Sunday PM General Conference: Phew no Mitt embarrassment … yet edition

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AKA Mayan Apocalypse Final Conference Ever Armageddon Session. Curl up on the couch for our next and last installment until April ever.


The Day Dawn is Breaking 

Did You Think to Pray?

Robert D. Hales: The Godhead. “Can there be any doubt or disputation that Mormons are Christian?” “How are we doing in our quest to follow Christ?”

Richard G. Scott: “The Lord’s revelation that, by proper priesthood authority, baptism could be performed for the dead…” “He permits worthy deceased to receive all the ordinances of salvation vicariously.”

Russell T. Osguthorpe: This guy is an actual educator, this should be good. And he’s talking about teaching that focuses on the needs of the learners, their questions, their agency. Hallelujah. Bro. Osguthorpe is a long-awaited blessing to instruction in the church. For those of you in food coma, perk up. Total overhaul of youth lesson manuals being rolled out. (Badly needed and overdue, especially in the case of YW lesson manuals.)

Rejoice, The Lord Is King!

Marcus B. Nash: Faith as an anchor on a steep trail (example of trails in Peru). Quotes Lead, Kindly Light (best hymn ever!). When experiencing challenges to faith, remember, faith and reason are both necessary–each is one of the two wings of an aircraft. “Seek learning by study, and also by faith.”

Daniel L. Johnson: Fruit harvest destroyed by winter storm. Oof. Quotes Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof (nice!) “If riches are a curse, may God smite me with it, and may I never recover.” We must hearken to God both during storms and tragedy, and also during times of riches.

Don L. Clarke: (Whoa, this guy looks like President Hinckley, am I right??) Appreciating Sacrament Meeting.

David E. Bednar: Testimony and conversion: often treated as separate topics, but they are related. “Conversion is an offering of self, of love, of loyalty.”

Thomas S. Monson: Unexpected callings, gratitude. Closes the conference until April.

God Be with You ‘Til We Meet Again


  1. David B back again from Anchorage, where it’s (barely) early afternoon, sweet potatoes and beef chuck are in the oven for a long slow roast, and the children are making Halloween-shaped candies. All is good.

  2. Our word for this session is “supercalifragilisticexpial-whatever”. First to hear it in our family in wins $100.

  3. Joe In Alaska says:

    High noon here in Alaska. LUNCH IS SERVED!! And since the candy bowl payoff was so small last session, we have selected TWO words this time. They are LOVE and HOLY. Everyone should be on a pretty good sugar high by the time it’s over.

  4. Sharee Hughes says:

    I think your $100 is safe, Queuno.

  5. KerBearRN says:

    Our family’s Word of Wisdom Session: beer bread and lots of diet Peosi. (Oh And tri tip sandwiches and ships and salsa)

  6. (a bit of a snoozy arrangement for a song about waking up, no?)

  7. It would be awesome if one of the apostles was following this thread on an iphone, said, “Supercali…”, smiled at the camera and said, “Let me know who the lucky child was, Queuno.”

  8. (Not a fan of the arrangement, but not a fan of the song to begin with, so take my opinion with some salt.)

  9. #6 Cynthia L.: At least it’s not a song about how the ungodly are about to be smitten.

  10. Joe In Alaska says:

    My wife just called this conference thread “the epitome of whispering during church.” I think she’s right.

  11. My daughter selected any form of the word “bless”. Big bag of cheetos.

  12. Okay, everybody raise your hands if you said “amen” after the first time he said “in the name of Jesus Christ”.

  13. I think the choir is trying to make sure everybody falls into food coma early and misses the first couple of speakers.

  14. Seafood salad on a sub, boy scout carmel corn and diet cheerwine-a red pop sold in the south. Delicious!

  15. They realize that this meeting is after lunch right? Folks at home need a little more chandelier-rattling pep in the post-lunch time slot.

  16. #12 – Have to admit, I thought it.

  17. I said Amen after the first time. I’m eating Triscuits and drinking Pink Lemonade. Okay, they aren’t Triscuits, they are Market Pantry Woven Wheats. I am so ashamed.

  18. Yeah. Like both of the songs, but these arrangements are snoozathons

  19. Ham sandwich and diet Pepsi here

  20. Lol, Spencer. Reminds me of that scene in Sleeping Beauty where the fairies go around the castle setting the sleeping spell. Well MoTab sleeping spell FAIL, I’m still watching Hales’ talk!

  21. Elder Hales looks way better than he did last time. Less steroids?

  22. Shout out to grace as the foundation of the Atonement.

  23. Philly cheesesteaks and apple-snickers salad. Please, oh please, help me to remember to make this into a family tradition. No moderation used.

