Upcoming Events on the East Coast

For those interested, I will be giving several lectures the first week of April on the East Coast. All are welcome to attend.

April 1: Greg Prince’s study group in Potomac, Maryland at 7pm. Talk will be on early Mormon Masonry.[1]

April 2: Columbia University, Earl Hall, 7.30pm. Talk will be on “sealing” and communal salvation in early Mormonism.

April 4: Belmont, Mass, 7.30pm. Talk will be on the Chain of Being. This is a smaller venue so RSVP required if attendance desired.

April 5: Southern Virginia University, 7pm. Talk will be working through and contextualizing baptism for the dead.[2]

Back in Utah, I’ll be doing a totally non-Mormon talk on “The Lost Deathbed” at Intermountain Medical Center on April 10 at 11am.

Feel free to put any questions or RSVPs in the comments to the post. If you need anonymity, ok to email smb AT samuelbrown DOT net.


[1] I will try to be more politic than I have apparently previously been in my framing of Masonic traditions for any Masons that might attend. Attendees at the study group are encouraged to bring refreshments.

[2] Tentative topic which may change.


  1. I will be there. I want to see how you handle being heckled.

  2. McFly, outstanding. I look forward to it.

  3. LOL!!! That’s Awesome!!!!

    It’s Friday eve, and I am giddy as a schoolboy.

  4. “Come to my lecture tonight”

  5. For the Prince study group, just show up at Bro. Prince’s door with a plate of cookies?

  6. #5, yes.

  7. I would love to be at that first lecture – the topic is so fascinating to hear about.

    Two unrelated questions that you may or may not want to answer, since it is off-topic:

    Does the MB stand for Manitoba?

    What are “religious foodways” ? (from your profile) Like the Bishop’s Storehouse? Funeral Potatoes?

  8. MB does not stand for Manitoba.
    My wife is writing her dissertation on Nation of Islam and Mormons in the middle twentieth century, looking at how fasting, food production, food consumption/prohibitions were integrated into those religious traditions in ways that established their relationships to the broader society. She’s wicked smart.

  9. I’ll be at the Columbia lecture, as will several others from my ward. Really looking forward to it!

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