The best thing about having a Mormon president

[Yeah, I know, this Mormon Moment crap is getting old, but the election is just around the corner and our fifteen minutes are almost up. I have to cram in all the Mitt Romney posts I can over the next few weeks.]

The other day I was in a restaurant and a boisterous group walked in and immediately started talking politics. Two things: 1) Why do people feel the need to do this in public? and 2) Can’t they do it some time when I’m not trying to eat? But back to my anecdote. Somebody said they’d seen a bumper sticker that said something to the effect of “I’d rather vote for the MORMON than the MORON”–which under ordinary circumstances would, of course, be hilarious. Unfortunately, under these particular circumstances, “Mormon” was spelled incorrectly. Which kind of makes you wonder how they even thought of that joke in the first place. It is a puzzlement.

Anyway, I’m sorry to say that I don’t like Mitt’s chances in November. Not that the man hasn’t put forth a solid effort, but sometimes it just isn’t foreordained, you know? Personally, as a Republican I find the prospect of a second Obama administration…revolting…but as an incurable pessimist, I’ve spent the last four years bracing myself for it, so I’m more or less at peace these days. But upon hearing this fellow diner’s funny story, I started to feel a little wistful–because it made me realize that for all the negatives that could go along with having a Mormon president, there were a couple upsides that I would have enjoyed. Foremost being that after four to eight years, people might finally learn how to spell “Mormon.”

Because seriously, how hard is it? (Sheesh.)

Failing that, I would have been satisfied if people took to saying, “‘Morman’ means ‘more man.’

Either way. Would have been nice.

What do you think would be the best thing about having a Mormon president?


  1. 10. Jon Huntsman released from running in 2016.
    9. More world leaders taking Moroni’s challenge.
    8. Social security stops being a ponzi scheme and becomes and MLM.
    7. Scandals with cigars will involve smoking.
    6. Church News will downplay prophet meeting President.
    5. Ranch in Oakley to be referred to as the Western White House.
    4. Nation will eschew vanity projects and care for the poor.
    3. Nationwide craze for “missionary style”.
    2. Gag photo of actual Constitution hanging by a thread much more likely.
    1. State of the Union is “special”.

  2. I like to think that there’s a real chance, but I have the optimistic bias. I think it’d be great, not only would people learn how to spell Mormon, but there’d be someone in office who understands how spending on a budget works.

    I’m hoping that people are tired of “change” and would prefer reform.

  3. How quickly Republicans forget George Bush his tax cuts, Medicare Part D, 2 wars he refused to put into the budget and a regulatory regime that created false paper wealth. Oh and Reagan and Bush 1. The last budget that ran in the black. Bill Clinton. In any case on point, my best thing about a Mormon President:

    1) 4 more years of Church stepping on eggshells and reminding us all to keep our meetings and ward lists out of the hand of political hacks.

    2) Romney and Reid awkward photo ops

    3) The inevitable cognitive dissonance of Republican Mormons when Romney swings to the center, abandons social issues and finds out governing is a lot harder than campaigning.

    4) Anne Romney as First Lady. I genuinely like Anne. Of course I like Michelle even more, but Anne is cool.

  4. And right after they learn to spell Mormon, the rest of us can learn to spell Ann.

    Other than that, the best thing would be s having a former girlfriend’s daughter’s father-in-law in the White House.

  5. Romney and Reid as Hometeaching companions trying to re-activate Rubio.

  6. Ardis E. Parshall says:

    Youth Conference at the White House bowling alley and theater — but keep the Scouts out of the War Room.

  7. marginalizedmormon says:

    I know BCC wants to keep this ‘light’, and the humor of Rebecca J is delightful–

    but I can’t think of one good thing; I don’t think the man will get in–

    we’re near the same age; we served foreign missions near the same time; we went to the same ‘first’ college (BYU), and we have nothing in common–
    But I’m glad, though I’m marginalized, that I haven’t gotten wealthy by the means this man has used–haven’t gotten wealthy by any means–LOL!
    The fact is that I find it hard to think of him as a “Mormon” at all, but then when I think of my personal “Mormonism” it’s more along the lines of wanting to be a real Christian, and though it appears he came close in his church callings, I am really glad I was never in any of his ecclesiastical units–
    I think it would be as awkward for me to meet him as it would be for him to (funny joke, by the way) home teach with Reid; I’m not a republican or a democrat–
    I’m outside the paradigm–
    but the humor is good; the humor is good–
    I guess that one good thing that I can think of that might come out of this is that as people realize what kind of man MR is inside, in terms of his business dealings/political aspirations . . . *we* Mormons might lose our popularity and have to go back to basics; maybe some persecution wouldn’t be a bad thing; President Hinckley warned the members about that, but then I daresay he would have been excited about a ‘boy’ from the ‘church’ doing well–

