Voting: Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year Award 2011

Nominations are now closed, and voting begins. Who do you think was the non-Mormon with the biggest impact on Mormons or Mormonism this year? Voting will only be open for a few days, so vote now!


  1. Calling it: Trey Parker and Matt Stone take home the Tony, um, er, BDGotY.

  2. Not voting. I refuse to vote for those two guys on principle, and I don’t think any of the other nominees had any significant impact. What a weird year.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    Ardis, what principle? If you hate them, then you could vote for them under the Boggs angle, not the Doniphan one. If your goal is to simply avoid giving them any attention whatsoever, I guess that works too.

  4. I think Ardis acts on a strong principle of spite.

  5. Left Field says:

    Yeah, none of the others deserve to be on the ballot, any more than a random person on the street. Somebody should’ve nominated Colbert again, just so there would be someone else to vote for. And Jon Stewart’s bit on Brandon Davies is enough by itself to put him ahead of the six guys we’ve got

  6. Book of Mormon musical creators are perfect. Why? Because they both deserve BOTH the Doniphan and Boggs side of the award!!!!

  7. If the musical trio wins wouldn’t it be “Gentiles of the Year”?

    Maybe there should be a separate poll to distinguish which out of the three deserves the fake trophy.

  8. Wow, not much of a competition.

  9. I agree with what Nancy French is doing and I believe that she has the potential for promoting long-lasting and eternally significant things with our society and with individuals. “By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.” Also, David French deserves recognition as he writes a lot on the blog.

  10. Raymond Takashi Swenson says:

    Count me for the Evangelicals for Mitt people. There are literally hundreds of people who have been quoted in the news media attacking Mormons or Romney because he is Mormon. Much rarer are those who will stand up for the basic civil rights of Mormons, which include the right to be consideted for public office without a religious bar.

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