Liveblogging Joanna Brooks on the Daily Show

As is generally known in the Bloggernacle by now,  Joanna Brooks will be Jon Stewart’s guest on the Daily Show, tonight at 11:00/10:00 Central on Comedy Central. If you can’t access the show on television (am I the only person on the planet without cable or satellite?) then try links here here or here. (Apologies if the links don’t work). If you know of any other links, please feel free to post them in the comments and we’ll try to move them up here.

Feel free to comment before, during, and after her appearance. Whatever your personal opinion of Joanna and her extensive involvement in commenting on and contributing to the Mormon Moment in various ways, this appearance on Stewart’s show is a significant one. Comments, of course, need to remain respectful. Try to limit them to her actual appearance on the show itself rather than making this a forum for discussions about her and her work in general.



  1. It’s not live, but both and will have it posted tomorrow morning.

  2. Thanks Jenn. I’ve updated the post.

  3. Fingers and toes crossed. This is a big moment for us!

    As far as I know, Harry Reid was the last Mormon guest on the show, and it wasn’t exactly a shining moment:
    (Stewart was gracious, it wasn’t like an attack interview, but Harry was still oddly silent.)

    Harry was also blasted just last week on the show for his comments about Mitt Romney:–harry-reid–are-terrible
    And again this week for the same problem (creating the new trademarked phrase “Mormon Blabbernacle Choir”):

    Time for us to hit a high note on this show!

  4. I’m very excited! My sister who is a non-member is also excited to hear what Joanna has to say firsthand since I have been discussing her for a while whilst I attempt the long, hard process of reconciling my faith and my religion. Break a leg tonight Joanna!

  5. I’m just hoping that her appearance will be less embarrassing than the time Jon Stewart got in a slapfight with Ralph Hancock over Leo Strauss.

  6. Aaron Brown says:

    Brad, how am I supposed to “like” your comment on a stupid blog. Save it for Facebook, dude!

  7. First a lecture by Matt Bowman, and then going home to watch JB on Daily Show. What a night!

  8. Lol Golden Girls

  9. She looks spectacular in her new red dress.

  10. About once a year I wish I had cable…..

  11. If she doesn’t mention Ralph Hancock I will feel cheated.

  12. I wish they would have nixed that Redneck Olympics bit and showed Joanna’s whole interview.

  13. Short, but very well done. Our word of the night was “underwear” for the candy dish. The bowl is still full.

  14. Accidental gay pride parade marchers, haha.

  15. Haha B that was the best part

  16. MichaelG says:

    Sometimes TDS website will post extended interview segments. It sounded like maybe that might happen for this one. Love JS. Love JB.

  17. Dang it – still not up and running. Can’t wait to watch. Go, Joanna!

  18. Kristine says:

    Totally coveting the red dress!

  19. I thought she was great. I was very proud to be Mormon tonight.

  20. Jody England Hansen says:

    She was very great!

  21. Srsly, @Kristine. The red dress was a risky choice, but she pulled it off with bravado.

  22. Brad Hawkins says:

    I would not have opened with Coke Drinking Habits. How about, “you know, we aren’t all voting for Romney.”

  23. Brad Hawkins says:

    That said, she’s awesome.

  24. MikeInWeHo says:

    Wow, just wow.

    She’s right about one thing: It’s a fascinating moment.

  25. M Dearest says:

    Finally it airs in the west! John Stewart was charmed; me too. It was too short. May she see a big jump in book sales. I want to read the two new chapters.

    Also, this: “Yeah, there are gay Mormons. They belong to us. We’re not gonna push ’em out.” I cheered too.

    And, link to the interview (Pt. 1) and the unaired Pt. 2, linked in comment 25 above:—joanna-brooks-extended-interview-pt–1

  26. I thought that she was going to give Jon Stewart a bonnet. I thought I had read that on fMh. I must have misunderstood something. Shame, I was looking forward to it. It was all great, but I wish there could have been a nod to those of us who aren’t Republicans OR Democrats. Ahhh well, can’t have everything. I do agree that the red dress was wonderful though.

  27. Kevin Barney says:

    She did give him a bonnet, just not on the air.

  28. Just watched it online. Great stuff!

  29. Yay! A bonnet! I wish we could have seen it. I think it would have been very playful and fun for him to wear it.

  30. Go Joanna! That was superb.

  31. I love the end of part 2! Yes, John, we are all the same at heart!

    I also love that dance festivals ate given their due. I am glad my kids are doing Trek, but I am sad they aren’t doing Road Shows or Dance Festivals.


  32. Excellent interview on the part of both Joanna and John. I wish all members were that articulate, no matter their differing beliefs, and all non-members were that insightful, particular when talking of comparisons to other faith traditions.