    sadder times are coming–

  8. Bluegrouse says:

    Good deals on Van Buren and Buchanan administration paintings and furniture at Deseret Industries.

  9. Having a Mormon in the WH will continue to force our stubborn history to be dealt with.(painful but necessary for survival- and its not like we’re going to do it on our own) Emerging from the shadows seems to be the best thing for any legit religious tradition. I’m glad this “moment” has dragged most of us out (kicking and screaming).

  10. 8. Social security stops being a ponzi scheme and becomes and MLM.

    I second this

  11. Diplomatic protocol would henceforth be referred to as “the unwritten order of things”.

  12. it's a series of tubes says:

    that as people realize what kind of man MR is inside

    Please, like you know any better than any of the rest of us. Third-, fourth-, fifth-hand and often filtered through the media. Whether he’s good inside or bad inside, or more realistically, the blend of both that all people are, you don’t have a clue what kind of man MR is inside.

  13. Is that the only thing you found wrong with that comment? : )

  14. Nothing. No good can possibly come of it for either Mormonism or America. Good thing he won’t win and we will not have to deal with it yet.

  15. it's a series of tubes says:

    Mark, nope, just the lowest hanging fruit :) It’s quite amusing to hear folks claim to be “a real Christian” while highlighting the supposed lack of that attribute in others.

  16. rameumptom says:

    Welcome to the New Mormon History….. Government Welfare provided by Welfare Square…. Mormon Tab Music in every elevator…. Donnie and Marie are Ambassadors of good will.

  17. Secret Service replaced by Danites.

  18. Oh, and almost forgot: Official White House Portrait by Jon McNaughton!

  19. kevinf FTW.

  20. Stables on the South Lawn for the Romneys’ horses. Mitt’s horse is white.

    And, what Ardis said!

  21. BCC being listed as a terrorist organization…

  22. Lost the race for first McNaughton joke :*(

  23. Clearer misconceptions. My boss just walked in and said “I just heard the news — you Mormons can drink Coke and coffee now!” I explained that we could if we wanted, but there’s no demand for it.

  24. Building on what Mark wrote in 20:

    Family vindication for my great great grandfather, Edwin Rushton :)!!!

  25. Lime jello and funeral potatoes at state dinners; special-interest groups will allow ancestors to get baptized for the dead in exchange for pet-pork projects; various embassys throughout the world will relatively cheaply be converted to temples; the new MTC tower will also be used for language training to U.S. special forces; cap sleeves will be more readily available in women’s wear and short shorts will become embarrassingly out of style; more democrats will be made general authorities to provide perceived balance; general conference will be broadcast more broadly and will be interrupted frequently by pro and con talking-head pundits (you will pick which network to watch based on your preferred pundit slant); colorful missionary slang will frequently be used in hip-hop and other pop music; and Joanna Brooks will be named Press Secretary.

  26. Romney is going to win this thing, and here is why:
    There are now more Republicans registered to vote than Democrats all across the board. Polls are heavy weighted Democrat for 2008 and not 2010 or 2012 numbers. To add to that, the enthusiasm gap is on the Republican side.
    Romney is consistently ahead in the polls with Independents by 7 to 10 point advantage. He is consistently ahead with men by 4 to 8 points.
    Despite the myth, he is only slightly behind in the personal dislike category with Obama.
    When asked who would be better with the economy, Romney is consistently between 5 to 10 points ahead of Obama. The number 1 voter concern is the economy by long shots above other choices.
    Romney has closed to a tie or is now ahead by 2 or 3 (still within margin of error) in most must win swing states. Take into account the first point about Republican register advantage (shown even in those states) and its lean Romney even where he is tied.
    The group who has consistently been correct on who was going to win by looking at economic factors has predicted a Romney win.
    Wisconsin’s Scott Walker outcome.
    Does Romney have a hard road to go? Yes. Is it possible for him to win? Less that sure, but more than likely.
    Anything can happen between now and election day. He could have horrible debates. As of right now the idea he won’t win is preposterous.