  24. #20 Cynthia: Exactly. I’m at the institute and everyone is looking a little glazed right now. :)

  25. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies here in a couple of minutes.

  26. Am I right that this afternoon is Hales, Ballard, Bednar, and Scott (not in that order per se)

  27. KerBearRN says:

    12– I said amen like 3 different times and finally dissolved in giggles.

  28. Mormons are Christians, he says, but interestingly shifts it to ask, “but what type?” Nice.

  29. Joe In Alaska says:

    Wow. Love, Holy….The candy bowl is under assault!!

  30. Jacob M, where do you live? I’m heading over.

  31. Joe In Alaska says:

    Ballard spoke yesterday.

  32. #23 apple snickers salad? Have those 3 words ever appeared in a sentence before? Do tell!

  33. drbrewhaha says:

    possibly or possible ;-)

  34. He definitely looks a lot better than in April.

  35. #28 BHodges: Yeah, i was settling in for the obligatory GC “No, we are *too* Xian! [insert little foot stomp]” address, and then he turns it a bit with that—well done.

  36. KerBearRN says:

    Our word is SERVICE. anticipation is killing the kids. Lots of chip and bread munching in the meantime.

  37. drbrewhaha says:

    #32 Diced apples, diced snickers, and cool whip. It’s the new “green jello with carrots”. Didn’t you get the letter from the FP?

  38. Huntington Beach, CA. Probably too far for you to make it.

  39. KerBearRN says:

    Blessed to experience difficulties and disappointments. Word!

  40. I am pleasantly surprised by how much Christ and Service are being talked about in Conference this year.

  41. 26 – Ballard spoke yesterday. Or I had a really weird dream.

  42. He’s framing this as a call to repentance for *all* Xians, not just Mormons. Interesting.

  43. #37-I did not! But, I in MD, so this delicious sounding “salad” has not made it’s way east……..Thanks for sharing!

  44. KerBearRN says:

    37– also awesome including bananas. My nonLDS cousins introduced that “salad” to me.

  45. 36 – you should have picked service this morning…

  46. Russell M Nelson spoke. Not M Russell Ballard.

  47. KerBearRN says:

    I swear he is deliberating avoiding the word…

  48. “To Christians who have turned to their previous ways, return to Christ.”

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that message phrased that way in General Conference, worded to all and not just Mormons – then focusing on Mormons – then turning back to all.

  49. <—- also in MD. Word, J8veg.

  50. drbrewhaha says:

    Bananas AND apples? Or just Bananas?

  51. KerBearRN says:

    SCORE!! Serve, serving- twice in 30 seconds.

  52. Joe In Alaska says:

    No, M Russell Ballard also spoke yesterday in the afternoon session.

  53. Ballard spoke, yo.

  54. I watched this morning on BYUTV, but I missed all of yesterday. Just discovered it’s all available on demand, by speaker. Looks like i have some computer time scheduled. Any recommendations for don’t miss talks?

  55. Become more Xtian Xtians, yo.

  56. Did an angelic RS provide the meal or do you suppose he prepared it himself? Who cleaned those fish?

  57. Oh. I only remember Nelson at the moment.

  58. MDear: I liked Bowen’s.

  59. Why would we abbreviate Christian by taking out “Christ”?

    Sorry, that always bugs me.

  60. Today is a great day for talks. I was on the fence a bit with HBY’s but everything else is a classic in my mind so far.

  61. Joe In Alaska says:

    Looks like Elder Hales is going to singlehandedly empty the candy bowl on the first talk of the session.

  62. I mean HBE

  63. I really like this talk.

  64. This one is making a good case to be my fav talk of all this semi-year.

  65. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #60 Greek chi (looks like X) is historically a standard abbreviation for Christ in manuscripts and early prints. Didn’t remove Christ, just shorter version — like on twitter.

  66. X is a symbol for Christ…

  67. #54 MDearest: If it’s available, Henry B. Eyring’s address of priesthood session (if you wouldn’t be turned off by a bit of child-bragging). Lots of them from Saturday morning: Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Shayne M. Bowen, maybe Russell M. Nelson—and, of course, Pres Monson’s opening address, if only for The Big Announcement (and the audience reaction shot).

  68. MDearest, Elder Uchtdorf’s talk was particularly moving to me. Taking joy in the journey. Great quotes from his wife. (May she address us more directly one day!)

  69. #49 Gaithersburg here. Where are you?

  70. Ray: see Ebenezer. I’ve come to be quite fond of the abbreviation, recognizing its history and meaning.

  71. Joe In Alaska says:

    MDearest — Christofferson’s talk in Priesthood about society’s demasculation of men was an outstanding talk, in my opinion.

