Poll: Best Worst Christmas Movie

The best of the worst Christmas-related movies (impossible to refer to them as “films.”) The primary rule here: Christmas movies that are truly awful abominations, but are awful in a way that elevates them to must-see cult status and/or near universal condemnation in the public consciousness (if they exist there at all), something along the lines of this list. Feel free to contribute any abominations that should have been included.


  1. Santa Clause: The Movie has John Lithgow in it. That, by definition, makes it watchable.

  2. Lithgow is the only bright spot in the movie. But Dudley Moore cancels him out for me.

  3. I can’t believe no one mentioned Mr. Krueger’s Christmas! Weirdest/worst Christmas movie ever.

  4. #3 – Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas doesn’t belong on the list.

    I haven’t seen all of the movies on the list, and I wanted to vote for the Stars Wars Christmas Special just because the thought makes me sick, but, of the ones I’ve seen, I voted for A Christmas Carol – and for “Scrooged” in particular. Part of me thought it was so stupid it was funny, but I try to sedate that part of me as much as possible.

  5. “Ernest _____” is the best worst movie in any category.

  6. Bad Santa is not a bad movie.

  7. Mommie Dearest says:

    Last night while wrapping gifts, I had the tube on and saw the first 1:45 of this, from The Untouchables TV series:

    At first I thought how much our cultural standards have declined, then I remembered that this was created in the early 1960’s.

  8. If you’ve seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, then this should be a no-brainer. Jefferson Starship, 20 minutes of grunting Wookiees, and Bea Arthur. Oh. And Carrie Fisher’s Life Day Song.

  9. A few thoughts:

    1.It’s “Star Wars Holiday Special” – NOT “Christmas Special.” (Now, there was a Star Wars Christmas Album, with Jon Bon Jovi(!) singing “R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas, but the “Holiday Special” never mentions Christmas).

    2. Having actually spent one Christmas desperately trying to find a toy that was sold out everywhere, “Jingle All the Way” resonates with me, so I actually enjoy the movie.

    3. I haven’t seen half these on the list. Time to update the Netflix queue.

  10. Ivan, #1 is a sin/mistake I can live with.

  11. I wanna see Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! It sounds like it could be the winner.

  12. Toni,
    It’s a classic.

  13. Despite the fact that, as stated above, the abomination known as The Star Wars Holiday Special was not a Christmas movie, I think it still deserves to be in this category.

    I would also like to add Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ epic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” which is a family tradition to watch in all of its painfully awful glory.

  14. StillConfused says:

    My sister in Law just gave me the Ernest Saves Christmas DVD. Anyone want to come watch it with me??

  15. Anyone voting for the star wars christmas special has obviously not seen it. It is anything but watchable.

  16. I saw a He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special for sale at WalMart yesterday… I was so tempted to buy it. It probably would have made a decent showing on this here poll. And it would have been AWESOME!

  17. Gosh, the first one is A W E F U L!

  18. Oh, and @5: I find “Ernest ____” hilarious.

  19. Becky, the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas special is streaming on Netflix right now. As my sister puts it, watching it “will stupid you right up.” The greatest revelation was Skeletor’s incredibly whiny voice.

  20. Bill LOVES Christmas Vacation and Christmas with the Kranks. He watches them over and over and laughs every time.

  21. Bad Santa should not be on this list. It has cult status because it’s irreverent and and funny, not because it’s “so bad it’s good”.

  22. If you haven’t seen “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny” you are in for a horrible treat.

  23. Okay, I’m going to YouTube and look for some of these.

  24. Starting with “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”.

  25. Hey SCCtheM is now public domain. The full movie is on YouTube.

  26. KUEN in SLC has shown Sant Claus Conquers the Martians a few times as part of their Weird Science Friday. Awesome flick! Well, ok, not awesome…but it is a flick.

  27. Steve Evans says:

    Santa With Muscles isn’t just a bad movie — it’s bad even for Hulk Hogan.

  28. Yeah, I had to pick Santa with Muscles, myself. It wouldn’t just be on a list like this, it would make any worst of all time list.

  29. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is right up there with Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space both in the awesomeness of its awfulness, and sheer entertainment value. As for the Star Wars Holiday debacle, I keep trying to pick the point at which a time traveler would have to go back in order to stop George Lucas from his horrible descent into serving up banal crap as entertainment. Certainly would have to be before the SWHS. Wilford Brimley’s career never recovered.

  30. Bad Santa has Lauren Graham (gorgeous!) chanting a line that I will never forget. No matter how much I wish I could.

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