  27. I don’t think it is preposterous because I am absolutely banking on horrible debates. History bears it out so there is no reason to think Romney/Ryan will not get utterly schooled come debate-time. Granted, this also banks on intelligent voting practices but I am an optimist on that front. This country elected Bush once after they had seen what kind of President he was so no, nothing is impossible but I don’t see an R/R victory playing out at all.

  28. What were the odds that Jettboy was going to say that Romney would “win this thing”? I should have put money on it.

  29. placeyourbets says:

    What are the odds, that BCC, the place that live blogs the Daily Show, ignores the Republican convention, where Mormons are speaking to the nation in one of the largest capacities ever as a Mormon, where a former Stake President and Bishop is nominated to run for President of the US, where the LDS church and its members are put on display? What are the odds, that the time when BCC starts running posts about Mormons is not during the Republican convention where all that takes place, but during the Democrat convention?

    I should have put money on it.

  30. placeyourbets, you talk like that is a bad thing.

  31. Jettboy (#26),

    >Romney is going to win this thing

    For months–for close to a year, really, going all the way back to the summer of 2011–I agreed with you. The odds against Obama being able to hold onto his coalition, given the way the economic recession has affected white business owners in particular in some key Midwestern states in particular, seemed far too high to conclude that this was Romney race to lose. But ever since mid-summer, I’ve seen in the political science literature variable after variable which points the other way. Romney simply hasn’t made the gains in Colorado, New Mexico, or Ohio which I thought he’d be able to make. His pick of Ryan has thrown Florida into serious contention, and Obama is still holding on in Wisconsin. Overall, the advantages of incumbency when it comes to capturing weak voters (those that lean one way, but aren’t especially motivated about it) are making themselves seen. Sure, I’m not laying any bets here, but I’ve come to feel the game may have already been decided, and now just needs to play itself out: Obama wins in an electoral college squeaker (quite possibly losing the popular vote along the way).

  32. In an effort to bring a spiritual dimension to the agency, NASA’s new theme will become “If You Could Hei To Kolob”.

  33. I think the race is a toss up. Romney hasn’t turned on his media machine yet, while Pres Obama machine has been hitting on several cylinders for months with little effect. Once Romney spends $500 million on advertising, I think we may see Obama followers either turn to Romney, or quietly stay home and not vote.
    This is the same tactic that Romney used in Florida and elsewhere during the Republican primaries. He waited until the last minute, then did a media blitz that overcame the 5 point deficits.
    Yes, it is an ugly process, but then neither Obama nor Romney are really that good looking nor personable.

  34. Why on earth did this thread change from an enjoyable catalog of all the great stuff that will happen if President Romney is inaugurated to a crabbed argument about whether he’ll win?

    Back to agricultural theme: sheep on the South Lawn. All romneys, naturally.

  35. Reverend Jeffress gets invited to a state dinner where Corneille à froid de la vengeance will be served. Ardis, you have better French than me, so if I totally missed this, oh well.

  36. He’ll instate Brigham’s Bees as the official coin of the realm.

  37. rameumptom says:

    All illegal immigrants will be allowed a worker visa and perhaps even citizenship rights if they pass certain criteria: 1. Take the missionary discussions, 2. pay ten percent of their increase in taxes, 3. learn to read and write the Deseret language fluently.

  38. Cans of peaches and lectures about self-reliance to all the unemployed!

  39. How about a statue of Moroni on top of the Washington Monument?

  40. IRS audits replaced by “tax settlement” in December.

  41. All government documents will be published in both English and Deseret.

  42. wreddyornot says:

    Recommend interviews will determine who gets into the White House.

  43. What are the odds, that the time when BCC starts running posts about Mormons is not during the Republican convention where all that takes place, but during the Democrat convention?

    I just needed to post something before they kicked me off the blog, and I thought, after RAF’s post, people would appreciate something written on an eighth-grade reading level.

  44. BTW, this is not the place for any kind of serious critique of either campaign or either candidate’s policies. If you need a refresher course in keeping things light, I suggest you recuse yourself from this thread for the time being. Everyone else, awesome job! Keep them coming, I’ve had kind of a hard day.

