Liahonaroo: A Mormon Music Festival in Music City

Next weekend is the first-ever Liahonaroo Festival, a family-themed art and music show just outside of Nashville. Cool idea, right? It’s like Bonnaroo, but without the drugs, public drunkenness, and traffic jams. Which is to say, it’s not at all like Bonnaroo.

The two-day event kicks off Friday at 7pm at the Wilson County Fairgrounds, and the lineup includes more than 30 artists and musicians from around the country (I believe the majority are not LDS, though the show organizers are). My own band, Shakedown at the Majestic, will be playing Saturday night, so be sure to say hi if you’re around.

Tix and info are available at And if you think this kind of event would work in your community, leave a comment and say so. Maybe the organizers could be persuaded to take this thing on the road next year.


  1. Here’s a sample of Kyle’s band:

  2. Just sayin’ they stole lyrics from a Joseph Smith sermon. Gotta be good.

  3. wait, what?

  4. At 1:41. I admit you disguised it a bit.

  5. Ha, nice. The B-side has some W.W. Phelps zingers…

  6. Bring it to Oota, and we will gladly attend.

  7. Rad.

  8. American Eagle says:

    Is this Christian Rock… or a new genre called Mormon Rock?

  9. Neither, AE. It’s just rock rock.

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