers be with us, who can be against us? See their awesome handiwork here.

Question: “flame war”
Answer: It’s hard to pick a best flame war in BCC history, but that time Matt Evans went up against JNS and Brad, with the former at one point dropping this rhetorical bomb was pretty classic. Readers, what are your favorite flame wars?

Question: “most organists are”
Answer: Are what?? The suspense is killing me.

Question: “long distant grandparent support groups vancouver, wa”
Answer: Another search for which I have no idea why google would send somebody to BCC. I have to ask, though–if it is a “long distance” support group you are looking for, why especially does it have to be in Vancouver?

Question: “dating someone from your mission lds?”
Answer: Here’s all the info you’re looking for.

Question: “stripling warrior tattoo”
Answer: Look, just IMHO, but if you plan on getting one, ur doin it wrong.


  1. Does BCC often get searches regarding Vancouver? Methinks it’s the British Columbia, Canada connection.

  2. It’s hardly an endorsement of Mormonism when they throw that in at the end. (They must be paying homage to South Park with that comment. And zinging Romney and Huntsman at the same time.)

    Tebow is probably Baptist. His mom went to church with my mom in Florida.

    I could use some long distance support from Vancouver, WA. If only you could reasonably ship Burgerville food…

  3. the eminem one is from the lyrics to the song “renegade” he did with JAY z fyi

  4. Brigham Young made chairs for his wives, determining individual correct seat size by their bottom prints made in the snow (you too can hear that story if you tour the Lion House). Perhaps he dreamed of making a similar chair for stout Willard Richards, to sit and eat fruit at his table, and a la Goldilocks, this one fit “just right.” I don’t know, that’s the strangest word string!

    I love this series, by the way. lots of fun.

  5. Most organists are called for life. Unwritten order of things.

  6. My sister just got married to a fellow missionary from her mission today. So, yes!

  7. Truly an inspired installment of an inspired series. Your jeopardy question is right on the money. Obviously the google searcher in that instance was looking for the South Park clip where the Devil says that. Which, come to think of it, is the exact same joke as in the SNL skit but a decade earlier. Pretty good shelf life on that joke.

  8. My FiL once went through a phase of wanting a tattoo of the angel Moroni on his shoulder.

  9. Of course he is Mormon if his Jesus wears socks with his sandals…it’s just that other people don’t see him as christian because of that.

  10. From my personal interactions, the mentally ill are serving as temple workers.

  11. #9 for BCotW

  12. In my experience, the mentally ill write opening posts on the bloggernacle.

  13. I loved this, Cynthia!

    Re: flame wars, the same one you linked to came to mind for me too. I really liked Kaimi’s comment earlier in the thread.

    Re: “‘brigham young’ dream stout willard fruits chair ‘just right’”

    I wonder if Brigham Young didn’t have a dream in which a Nephite improbably named Willard led him to an ancient buried orchard, complete with a perfectly fitting “fruits chair” where he could enjoy its fruit.

  14. “can the mentally ill serve in mormon temples”

    Yes. But it probably depends on the local leadership. *Source: I know people personally.

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