  45. National curfew at 9:30 PM. Reveille at 6:30 AM

  46. Ardis E. Parshall says:

    White House support for bill changing the national bird from eagle to seagull.

  47. John Taber says:

  48. All female interns required to wear cap sleeves, at least – and no training of female interns by a single male staff member.

    VP Secret Service code name: “Junior Companion”

  49. 3) Watching the awkward moment when he’s forced, on national tv, to veto a bill legalizing polygamy (along with homosexual marriage).
    2) An EFY that’s themed around Reaganomics.
    1) Diet Coke summits at the White House

    No matter who wins, I’m sure my ward will be happy when it’s over and I stop wearing my “Mormons Don’t Let Mormons Vote for Romney” t-shirt to activities.

  50. The Weekly Address of the President of the United States will be renamed to The Weekly Fireside.

  51. Mark Brown says:

    10% flat tax

  52. placeyourbets, It’s because we were all _watching_ the RNC and now we’re ignoring the DNC. That should make you happy, right?

  53. wreddyornot says:

    More like a consecration of all you have instead of a 10% flat tax, unless of course you’re wealthy and you know how to manipulate the IRC and its enforcement.

  54. Some people really need to learn a little history. Google “FDR fireside.”

    And no, I wasn’t alive to hear any of them. Not quite that old.

  55. placeyourbets:

    Ten thousand bucks?

  56. Mark B,

    I *was* aware of FDR’s fireside chats. Who else but a Mormon president would bring back that descriptive word, however. That was the idea behind what I wrote.

  57. Brian #49 Where did you get that shirt? I SOOOO want to send one to my brother-in-law! Do you have a picture?

    My Thoughts –

    ;-) Major debates on Coke vs Pepsi will be turned into a reality TV show, which features someone who is a Sprite/Root beer drinker, and gives the two Cola teams the chance to use all their best missionary skills to, convert the person to Coke or Pepsi. The winning team gets 100 soda dispensing machines to be placed at a location of their choice which will serve free drinks for a month. The contestant gets a lifetime supply of Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite and Root beer, depending on what her final choice is at the end of the show. (They will do taping off-campus, but near LDS owned and LDS affiliated colleges all over Utah, with five shows saved for Idaho, and two for the rest of the country.)

    ;-) No universal health insurance, but anytime a baby is born, someone has surgery, or a loved one dies, prepared food (that no one in the household like) will be delivered three hours after mealtime.

    ;-) All bishops and stake presidents will be allowed to receive political revelations for their congregations, as part of the keys to their calling. They will be encouraged to share those revelations with their congregation regarding individual political candidates at the local, state and federal level. *Huge Shiver Running Down My Spine* (See link @@@)

    Since a government “instituted of God” does not HAVE to be our current government, across the world, LDS members will be asked to spend a considerable amount of thought, study, prayer, brainstorming, and to engage in spirited debates – a few bruises may be created, mostly they will to egos. In the end, we will come together, with all of our fellow men (and that other gender) who want to see a government which is “instituted of God.” In a few short (15 years) time, perfect Peace and Harmony will ensue, as we take those ideals and create one world government, which will create an entire planet full of citizens of the world! ###

    To facilitate better communication, the “ward list,” will now simply be know as “The List.” Anyone found using a ward list, for political or commercial uses will severely reprimanded. Anyone using “The List” will be congratulated for their excellent networking skills. Members will be instructed that if asked, a person using “The List” should refer to it only as “The List” without disclosing *which* list, or any identifying information about the list being used. (See link @@@)

    Here is my humorous take from personal experiences with those two issues:
    @@@ :

    This is a lesson of addressing the inspired thoughts, ideal and laws that would be needed to create a government “Instituted for the Benefit of Man” which will provide for peace. not just for Americans, but for the entire world! (Thanks for transcribing the lesson Ardis, and for making Keepa endlessly fascinating!)


  58. Best moment will be when President Romney tells the White House press corps and says “some things that are true are not very useful.”

  59. marginalizedmormon says:

    re: #12, #13, #15–

    I didn’t claim to be a ‘real Christian’; I claim to want to be a ‘real Christian’. There is a difference, though it apparently suits the purposes of your writing more to claim I said the latter–

    When a person runs for POTUS they (he/she) open themselves up to scrutiny from the outside world.

