Two events in Seattle, February 26-27, Masonry and death conquest

Samuel Brown, BCC perma and author of In Heaven as It Is On Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death, will be in Seattle the weekend of February 26-27, giving two talks.

On Saturday, Sam will speak at Molly Bennion’s home in the 98112 zip code in Seattle at 7pm on February 25. The subject for the evening will be “Investigating Mormon Masonry.”

Intersections between Mormonism and American Freemasonry have caused considerable controversy among Latter-day Saints and their critics. The large majority of the work on this topic, on both sides, is intensely myopic. In this presentation, which extends the treatment of Masonry in _In Heaven_, Sam explores the assumptions central to the study of Mormon Masonry, considering how to understand influence and tradition, while exploring the meaning of Western esotericism at the intersections of early Mormonism and American Freemasonry. Because space is limited, RSVP is required. Comments, questions, and confirmations should be directed to Molly Bennion at bennion AT seanet DOT com.

On Sunday, Sam will present a fireside at 7pm at the Seattle North Stake, 5701 8th Ave NE, Seattle 98105 on “The Early Mormon Conquest of Death.” The talk will be in a more devotional vein and explore the personal meanings of the early Mormon legacy with regard to the question of human mortality and what comes next. No need to RSVP for this fireside.


  1. Hmm. Too bad I can’t attend that. That’s a topic I’m quite interested in. It’s too bad that nearly every book on the subject seems to get cancelled. The topic is cursed!

    Hopefully someone takes good notes and does a post on it.

  2. Clark: Sam’s book does a great job with it, so you can read about it there.

  3. Why the two at’s in Molly’s email. I am confused, thanks

  4. Carson, the first is her name, the second is her email addy.

  5. thanks, that makes sense

  6. Joe Steve Swick III says:

    Would love to attend. My own book on the subject of Mormonism and Freemasonry is making good progress, and I’d love to connect with others interested in this topic.

  7. Clark Goble says:

    I didn’t know you restarted your own book Joe. That’s good to hear.

  8. Joe Steve Swick III says:

    Hello, Clark: Yes, this is long overdue for me! I’ll be making my proposal within the next 30 days . . . I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Would love for you to have a look at what I’ve done, if you are at all interested.

  9. Clark Goble says:

    Yeah, email me if you want me to look it over although my own knowledge of the history is much, much more limited than yours.

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