  72. KerBearRN says:

    50– and. Obviously add bananas right before serving. Oh, and I’m in Calif and learned of The Holy Salad from east-coast family.

  73. 70: Laurel, represent.

  74. I get the abbreviation, but it still bugs me that we use it.

    Sorry, everyone, for the soapbox. I’ll get off it now.

  75. #60 Ray: X is an old abbreviation for ‘Christ’ (and is pronounced ‘Christ’). I don’t like overusing that title, so i usually use the abbreviation in writing.

    The idea that “X xes out Christ” is a modern take on it, and wrong.

  76. shout out for baptism by proxy

  77. KerBearRN says:

    Wow. Awesome talk. Seems like that could be given at any Christian meeting and be meaningful.

  78. I thought the reference was to people from Xian, China.

  79. I imagine the Lord would enjoy doing the dirty work of cleaning fish to feed his beloveds one last time. Plus he’d enjoy the creativity of simple fresh cuisine.

  80. StillConfused says:

    Why are the suits so oversized? They look like turtles. Do you think they have bullet proof vests on or something?

  81. #81 StillConfused: Maybe they all listened to a lot of Talking Heads when they were younger, and take their fashion cues from David Byrne?

  82. Joe In Alaska says:

    Cleaining fish, a hundred at a time, is quite fun. Especially when you have a large family and everyone can help throughout the process.

  83. BKP definitely had on something under his suit jacket.

  84. J. Stapley says:

    Family history:Temple work is to baptism:gift of the holy ghost. Fascinating parallel.

  85. #74 nice!

  86. Hurray! Valuing one’s own family history research as a preliminary to temple work, not just going to the temple every other day for our own selfish benefit!!!!!!

  87. StillConfused says:

    #72 – my husband told me about that one. I am glad to hear it was addressed. It is a big pet peeve at our home. (Don’t get my husband started on the Berenstein Bears)

  88. Who was he quoting on the idea that doing family history work *and* proxy temple work means you get “both halves of the blessing”? I missed that.

  89. For the older ones, the turtle effect is probably from body shrinkage.

  90. Can someone slip him a diet Coke?

  91. KerBearRN says:

    Guilt guilt guilt. Seems like there is a season for each or both.

  92. KerBearRN says:

    Yeah, so stop baptizing Jews and movie stars!

  93. Joe In Alaska says:

    Tracy RE #91 — Did you just call him fat?

  94. #93 KerBearRN: Word.

    (And actually, i wonder if he may be transitioning to that in this address eventually.)

  95. Joe In Alaska says:

    So, I get greater blessings for doing temple work for my own ancestors than for just walking in and taking the names that have been submitted by others?

  96. #80 — Jesus as foodie!

  97. KerBearRN says:

    Oh, no. That cough just made me think of the guy in the
    Pit of Despair in The Princess Bride.

  98. #96 Joe in Alaska: Maybe greater joy? (Of course, now that i type that, i realize that that’s a blessing, so we’re back where we started.)

  99. @72: I didn’t like the first half of Christofferson’s talk; it seemed like a subtle denunciation of straw feminism, of people in the world supposedly claiming that because women have made strides in educational and professional areas men are now useless and emasculated. I forget his wording, but to me he argued against things nobody is saying. But Xtofferson often tends to rub me the wrong way, so take that for what it is. Anyway, there was no BCC thread so I couldn’t express my displeasure at the time… back to E. Scott!

  100. KerBearRN says:

    My cute 21yo Applelyte is trying valiantly to link Steve Jobs to our fam.

  101. I have a friend who refers to picking up a temple name, as “the temple welfare line”

  102. I would say, not greater blessings, but experiences that you can’t get from any other way.

  103. Joe In Alaska says:

    12 million names on hold? Some for many years? So those on the other side have to wait for the procrastinators that have reserved those names to have their work done? That just doesn’t seem right.

  104. I’m a convert, and I logged on, only to find most of my dead have been done by the extraction program. It is not just about celebrities and the holocaust victims, they are really getting to all census records.

  105. Someone from my large LDS family was assigned to research a family name to bring to the temple with them and did a lazy job of it…I know that because I found a baptism record for my grandmother about 5 years after her death at a local temple; the only problem being that she was baptized during her lifetime before she was married, and was an active temple-goer all her life. :-/

  106. I love it when he talks about his wife. You can hear the love and pain and joy in his voice. It’s always a good reminder that these aren’t just guys in suits, they’re real people.

  107. Latter-day Guy says:

    98: as long as it didn’t make you think of Lawrence of Arabia.