    I don’t happen to believe that MR’s business dealings have been honest. In fact, I happen to believe they have been hugely exploitative. Because the man has the “Mormon” label, and ‘marginalizedmormon’ also has the “Mormon” label, there is a feeling of complicity in supporting his “Mormon-ness” and his candidacy–

    Each person will believe what he/she wants/chooses to believe with regards to a candidate. But to gloss over obvious questions about his business dealings (or his political ambitions) and to pretend to know that everything that has amassed him a fabulous fortune is, without question, ethical, is not only naive, but dangerous.

    As to knowing the man, him, Mitt Romney, ‘on the inside’, well, of course not; I doubt even his wife or closest family members know him completely–
    No human being can be known completely by any other human being. So, the point is ______?

    His business dealings are what I referred to by saying “what he is inside”–

    and those dealings are highly suspect to many people, not just ‘marginalizedmormon’–

    who is obviously an outsider on this discussion board/blog. I don’t know anyone else on here–

    Speaking of “fruit”, some people might believe that MR’s fruit is good; others might believe it is not; it depends entirely upon perspective–

    It would have been easier for me, I suppose, but not as much fun for those who wrote: #12, #13, and #15–

    if I had said the same thing as the person who wrote #14–

  60. marginalizedmormon says:

    re: #59, in line 3, should be the ‘former’, not the ‘latter’–
    have some more fun–

  61. marginalizedmormon says:

    re: #44–

    I am sorry. I don’t belong on here. I commented on something about which I had had substantial experience several months ago and acquired a ‘name’–
    I should not have returned.
    I’m not saying there is no ‘lightness’ in me, but obviously I can’t be ‘light’ about this topic–
    Apologies to anyone who cares–

    Your post was funny–#44

  62. The nation’s women told repeatedly during State of the Union address how wonderful and special they are.

  63. Julia, 57, I made it myself using a home silk screening kit (how Mormon is that!). It’s nothing fancy, just a blue tee with a flag preprinted on it before I got ahold of it. It was a big hit at my family reunion, by which I mean many of them wanted to hit me. ;)

  64. Mark Brown says:

    Mitt takes a lesson from Michael Scott on The Office, and when some of “those women” (you know who you are) complain about sexism, he institutes Female Appreciation Day, thus proving that he thinks women are amazing.

  65. Brian #63
    My family is pretty evenly split between nonaffiliated, independent and republican voters. (Almost all the republican married into the family, and a few OC the independents become democrats or republicans if they want to vote in a particular primary) so we generally poke each other a lot.) I will have to see if I can figure out something I can do, since I never learned to silk screen. No matter who wins, I think those shirts will be great Christmas presents!

  66. I was assuming he would not direct the “you are so perfect and wonderful and fabulous we don’t need to sully you by listening to you” speeches for the democrats. huh. he may stick with women.

    I imagine a plethora of white shirts with other colors being frowned upon. There is little facial hair in the white house to deal with, so that’s not a problem. Perhaps the red will be minimized in US colors just to be clear. AS long as there doesn’t appear some vacationing president picture with socks and sandals, I’m good

  67. Presidential appearances will be accompanied by “If You Could Hie to Kolob” instead of “Hail to the Chief.”

  68. Cute ideas, but don’t you find it interesting that everyone is providing inside jokes about Mormonism instead of serious answers to Rebecca’s question? For me, it would depend entirely on who the man or woman was. All of these funny answers also suggest that Mormon stereotypes would become part of a Mormon administration. I would love to see some BCC bloggers as president. Mark Brown would be wonderful–diplomatic and compassionate. Kristine Haglund would be thoughtful and careful in her comments. Every one of the permas would be a fine president, but their Mormonism would be only incidental to the office though essential to their world view.

  69. “but their Mormonism would be only incidental to the office though essential to their world view.”

    No singling anyone out, but just to look at that sentiment. It seems pretty common place, but just seems so… wrong. Would you say a President’s world view is incidental to the office? I’d think someone’s world view would be one of the important drivers to a persons ability to lead a nation. If a person’s world view is important in being president of the USA, what is it for?

    And if we grant then that a person’s world view is at the very least not incidental, but important (if not crucial) to the office, then isn’t it also important that we look at some of the things that underline that world view?

