Happy new year, trolls!

Dear Bloggernacle Trolls,

Happy New Year. As this is a Jubilee year [1] I will grant amnesty to each and every person who has previously been banned from BCC. You will be given the chance once more to regale us with your scintillating comments. And I mean once more: if you come out swinging like a troll again, you’ll end up back in the dumpster. Email us at the info/contact address to get out of Spirit Commenting Prison.

P.S. Not you, Mormon Wookiee. Your cross-bloggernacle spam comment spree has made you victim #1 of 2012. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

[1] No idea if this is a Jubilee year or not, I just like the x-men character.


  1. Can we vote on which troll we want most to return?

  2. Steve Evans says:

    Ben, they’re ALL welcome back.

  3. Can we have a vote as to which one was THE 2011 Mormon TROLL of the Year?

    Then, after they’ve been pardoned and return to posting, we can mock them. Not just mock them for the post, but because we can.

  4. Steve Evans says:


  5. Happy New Year, Steve!

  6. X-Men heresies notwithstanding, if the Jubilee Year begins 2012 Jan 01 and BCC began in 2004 (first post in archives: 2004 Mar 12), then 1 Blog Year is approximately 2 synodic lunar months.

    More precisely, BCC must have begun 2004 Jan 29, the day after the first-quarter moon. The 49th blog year ended with the first-quarter moon of 2011 Dec 31 (using lunar and not luni-solar years).

    (Calculating from the first archived post yields a Jubilee that begins 2012 Feb 13, the eve of the last-quarter moon.)

  7. #6 Edje Jeter for comment of the year (lunar or luni-solar)

  8. Steve Evans says:


  9. Thirded.

  10. ExMoHoMoDon says:

    Can I nominate myself as Troll of the Year for 2011? Indifference is much worse than outright hatred.

  11. Prudence McPrude says:

    Thank you, Mr. Evans. It feels so good to be loved. Considerably better than being consumed by the fires of Hell, as most of you will learn soon enough.

  12. Thanks for the heads up. I will still enjoy reading, but will just be careful not to post comments.

  13. Could someone share about the Mormon Wookiee thing for those of us who haven’t been around long enough to have seen it?

  14. I started a blog a few months ago called Mormon Wookiee. I was trying to promote my blog by commenting on a few of the BCC posts yesterday. I apologize if I overstepped my bounds.

  15. Let’s not embellish things. You posted on three different posts within minutes, each comment a pretty obvious sham comment to try and get traffic to your blog. You also spammed at least 2 other bloggernacle sites at roughly the same time in the same way. It’s incredibly shameless.

    But here, internets, judge for yourselves: Behold yon spam!

  16. Agreed. I have learned a good lesson.

  17. Oh, gotcha. Why did I think this was something that happened a while ago? Must not’ve been paying attention.

  18. ‘s all good, Miri.

  19. Steve Dalton, don’t fear. Steve is quick to forgive (at least once every fifty years) if you make a few meaningful comments and kiss his feet/toes/curelom.

  20. Don’t oversell it, Scoot

  21. I’ve been poking around Steve Dalton’s blog. Some good stuff there — I’ve already found one to link to.

    Now if Steve’s banination stick were only long enough to get that guy who spams not only Mormon blogs, but also news stories that mentions Mormons, touting his sister’s and father’s ridiculous sounding “epic novel” about Mormon history, that’d be something to cheer for.

  22. Sigh, if only!

  23. I’d like to see some discussion on whether or not God has abandoned Tim Tebow, and if so, why. I imagine that he has developed a hidden addiction to pornography. It takes a whole lot of points to the sky after touchdowns to equal one pornography addiction in God’s eyes, and the Broncos just aren’t scoring much with Tim at QB. Remember Tebow, God sees you when you’re in your closet. If you want to win the Super Bowl, “no more masturbato.”

  24. 23: WOW!! I’m not sure what that has to do with the OP (more trolling, maybe?) but it made me laugh out loud.

  25. Pffft@aol.com says:

    I got linked to this by one of your faithful. He’s under the impression that you’d stop deleting my posts with something other than a supportive bent. I told him that’s hilarious. Depict yourself as open after systematically deleting disagreement? This is theater, pure and simple. Mormons have hunted their heretics and dissenters for generations. I don’t see it stopping now.

  26. Steve Evans says:


  27. Pffft,
    I wept a tear that your participation has been forever lost. There…that’s over.