  108. Kevin Barney says:

    On the use of X in various forms as a nomen sacrum for Christ, see here:

  109. KerBearRN,

    Well, the Church has been telling the members to cease and desist on the “celebrity baptisms” for many years now. As for Jewish baptisms – you’re allowed to do it if they are your OWN ancestors. That was always the agreement with the Jewish community leaders the LDS authorities met with. It’s just that certain outlying rabbis have seen fit to conveniently forget that part of the agreement recently.

  110. 105 I am a convert as well and no one in my family is done except people I have personally submitted/done. Except my paternal grandfather who I arranged for someone to be baptized for him, and then he was baptized again several years later by someone who I do not know. It was in a CA temple.

  111. KerBearRN says:

    Most of my historical family has been done. My member aunt (who couldn’t get to the temple herself) had a habit (I found it a thoughtless one) of submitting names to the general temple database, instead of offering them to we. In the Fam who were attending. It upset me when I couldn’t do my own grandmother’s work bc it was done a few months beforeby a total stranger. Just sayin.

  112. Again, I understand the historical usage of X for Christ. I just don’t like it now when the historical use isn’t understood commonly – but I apologize for asking.

    It’s a personal soapbox, and I shouldn’t have asked it here.

  113. No, Seth R. We brought some of that on ourselves by repeatedly baptizing for people like Anne Frank.

  114. I was baptized for my great-grandmother (I was born on her 86th Birthday). One of the top 5 best experiences of my life.

  115. Anonymous Coward says:

    “She read the Ensign because she wants to learn.” I suppose it’s possible, if you’re nine. As an adult, I don’t get a lot from it.

  116. And here’s our official rollout of the new youth curriculum. (About time, by the way, having looked at the horror that is the current YW curriculum.)

  117. I have a serious question that arises from this current talk but this doesn’t seem like the place to ask it. Is there a Mormon Q and A place or something where I can submit a question and get an answer?

  118. Sharee Hughes says:

    #96. Yes, Joe, you get greater blessings for doing your own family–although doing the work for non-family members is better than not going to the temple at all. When our stake had a big youth thing down in Manti this summer, the youth leaders were asking ward members for names so the ids could do baptisms there. They specifically asked me because they knew I did a lot of family history. I originally gave them 21 names, but they said they needed more, so I gave them 19 more, bringing the total to 40. They said they didn’t need quite that many, as a number of the youth and leaders had several of their own names (they wanted 100 names for the 20 kids that wold be going). But they took the names. Another woman in the ward told me she gave them 30 names. When they reported on the outing after their return, they announced they had done 95 names. So the 20 youth (and however many leaders went) had only come up with 25 names between them. I’m sure those youth were greatly blessed for the baptisms the did that day. But how much sweeter would it have been for those children if they had been able to be baptized just for their own ancestors And how great the joy of those ancestors.

  119. KerBearRN says:

    111– I am well aware of this. Also heard the rumors that some of the recent proxies for Holocaust victims were “plants”. Not sure on that tho.

  120. Jacob, I never said we didn’t. She’s an example of a “celebrity baptism.”

  121. #118-are you talking about the manual, or Personal Progress?

  122. I wonder, would conversion and repentance be interchangeable sometimes?

  123. E. Osguthorpe sounds like he is impersonating E. Bednar.

  124. #123 J8veg: The manual. (Personal progress has its own issues IMO, but they’re relatively minor.)

  125. EOR, I think the official answer to your question about where to ask questions is, “ask your bishop/priesthood leader.”

  126. KerBearRN says:


  127. EOR, based on this conference, perhaps, “Ask the missionaries. They can help you.” (j/k)

  128. Ask Mormon Girl?

  129. Yes! I will Ask Mormon Girl!

  130. KerBearRN says:

    I think I’d ask Ardis.

  131. Oh, dear. Teaching My Gospel as a teaching children tool? There is some good things in there, but I don’t think it’s designed for that.

  132. My friend and I just invented a new hand animal (in the vein of Awkward Turtle, et al.) It is called the Overzealous Octopus.

  133. #132 – This.

  134. I suppose a new curriculum is going to be absolutely needed for the youth with the MTC stay being cut back by one month.

  135. 133 I thought he said Teaching: No Greater Call

  136. What a charming grin when he drops the Conference Pulpit Persona.

  137. Kevin Barney says:

    EOR, I’m not sure of the context so I don’t know what kind of questions you’re talking about. But if there are questions about challenging issues, you can write to the private FAIR list and someone will respond. Over the years I personally have probably responded to thousands of questions about the church through that medium.

