A Prophet

My son, there is a great and marvelous work in store for you. You will be an instrument in my hands in making unto me a great people. They will be my people, and I will be their God, and you will work a work to bring this to pass. You will lead them to their salvation, to the land of the New Zion.

But first you must retrieve the record. An ancient record of an ancient people. Engraven on fine metal plates. Before you do anything else, before you work any other work, you must go and retrieve the plates.

Upon them, those who would be my people will find my word. The records will show them who they are, their heritage, their status as Israel, my covenant people. They will see, through the record, that they are mine by virtue of the covenants I have made with their ancestors.

Finding and securing the record for posterity will not be easy. You will be tested. You will be tempted to weigh its value against worldly riches. Your family will support your quest (though the record will divide you from some you love), and an angel’s intervention will prove helpful, but the quest is yours alone to accomplish. The sword and breastplate will be secondary considerations. Your faith, your courage, your very sense of who you are will be tested to the uttermost limit.

Without the record, you can accomplish nothing else. Nothing further, no miraculous journey, no holy temple, no everlasting kingdom until you secure it from its hidden archive and deliver it unto those you lead. This work precedes all other work.

Go, in patience, and the means for accomplishing this will be delivered into your hands.


  1. In 16-bit graphics, no less. Joseph Smith, the RPG

  2. In this game, you can choose one of two characters, Jacob.

  3. I like how this could either apply to Joseph Smith, Nephi, or NDBF Gary.

  4. FTW.

  5. Nephi is one of those flashback side-quests, wherein the game play is oddly familiar. It’s because they didn’t have the budget to make something totally new or different, which is typical in these games.

  6. Strang?

  7. But remember, it’s not what’s in the book that I’m sending you for. Because as later Prophets would testify and re-testify, “I would rather have the living oracles than all the writing in the books.” And the Angel could just as easily reveal the law to you as it revealed the law to the prophets the first time around.

    So this quest is really about the quest and your development and journey in it, as well as the development of those who take part in (and later read about) your journey and their responses to it.

  8. #6 FTW.

  9. Something that struck me as I read the Nephi narrative again recently is the complex way in which he interweaves a number of important themes in order to legitimise his leadership later in life. One of these themes is the emergence of his prophetic voice which manifests itself after the Angel calls Laman and Lemuel to repentance and which simultaneously serves to foreshadow the slaying of Laban. Great to think about these comparisons in the context of JS as well. Thanks Brad.

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