  70. “is” should be “isn’t”

    If a person’s world view isN’T important in being president of the USA, what is it for?

  71. You got the quote correct, Kaphor: [T]heir Mormonism would be only incidental to the office though essential to their world view. However, I don’t think you read what I intended, though. Probably my fault. Let me clarify. I’m saying their Mormoism would affect their world view. How could it be, then, that their Mormonism would be incidental to the office? It’s the essential fear non-Mormons have in this election (and had in the Kennedy one): That Romney would call SLC before making an executive decision. The fear over Kennedy’s candidacy was that he would call the Pope. Look at the ways Mormonism has affected Harry Reid’s world view. His politics differ considerably from Romney’s. Jason Chaffetz has a very right wing world view, informed by the way his own way of living Mormonism influences his thought. Glenn beck was perhaps more influenced by Cleon Skousen than by Jesus Christ, but still his world view was impacted by his own way of living Mormonism.
    One of the big points the Church has been making lately is that there are many different “kinds” of Mormons. I happen to be a Mormon Democrat. Obama represents my world view better than Romney does. My own way of living Mormonism happens not to line up with Romney’s way. Both of us are deeply affected by our religion, though. We read the same scriptures, but apparently take different messages from them. This is not to suggest that the messages we each take are contradictory or that one of us is orthodox and the other apostate. We can both answer the recommend questions sincerely.

  72. Sorry if I’m unclear. I’m doing five things right now, so responding to this post is getting mixed up with clean out my refrigerator.

  73. I’m wondering who he has to go to to get his temple recommend renewed while in office, and if anyone will point to that as proof he’s taking orders from SLC. Will they go to him, or will he have to make an appointment with his Bishop and Stake President? Does the White House fall in a Ward somewhere? Would it qualify him for one of those “special, lifetime” recommends? Will he still go to Tithing Settlement?

  74. No exceptions for presidents or apostles. Everyone has a TR recommend interview and tithing settlement. I’m not aware that anyone has a “lifetime” recommend. Well, a few angels, but we don’t know their names. When the time comes that we do have an LDS president of the USA, it’ll be interesting to see how these issues are handled. I don’t think we’ll have one this round, though I think Huntsman could well do it later.

  75. Romney called to DC Stake High Council. Assignment is reactiviation of inactives and missionary work. Romney takes SS all over poor areas of DC looking for lost members. Takes SS and DC missionaries and doubles the efforts by allowing the SS agents to go on splits with the elders. Teaches elders how to “Pad the stats” in hours, baptisms, and comp studies in Zone conference. Claims he learned the tactics from watching congress “create a budget”.

  76. Central Standard says:

    Members of Congress and the Supreme court invited over on a rotating basis each Monday for FHE. Second Thursday of the month set aside for HT by prez. Deer hunting declared a national holiday to be celebrated the third weekend of October.

  77. John Mansfield says:

    Frank Pellet, geographically, the White House falls within the the D.C. Third Ward of the the Washington, D.C. Stake. The northern boundary of that ward is the Maryland border, and the southern boundary is Independence Ave. (south side of the Mall) from 17th St. (between Washington Monument and Lincoln Monument reflecting pool) to S. Capitol St. The eastern boundary runs through the middle of the Capitol Building, through Union Station, along the railroad tracks to Rhode Island Ave., and then along Rhode Island to the Maryland border. The western boundary goes up 17th St. to H Street, then up 16th St. to U St., then over to Rock Creek Park and up that to the Maryland border. The D.C. Third Ward, from what I saw when I visited a couple years ago, is populated mostly with minorities, some immigrants, and a few very young families. A couple hundred yards west of the White House falls in the Chevy Chase Ward, which takes in the hyper-affluent northwest part of the District, but contrary to its name does not continue into Maryland.

  78. John Mansfield says:

    On the other hand, if a family residing in the White House is Spanish-speaking, they would be part of the Mount Pleasant Branch, and if Chinese-speaking, the Montgomery Branch, which shares a building with my ward is is presided by a friend I spent much time with 28 years ago as BYU freshmen.

  79. So the article some months ago about Reid home teaching Romney or vice versa was wrong? Assuming the Reids still live on The Hill ….

  80. Baptisms in the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Monument!

  81. Will BYU football become relevant again?

  82. Central Standard says:

    81- When was it relevant?

  83. #82 – Ah, to be young again.

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