  138. #133 – He said “Teaching: No Greater Call” not “Preach My Gospel”.

  139. Did he actually announce the new curriculum? Did I miss it when I went to get the cord for my laptop before the battery died?

  140. KerBearRN says:

    Yikes, HBE seems to be moving slowly.

  141. Is it bad that I am not really interested in hearing from the next few speakers because they are in the 70? Pretty judgy of me, I reckon.

  142. EOR – you’re right. Thats what I meant.

  143. StillConfused says:

    Poor husband… he thought this was the closing song

  144. I can imagine a Keepa feature…Ask Ardis!

  145. KerBearRN says:

    Wake up, again, I say, WAKE UP!

  146. 118 and 128 -we have been promised new manuals for 4 years now-maybe this announcement is why they were delayed. I agree, btw- I’m just reporting what we keep hearing.

  147. Joe In Alaska says:

    #133 — YOu mean Preach My Gospel?

  148. KerBearRN says:

    146– that would have my vote. And I’m serious.

  149. Hold to the rod, the braided stainless steel rod…

  150. KerBearRN says:


  151. It was Teaching: No Greater Call. Ray and Eor were right. Sorry for the confusion.

  152. 7th inning stretch time

  153. Sharee Hughes says:

    A little more on family history here, although we’re past that talk. One of my most memorable times in the temple was when I did the endowment for a favorite aunt (I had been baptized for her previously). My mother would lke to have done it, but she was too old and inform at the time. After the endowment session, two couples from my ward met me for a sealing session and we did all her sealings–to her husbands (her ex and current husband), her parents, and a daughter who had died. What a great experience that was. This aunt visited with my mother before she died. I know that because nurses in the hospice center where my mother spent her last days said she kept talking to a woman named Flo (my aunt’s name). So I am pretty sure that aunt of mine accepted the work that was done for her and was there to welcome my mother when she passed.

  154. How long has it been since we’ve had a Martin and Willie handcart company story in GC?

  155. That still doesn’t sound “sufficient.” :-( What an ordeal.

    Reminder: today, approximately 1 billion people in the world go hungry each day.

  156. Lead Kindly Light is the best hymn evar.

  157. “Lead, kindly light” through what appears to be/sounds like clenched teeth is, at best, off-putting.

  158. Our ward choir just sang an arrangement of “Lead, Kindly Light” two weeks ago. It is one of those beautiful hymns that I think many sing without paying much attention to the words.

  159. Cynthia, it’s pretty darn high on my list, too!

  160. J. Stapley says:

    Elder Nash is from the Seattle area and he works with the Historical Dept.

  161. Joe In Alaska says:

    Wow. A shout out to Dutch Oven Cooking!!!!

  162. Wait a minute! “The Lord’s antidote for doubt is” [drum roll] *belief*? I mean, isn’t that kinda tautological?

  163. I always welcome seeing Lead Kindly Light on the program

  164. “The Lord’s antidote to doubt is simple: Stop worrying about your doubts and just believe.”


  165. Is he channeling his inner Pres. Uchtdorf?

  166. Sharee Hughes says:

    We just had a flight reference and it wasn’t from Pres. Uchtdorf!

  167. Joe In Alaska says:

    Loathing — what ward are you in?

  168. #164: Virtual bro-fist-bump

  169. I love Lead Kindly Light. Also, he stole DFU’s airplane analogy.

  170. StillConfused says:

    I laugh whenever I hear “hold to the rod” because I used to date a man named Rod (very nice Jewish man). You can imagine the things I heard from my less than classy Mormon friends. (Not to imply that I am classy)

  171. It may be tautological – but it’s true.

    The Gospel IS a circular argument.

    But it’s SUPPOSED to be a circular argument. That’s a good thing!

  172. In our ward (and stake) here in San Bernardino, CA, we’re doing a “beta test” of the new youth curriculum. It’s SO much better. Lots of multi-media, and a fair amount of flexibility. We only have slim manuals meant to be used for the rest of year. (we started in about Aug.)

  173. His profile reminds me of Bob Hope. Too bad he’s not making me laugh!

  174. KerBearRN says:

    FINALLY! The tri tip is on the table! Just in time to cancel out the sugar-buzz from Hales’ talk…

  175. #169: Chester Valley

  176. In the corner it tells me that 8.2k people on Facebook have liked this GC broadcast.

  177. #173 Seth R.: But it’s not a circular argument, it’s a tautological call to action—rather different, i think.

    (And i don’t know that i buy the idea that the gospel is a circular argument.)

