Martha Hughes Cannon documentary

Martha Hughes Cannon (1857-1932) is a really cool Mormon. KUED made a documentary about her.
It is showing in various venues:
July 11, 7:00pm: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art,
July 22, 8:00pm: the (increasingly imperiled) privacy of your own home. Tune your “tele-vision” apparatus to KUED to receive the broadcast.
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  1. For the oldest among us, “tele-vision apparatus” is roughly equivalent to “teevee set,” but without the tinfoiled rabbit ears.

    Thanks for the announcement, Sam. She’s a fascinating woman, and I hope they do her justice.

  2. Any chance that those of us who don’t live in Utah will have a chance to see this? (I admit, sometimes it is VERY frustrating to have things that sound fascinating never get outside the Wasatch Front. Sigh)

  3. Ardis E. Parshall says:

    Julia, visit — it looks like they have a “watch online” option, which suggests you may be able to see it at the same time or shortly after it is broadcast.

  4. Ardis, Nancy strikes me as a good, careful thinker. I haven’t seen the final product yet, but I got a good vibe from the staff and the questions they asked and the people they were interviewing. They really like MHC.
    Julia, DVDs will be for sale, and they will be posting the documentary online at some point.

  5. Thanks! I will try kued, and if that doesn’t work I will byu the dvd when it is available.

  6. I can’t wait to see this. I recently read a biography on her and made a lame attempt at a summary on my blog:

  7. mormonwomen says:

    Both my daughters did reports on her, so I was glad to see this. We’ll mark our calendars!

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