Mark yer Calendars: Women and the LDS Church Aug 24-25

Kate Holbrook and Matt Bowman have organized what looks to be a fantastic conference on women and the LDS Church for this August. The keynote will be the inimitable Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

The Tanner Humanities Center website has the details.

Conference is open to the public, no pre-registration required. You might want to get there early, as I suspect it will be packed.


  1. It is times like this I wish I still lived in Utah. Good luck/have fun to all those who are going to attend.

  2. Looks spectacular.

  3. This does look outstanding, as good as anything organized thus far in the Mormon studies realm. Though I will admit to being a little surprised and disappointed to not see Kristine somewhere on the program. Particularly in the last few years her voice has been an invaluable one on the topic of women and Mormonism.

  4. I agree with Jacob’s #3

  5. Kristine says:

    Aw, y’all are nice. There’s nobody on the program I wouldn’t rather listen to than me, though! And my baby sister’s getting married that weekend :)

  6. Livestream?

  7. Rechabite says:

    It is going to be epic!

  8. Looks like there are some interesting topics. Will we be able to get it on YouTube later?

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