  178. Also – I was left a little cold by the biscuits-in-the-dutch-oven thing. That sounds less like a miracle – and more like cooking – to me. “I put a cup of rice and two cups of water in my rice cooker and when I came back there were three cups of rice in my rice cooker! #miracles #soblessed”

  179. StillConfused says:

    Good thing none of those guys have allergies … there are a ton of live plants there

  180. It’s tautologies all the way day down.

  181. I see a bad surprise coming!

  182. Aw yeah called it.

  183. If doubt is seen as an unbelieving orientation and faith is seen as a believing orientation, “belief” is a natural antidote to doubt. It’s all in how you define the two terms.

    or, what Seth R. said in #173.

  184. loathing, perhaps you could call it an upward spiral.

    But the self-reinforcing nature of the Gospel paradigm is definitely one of its key features.

    Kind of like love and romance.

  185. 180 haha

  186. His upper lip is wet or something. It is distracting me.

  187. I don’t know from tautology, but I always say a little cognitive dissonance won’t kill ya. But it will eventually weigh you down.

  188. If t his guy was Oprah, he’d be saying “and everyone here gets free chili beans!!!”

  189. Apparently GAs are supposed to pronounce Spanish names with an accent. I want to hear Pres. Monson (or Uchtdorf) talk about the Roma Italia temple, complete with hand gesture.

  190. KerBearRN says:

    Here in Calif, “alternative crop” has a completely different meaning.

  191. #190 BHodges: Yep, you got an actual literal LOL here

  192. I LOLed as well because I said it in Oprah’s voice.

  193. Can we at least agree that even if riches and death can both be trials, the one is a lot more fun of a trial than the other?

  194. KerBearRN says:

    Is that an accent?

  195. KerBearRN says:

    Word. Tho not having experienced either…

  196. His 22 other grandchildren are so butt-hurt right now

  197. EOR #188 – I hate you. Now that’s all I see. And all I’m hearing is his thick You-taw accent (e.g. “may-un” for men). He does a good Mexican accent, though.

  198. drbrewhaha says:

    I’m confused…I thought Sunday Afternoon was when the sisters spoke.

  199. Sharee Hughes says:

    Why are we getting so many 70s at conference this time instead of the Q12.

  200. When i’m taking the sacrament, i’m generally thinking about whether my youngest is taking the opportunity to crawl under the seats.

  201. 196, 199: So apparently he was born in Colonia Juárez. I figure he’s got a little bit of the Mexican accent from growing up there. Also he served his mission in Mexico City.

  202. StillConfused says:

    And my husband is snoring.

  203. There’s only about 2 slots for token sisters anyway.

  204. The FP and Q12 always speak (unless health conditions make it impossible). We usually hear from two female auxiliary leaders and then the rest are 70s.

  205. KerBearRN says:

    Born in Colonia Juarez, Mexico.

  206. #205 MDearest: And they’ve both already been filled.

  207. Sharee, this always happens suring this section.

  208. I don’t ever tune out in SM until the talks

  209. Joe In Alaska says:

    We are getting just as many members of the quorum of the 12 as we always get. 12 of them. They always all speak. Unless health prevents it. No one from the Primary presidency has spoken this time though. And looking at the clock, I suspect they will be shut out this time.

  210. KerBearRN says:

    70s Apostle Auditions.

  211. And, besides, we ladies were appeased yesterday. We’ve reached our concessionary limit.

  212. We had a narcoleptic bishopric member in a ward i served in as a full-time missionary.

  213. This is a wonderful story.

  214. Daniel L. Johnson was born and raised in Colonia Juarez. He comes by his Mexican accent legitimately.

  215. 212 that is what I think too I have a feeling who will move up from the 70 though.

  216. #212 KerBearRN: If you’re right, this guy’s making a strong case.

  217. Any women pray during these sessions? Though I’m sure I’d have heard about it if they had.

  218. for multiple reasons

  219. Joe In Alaska says:

    Loathing RE #214 — I heard at said that anyone that being able to sleep on the stand is a sign of a clear conscience.

  220. I just realized that with all the discussion of death in GC, we rarely hear the actual verb “die”.

  221. Joe In Alaska says:

    MDearest re #219 — No females offering prayers in conference yet.

  222. you’re right, Ray. As usual.

  223. KerBearRN says:

    Always surprised that, with as much forehead as these guys show, they aren’t dripping with sweat. Is that a blessing of speaking in Conf?

  224. Wait—we usually treat testimony and conversion separately? All i can figure is that Elder Bednar has been in very different church classes than i have.

  225. KerBearRN says:

    217 do tell!

  226. Note to self: the fellow before Bednar spoke about Sacrament meeting, worth reviewing.

  227. Ronald Rasband. All the way. I think we might wind up losing a couple of the 12 around the same time though so there will probably be a few.

