(Re)Conceptualizing our Gendered Missionary Image

First and foremost, let me say that I am absolutely thrilled with today’s announcement lowering the age for prospective missionaries, for many of the reasons that have (and will be) written here and elsewhere: the transforming popular image of sister missionaries, the increase in scriptural knowledge and service opportunities amongst female members, the growing possibilities for female leadership, the adjusted goals of the young women’s program, the larger amount of young adults being tethered to the gospel (and humanity), and many other examples of the slow, uneven steps toward gender equality. All of these are important results that I fervently celebrate; I suppose that such things, if proved true, will make today a significant milestone in our ever-growing progression as God’s Kingdom.

But I’m interested in another impact this policy change could have on our culture: the possibility of re-conceptualizing our highly gendered image of missionary work. [Read more…]

Saturday Afternoon Anticlimactic Nothing Will Compare to Saturday Morning Session Session

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf conducts. [Read more…]

Thoughts On Today’s Announcement

The full announcement can be read here. The long and short: the age requirement for sister missionaries has been lowered from 21 to 19, and the age 19 requirement for boys is now more flexible and can be lowered to 18 (for high school graduates) under appropriate circumstances.

There are lot of practical implications that flow from this change, but I want to focus on one thing in particular. [Read more…]

Saturday AM General Conference: Everybody. Be. Cool. Let’s not embarrass Mitt edition

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Thus the announcer hath spoken: 182nd Semiannual General Conference is now underway.
And remember, in the comment thread: Everybody. Be. Cool. Let’s not embarrass Mitt. UPDATE: Just kidding. Go ahead and embarrass Mitt.

HUGE NEWS: Here is the press release about the change in missionary age.


How Firm a Foundation Nice and uptempo! And they’re doing the extra verses, which are the best ones. Excellent.

Thomas S. Monson: Two new temples! Tuscon, AZ and Arequipa, Peru. Mission age change! All worthy and able young men who have finished high school can serve at 18. Audience faces have a lot of shocked looks! Bigger news!! All young women may serve starting at age 19.
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