    I loved his comparison to the evolution of Judaism – and that Mormonism has had to grow up much faster than older religions did.

  33. If you have an iPhone, both parts of the interview are up in the Daily Show iPhone app. I am almost positive it was free when I downloaded it. It is nice that when there is an extended interview they put up both parts on the app.


  34. I loved the part near the beginning when he was saying how comforting it is to a young child to provide the answers to hard questions, in a way that seemed dismissive to me, in a “organized religion is comforting to the immature, unformed mind that doesn’t seek intellectual growth” kind of way, and she so deftly turned that around and explained how Mormonism–the kind of Mormonism I believe in–actually teaches our children to ask those hard questions and believe that they can find the answers to those questions themselves. Fabulous interview, she was delightful, he was respectful, and they were both funny. We need more of this.

  35. I really like the taught to ask hard questions part. I really disliked the coke part…really? who is taught this? is that really a “more observant” or a more cultural thing? It sometimes feels she doesn’t realize what was unique to her family, what is cultural and what is actually doctrine…

    I liked the sense of community part…even the cheesy rose bowl..because it’s just so true. I was there with her.

    It is interesting to consider how we are growing so much faster. It doesn’t feel like it at times and it’s good to have that perspective.

  36. Finally watched it online. Joanna did a great job.

  37. Kevin Barney says:

    The Coke/root beer thing is generational. Anyone under a certain age is not going to fully appreciate that. When I was young, caffeine was considered a hard core part of the WoW, and not drinking Coke was a much bigger deal than it is today (writes the Dr. Pepper fiend). I remember in our food storage room we had a single six pack of Coke in bottles, which were very dusty from non-use, as the Coke was there solely for medicinal purposes, to calm an upset stomach.

  38. I think the coke thing is still around but it’s more a minority thing. I never drank caffeine as a kid and my wife still gets after me about it. I only changed when some GAs made a big point saying it wasn’t against the WoW.

  39. I’m within a year or two of Joanna and grew up in the same area…so maybe it is generational as you say and I just missed it? I never really saw it as a big deal…though I didn’t drink much of any soda because of the sugar and carbonation, so what do I know.

  40. I grew up a non-mormon with a ton of mormon friends, and I knew Coke was off-limits in their houses. It was very clear and stated. I also grew up in California, so maybe it was regional? But that was something I keyed in on clearly as a difference between my house and my friends and neighbors houses.

    I love love love that she gave him pretzel-jello in the green room. She’s a rock star.

  41. Danielle B. says:

    I grew up in the same place at the exact same time as Joanna. Some Mormons were paranoid about Coke, but most weren’t. It was, like it is today, very much of an individual thing, even in southern California in the 1970s.

  42. Can I just say how much I LOVE it that this has devolved into a conversation about the (non)evil of Coke? We are sooooooo Mormon :)

  43. We were always a Pepsi family. Coke tastes like how I imagine battery acid might taste, and heaven forbid Diet Coke blerghhhh

  44. Also, it is a bit off-topic but I have a tip for all soda drinkers. My parents both lost their teeth very young (30’s) so I am paranoid about losing mine. Whenever I drink anything acidic or carbonated I drink it through a straw and bypass my teeth completely. It has saved me from the same fate, I am certain of it.

  45. Khristine, I’d rather talk about soda than her dress!

    Many people have commented on things we like, but it’s hard to debate that. it’s just cheering her…which I agree with and did, but there you are, conversation done.

  46. Weren’t the 70’s about the evils of white sugar and the greatness of gluten?

  47. Tracy, you should have picked “Coke” for your word of the day instead of “underwear”. Your bowl would be empty!

    Loved how she talked about Joseph Smith having hard questions and taking them to God. I’ve already emailed this to some friends that are struggling. There really is a place for everyone at the table to partake of the feast.

    I’m sure ‘Sister Brooks’ was nervous but she spoke eloquently and thoughtfully. Way to represent!

  48. Coke Drinker says:

    This was great to see… Joanna Brooks is telegenic and intelligent enough to represent us well on camera to the progressive audience of the Daily Show.

    However, it gave me the impression that Mormonism is not as interesting as we think it is. As soon as Brooks started talking about growing up Mormon, I could see how Jon Stewart had a hard time running with it because it wasn’t that funny or fascinating. “I had to be sure that I chose root beer instead of Coke and it was hard because they’re both brown.” Really? I almost felt sorry for both Joanna and Jon Stewart because it wasn’t exactly making for compelling television.

    It also seemed like Jon Stewart was trying to compete with Joanna by subtly mentioning how Jews have already had Joe Lieberman as a presidential candidate and Jews are Broadway producers. Jews and Mormons are both awesome but I say the Jews are winning. Just look at the enrollment at Ivy League schools.

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