  228. drbrewhaha says:

    Our dog loves conference. During 8 hours twice a year she gets played with more than for the rest of the entire year. Truly a special and inspired time for her.

  229. #226 – I think we often talk of testimony in terms of believing and knowing and conversion in terms of action and “becoming”.

  230. KerBearRN says:

    229– I see multiple losses coming too. Realizing that only a couple left from when I was Mutual age.

  231. I just caught an interesting (and subtle!) parallel use of the phrase “honest seeker”. I suspect that Elder Bednar is, as is so often the case, delivering an address that’s intended to be read more than heard.

  232. #229 EOR: Haven’t they been reaching from outside the current GAs more often lately, though?

  233. Joe In Alaska says:

    RE #229 — I have two members of the quorum of the 12 in a dead pool I play.

  234. Sharee Hughes says:

    There are none left from when I was mutual age. Pres Monson said he became a GA in 1963 and I graduated from high school in 1959 (yes, I know I’m old).

  235. KerBearRN says:

    230– you wrote that as my two youngest are laying on the floor petting/talking to the dog…

  236. Random thought: We need a female Jeffrey R Holland to speak in Conference — a woman with a distinct, powerful oratorical style. That could establish an archetype besides the “sweet-n-syrupy” style that many female speakers seem to conform to, and perhaps dispel the unfair belief that women don’t or shouldn’t address serious or significant doctrinal issues (which I’ve been guilty of thinking before, even though I maintain that far more women should speak in conference). Or am I falling victim to a different manifestation of sexism?

  237. 232 yes me too. I used to have a pyramid of the FP12 on my wall when I was a teenager (loser). My siblings always asked me why I had pictures of the Good Old Good Olds Guys on my wall. Then I showed them the Ensign centerfold and I have still never heard the end of it, and references to Playboy.

  238. That last bit was definitely meant for reading.

  239. 234 have they? I really wanted Rasband in the 12. He was my mini-mission President so I have a major soft spot for him.

  240. I don’t mean to be rude, but this talk is boring me.

  241. #234 – Recently most have come from the Presidency of the Seventy (Andersen, Cook, Christofferson, and Uchtdorf). Bednar was an Area Seventy, so not a General Authority, but he’s the only one.

  242. #238 Casey: Sheri L. Dew filled that role for some. Individual women don’t get to speak frequently enough, though, that we can really become familiar with them as individual speakers.

  243. Joe In Alaska says:

    I think Bednar is the last Apostle called that wasn’t from the Q of 70, or Presidency of the 70, just before his call to be an apostle.

  244. KerBearRN says:

    Does anyone else notice that the kids have stopped diving for the WOS candy?

  245. 243 Hooray RR is in the Presidency of the Seventy.

  246. Eor, Bednar has that effect when he speaks.

  247. I have no idea how to properly use the term “convert” now as I have yet to figure out how to look at someone’s heart to determine if they have been truly converted without being judgmental. Oy vey.

  248. Joe In Alaska says:

    KerBear — RE #247 — Not at my house they haven’t.

  249. Sharee Hughes says:

    I liked this: “We should know the Gospel is true, and be true to the Gospel.”

  250. Joe In Alaska says:

    That sould have been RE #246

  251. Casey, I think the last few years have given us that type of female leader (Sheri Dew and Julie Beck, for example) – but there is nothing wrong with someone like Chieko Okazaki who came across as “powerful” in a classically masculine way. Along with Elder Wirthlin, she probably is my favorite church leader as a GC speaker in my entire lifetime.

  252. ChelMo, REPENT.

  253. #249 Maybe such a thing is useful only when applied to oneself.

  254. #243 EmiG: True, for the most recent ones. Oaks and Nelson had never been GAs before, though. I’d forgotten that Holland had been a GA after he was BYU president.

  255. KerBearRN says:

    242–again, better for reading. I struggle a bit here too.

  256. From my oldest: “Didn’t he give this exact same talk last year?”

  257. KerBearRN says:

    Holland was my BYU prez. Really loved him.

  258. Sorry, meant to say that Chieko Okazaki did NOT come across as “powerful” in a classically masculine way.

  259. StillConfused says:

    Most annoying mormonism – “line upon line and precept upon precept”. I really detest that saying.

    He said “eagerly we will set aside our weapons of…” and I expected “mass destruction” to be next.

  260. Everybody check out the informative infographic I just added to the main post. You’re welcome.

  261. Did that metaphor just break down? How does sharing our testimony with others mean there isn’t enough for ourselves?

