Sunday PM General Conference: Phew no Mitt embarrassment … yet edition

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AKA Mayan Apocalypse Final Conference Ever Armageddon Session. Curl up on the couch for our next and last installment until April ever.


The Day Dawn is Breaking 

Did You Think to Pray?

Robert D. Hales: The Godhead. “Can there be any doubt or disputation that Mormons are Christian?” “How are we doing in our quest to follow Christ?”

Richard G. Scott: “The Lord’s revelation that, by proper priesthood authority, baptism could be performed for the dead…” “He permits worthy deceased to receive all the ordinances of salvation vicariously.”
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What Quentin Tarantino Taught Me About the Temple

I attended the temple for the first time on February 26, 1994. It was an icy day in Idaho Falls and I was home for the weekend from Utah State University in order to “take out my endowments,” as my tribe is wont to phrase it. Although I was raised in the church and have church ancestry going back to 1830, I never liked attending LDS meetings. Never. [Read more…]

Sunday Morning One Miracle at a Time Session

Welcome to Sunday Morning session of the 182nd Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also, I am a Mormon, and I love it. [Read more…]

More thoughts on missions

One of the reasons for lowering the missionary service age to 18 for men in the UK seems to have been to prevent the “dead space” that otherwise existed between school and missions. The British education system has historically not allowed a pause in university studies. The new system allows a seemless transition from school to mission to education/career which has been attractive to some. [Read more…]