Taking an Analogy Too Far: New Testament Stories edition

Taken from chapter 40, The Good Shepherd:

A shepherd takes care of his sheep. He helps them find food and water. he does not let them get lost or hurt. He knows them and he loves them and would give his life to save them.



  1. That was … special.

  2. That video is amazing. And, yes, stating that shepherds would die for their sheep may be pushing the analogy a little too far. But, apparently, they would strap lights to them and make cool movies.

  3. As many have informed me, all analogies break down if you take them too far.

  4. I just can’t get on board with a shepherd falling off a cliff to get a sheep. Trade-offs. But hey, LED lights FTW!

  5. Ummmmmmm………I feel kind of sorry for the sheep.

    I might not be part of the ninety and nine if that was my family. I think I would be the dark sheep, or at least the one whose light does shine before men.

  6. Finding the lost sheep is much easier if the sheep has LED lights. Smart shepherd is a good shepherd.

  7. I like to torture metaphors probably more than most. However, I am always impressed by the shepherd’s dogs!
    So we put LED lights on the sheep and we never lose them?

  8. Leonardo is rolling over in his grave…

  9. I sure hope the reasons behind some of the things I don’t understand that I do for my Heavenly Parents isn’t as lame as making some dumb movie with LEDs on my back. What if all of humanity was created and nurtured to this point so our solar system could be the dot in some cosmic exclamation point or something? That’s kind of depressing.

  10. I thought this looked familiar. Part of this was used for the Animal Planet special on the smartest breeds. The Border Collie was the smartest, and this footage was one of the items they showed to display how smart they were.

  11. I’d like to nominate Tatiana #9 for BCOTW.

  12. Yep, even several years after first watching this…it’s still epic.

  13. My first thoughts watching this were the same as Tatiana’s (#9). Wow.

    I do kind of feel bad for the sheep. They must have been so confused.

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