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Historian/Writer, Church History Department

Job Description
The Church History Department seeks a full-time historian/writer with the appropriate academic training, research and writing skills to contribute to major writing projects on the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [smb: female applicants encouraged]

Applicants must hold a PhD in history, religious studies, or related discipline. The successful applicant will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in Latter-day Saint history, as well as the broader context of American religious history or other relevant fields, through conference presentations, publications, and teaching. In addition, the position will require demonstration of excellent writing and research skills. As the highest professional standards of history are expected of this position, including a rigorous production schedule, the applicant must exhibit attention to detail, efficiency, flexibility, good interpersonal communications, and the ability to work in an academic environment that requires personal initiative and collaborative competence. Competitive salary based on experience. Must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worthy to hold a temple recommend.
Please send letter of application, vita, writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to Historian/Writer Search, c/o Viola Knecht, Church History Library, 15 E. North Temple St., Salt Lake City, UT 84150-1600. Questions may be directed to Matt Grow (mjgrow at ldschurch.org). Applicants must also complete on-line application found at http://www.ldschurch.jobs. Applications due by May 7.

These are great people. I have been very impressed by the work I see coming from this group, although I am admittedly not an objective commenter on this group, as many of them are friends and one of them is my favorite person in the world.


  1. “Must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worthy to hold a temple recommend.”

    Almost I am tempted to call the missionaries.

  2. “I am admittedly not an objective commenter on this group, as many of them are friends and one of them is my favorite person in the world.”

    That is very kind of you to say regarding Rob J.

  3. Ben, just don’t tell EmJen.
    Chris, it takes all kinds.

  4. Is this just for dudes?

  5. I know that Rob J. has to be up there on smb’s favorite people list. And cwc, considering that smb’s favorite-ist person is the incredible Kate Holbrook who just began working there, no.

  6. American Eagle says:

    What’s the salary?

  7. There’s not an employer in the world who doesn’t immediately weed out any candidate whose first question is “how much?”

  8. Well, I’m just glad that they’re seeing the necessity of some academic rigour in church history.
    Could they extend that to the lesson manuals too do you think?

  9. That’s what I was thinking. (Of course, I’d also have to squeeze three more years of dissertation writing into, what, two weeks, so perhaps not.)

  10. (I hate it when I leave a tab open and other comments come in that I then don’t see. I was responding to #1.)

  11. Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. I added this line to the OP and am sorry that wasn’t obvious in the OP originally.
    Salary is good for a PhD in religious history, not-so-good for robber baron investment-bankers.
    Curricular materials in the Church are slowly improving. Having this well-trained core will do much to advance that ultimate goal.

  12. Sam,

    RE: “Salary is good for a PhD in religious history”

    When Joseph F. Smith said ““I have often thought of the undesirableness of the young men of our community to seek the light employments, and lucrative positions…” I can probably assume he was not talking about historians.

  13. #12, let’s just say that the Buffett rule would not apply to religious historians.

  14. I nominate Laurel Thatcher Ulrich!

  15. American Eagle says:

    If anyone work in the Church Office Building and knows what the salary is, go ahead and post it here anonymously. Thanks in advance.

  16. I work in the Church History Library, and wouldn’t even know where to begin finding out how much the salary is.

  17. grr . . .wordpress . . .

  18. AnonCOBemployee says:

    One million dollars.

  19. I’m actually a History major with a Sociology minor and emphasis in American religious movements. Too bad I’m still and undergrad!

  20. Brian (19) I am an undergrad as well, but in Accounting. I am also disappointed I can’t have this job. I have informally studied religions of the world for quite some time. I guess since I did not have the privilege of actually paying for the information I remain persona non grata in the field. :x

  21. #15 – $500,00 and a 7% tithing rate – plus being required only to pay fast offerings equal to the actual cost of two meals

  22. $500,000????!!!!??? That is insane.

  23. Brad Hawkins says:

    Paging D. Michael Quinn to the white courtesy phone. Paging D. Michael Quinn…………..

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