  262. KerBearRN says:

    Does EOR stand for something? Or is it “Eeyore”? ;)

  263. HappyValleyGuy says:

    So based on Elder Bednar’s talk, I guess I am converted without a testimony (I don’t know the gospel is true–though I hope it is, but I am true/loyal to the gospel in every way)….

  264. Would it be pushing the metaphor too far to wonder why burning the lamp of testimony consumes the oil of conversion?

  265. Joe In Alaska says:

    I wonder if all of my Apple Products could be considered my weapons of rebellion.

  266. wait…if the fruits of conversion are not transferable, what’s the point of a bishop having inspiration whoie counseling a member?

  267. I know this makes me evil and all, but strained interpretations of the parable of the ten virgins really do nothing for me.

  268. KerBearRN says:

    Prez Monson looks really peppy. He must have been chugging Mtn Dew on lunch break.

  269. #266: ooh something I must ponder.

  270. My suggestion: Read the talk. As others have said, Elder Bednar’s talks generally are easier to understand when read than when heard.

  271. KerBearRN says:

    269– SO evil. ;)
    (snigger. You said “virgin”.)

  272. Isn’t it correct that in Isaiah, at least, “line upon line” was a BAD thing? More akin to, “You dumb people, I have to teach you line upon line and you just don’t get it!” I don’t feel like looking it up now but that’s the impression I’ve gotten reading it closely in the past (in the BoM, however, “line upon line” is an unqualified good thing, so our common use of the phrase isn’t necessarily wrong).

  273. StillConfused says:

    standing by … is he going to make an announcement?

  274. #274 Casey: Yes, and it confuses well-informed investigators when missionaries don’t know that—i’ve seen it happen more than once. However, in the non-Biblical Mormon canon, there are also cases of “line upon line, precept on precept” being a good thing.

  275. Joe In Alaska says:

    Yes he is — Polygamy is BACK!!

  276. “Let us not be critical and judgmental. Let us be tolerant.”

  277. ”None of us is immune” to an unexpected calling. Uh-oh…

  278. I think it’s a full-Dutch-oven grade miracle that I no longer find President Monson’s speaking style irritating, but rather sweet.

  279. So, they’ve loudly announced that the prayer-giver is NOT a 70 because he was released yesterday (same with Jensen this morning). If you don’t have to be a 70 to pray in conference, does that open the door for women to pray in conference?? In our thread about this last year (see link), that was the excuse everyone brought up–it is somehow a duty of the 70s.

  280. KerBearRN says:

    Prez M and 278– WORD!

  281. StillConfused says:

    Isn’t this a funeral song?

  282. Plus, I think his tie is spectacular.

  283. Sharee Hughes says:

    I just checked on Yesterday’s talks are all available for viewing, listening and downloading except for Elder Scott D. Whiting from Saturday afternoon. Anyone remember what he spoke about?

  284. new TBM term: “dutch oven grade miracle”. love it.

  285. 280 — Me, too,MDearest. So has he changed, or have we? ;)

  286. 282 – My friend sitting next to me said he misread that and saw “Prez M 2012”

  287. Snarkiness smack-down? :)

  288. StillConfused says:

    two ladies on the organ!

  289. #278 sbagleysd: Yeah—i caught that too. So does this put a fork in sacrament meeting speakers using the “we first endure, then pity, then embrace” line ever again, then?

    No? Oh, well. A boy can dream.

  290. AMEN, Cyth! You need to take this one up with your contacts on the inside, if you know what I mean…

  291. SB2, you can’t get released from being a Seventy. (grin)

  292. Ardis, It’s definitely me who has changed.

  293. #281 Cynthia L: You don’t have to be a 70 to pray in GC, and that’s never been a rule. Stake presidents did it back in the day, for decades.

  294. 285: Sharee, that was the one about standards in temple building as a metaphor for standards in our lives.

  295. Oh, way to squash my hopes, WVS.

  296. I think what you have to be, to pray in GC, is a priesthood holder. That may be un-written somewhere.

  297. Joe In Alaska says:

    I Swear I saw Johnny Bravo singing in the choir.

  298. #285 Sharee Hughes: He talked about how temples require effective perfection in their construction, and then said we need to be similarly perfect, since we’re temples of God. I wouldn’t be sad if they made him edit some of his more unbending claims.

  299. 264 it is my pseudonym’s initials (I don’t put my name on the internet) but I thought it was funny because of Eeyore as well.

  300. KerBearRN says:

    We used to have “God be with you till we meet again.” over our front door. Such a lovely benediction.

  301. It is my understanding that even though they were released they hold Emeritus (Emeriti?) status so doesn’t that still mean they are technically “in” the 70?

  302. