The Super Bowl of Analogies!

Today’s game (or tomorrow’s game, if you’re not watching it until the Sabbath is over) provided a plethora of prime examples for speakers to pick from to underscore their points in next Sunday’s talks and lessons. Show your creative elucidation of doctrine prowess in the Super Bowl of Analogies—are you ready for some object lessons?!

The following are memorable moments and images from the Big Game. In the comments, provide your best suggestions for how to use each in a talk or lesson. We’ll also take nominations for most dreaded way each might be brought up by that one guy in your Sunday School class. Game on!

ITEM 1: Mario Manningham makes a touchdown
With 3:39 left in the game, Manningham makes a key catch for the Giants. Notable about the play was how he took care to keep those feet within the boundary lines.

Mario's feet

By staying in bounds, Manningham wins it for his team.

ITEM 2: Andy Lewis slacklines in a Toga with Madonna
In a remarkable display of balance and agility, and lots of hair, Andy Lewis rocks out with Madonna.

M. Russell Ballard: A periodic review of the covenants we have made with the Lord will help us with our priorities and with balance in our lives.

ITEM 3: Welker and other Giants drop passes
Missed opportunities for the Giants may have cost even the very elect Tom Brady a Superbowl win added to his record.

ITEM 4: MIA flips the bird during halftime show
In a sad bid for attention (which we will unfortunately grant her), MIA gives a middle finger to the camera during Madonna’s halftime show. WWJJD–What would Janet Jackson do?

BONUS ITEM: Clint Eastwood!
It’s halftime for America. Will we endure to the end or crash and burn in the pride cycle? How would you use this much-talked-about ad in your lesson?


  1. You are awesome Cynthia. Just sayin’.

  2. Left Field says:

    You do know it’s just Young Men and Young Women now? They dropped the “MIA” part decades ago.

  3. I think the Manningham catch shows the importance of not having a hedge about the sideline.

    Actually, on a somewhat more serious note, I thought it was cool that he made that catch after making the mistake just a few minutes before of taking his pattern too close to the sideline. When he did that, he caught the pass, but was ruled out of bounds. (I think it was a couple of possessions before the final drive, and Collinsworth critiqued him for it.)

  4. Wish I knew what you were talking about, Ziff, but I actually didn’t watch the game. Brother L. told me about the dropped passes, some rock climbing buddies tipped me off about the use of slackline in the halftime show (which I did see parts of on TV while getting a snack), I found out about MIA while googling to find a video of the slackline thing, and I saw the Clint Eastwood ad on a friend’s Facebook feed…. THERE NOW I’VE COME CLEAN!

  5. And the way you’ve found all the resources could be either A) using available resources to study the scriptures (akin to the game you never watched, like many never read the whole Bible) or B) using NON-APPROVED church materials to give a talk.

    I choose A, because B is just scandalous.

  6. EXTRA BONUS ITEM: Kitty Halftime of the Puppy Bowl
    If you can figure out a way to work Kitty Halftime into a lesson or talk, you are serious award-winning early-morning Seminary teacher material.

  7. ITEM 5: Musical performance.
    The half-time show demonstrated that when music is for performance only and to draw attention to itself it is unholy.

    btw, Whoa! That advert was… beyond strange.

  8. This is most excellent.

  9. Item #3: When you don’t pay attention to the game of life, you end up making huge mistakes that show your ignorance of the Plan of Salvation and end up substituting an idol in place of God. Tom Brady is the quarterback of the Patriots, and Wes Welker is a receiver for the Patriots, so it was missed opportunities for the Patriots, not the Giants. (and my daughters would say that Brady is the anti-Christ to Eli Manning’s Messiah. That, or course, could be another lesson for church, but . . .)

    Item #3: Even well-intentioned scribes can make serious translation mistakes that dilute the purity of the Gospel and lead many away into apostasy.

  10. Steve Evans says:


  11. Mark Brown says:

    The lesson I will teach the young men next week will be about how to deal with adversity.

    Even after a crushing Super Bowl loss, Tom Brady was able to go home and console himself with his tens of millions of dollars and supermodel wife. Lesson: Make lots of money and date beautiful women.

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    Manningham kept his fee within the bounds the Lord has set…

  13. I learned that sometimes the only thing we need to do to score in life is to just sit down. or in LDS terms, “Be still and know that I am God.”

  14. Cynthia #6, you do realize that Elder Holland has warned us about theological Twinkies? Since then, you’ll notice that Hostess has gone bankrupt. And Kitty bowls are also bankrupt, as they didn’t come near the Super Bowl (or the puppy bowl for that matter), in number of viewers….

  15. I nominate #11 and #12 for BCC comments of the week.

  16. Ram, seconded, but I cannot decide whether Kevin meant fee or feet?

  17. it's a series of tubes says:

    Shouldn’t item #3 reference the Patriots?

  18. #12 is the best comment EVER.

    Also, the slack-lining was pretty rad.

  19. It was totally rad, even though the guy kinda looked like a young Richard Simmons. No wonder they call him “Sketchy Andy.”

  20. observer fka eric s says:

    This is funny, thanks Cynthia. Clint is Bad A, even in an idiotic commercial! References to boundaries are always awesome.

  21. #1: liberal view: we should overlook th hairstyle, clothing, political persuassion and marital status and focus on what really matters-their good works-here represented by feet. If the feet are in bounds…the reality that everything else is out of bounds doesn’t matter.

    conservative view: there are rules that we can’t change-debating will not change it, the opinions of the world will not change it…both feet must be firmly in bounds

    reality-children are starving and thousands of people are watching and applauding a grown man keep his feet on one side of an arbitrary white line

    liberal-the bounds of righteous behavior are much grander than we imagine as long as we are tethered to Christ

    conservative-it has come to our attention that home teachers sometimes might be being christlike if they hometeach a single sister solo. We grudgingly admit this may be so as long as they have a slackline at all times.

    don’t have time for more…hungry children, library, papers to grade….as shown by all of the ads… the most real part of life is in the interruptions

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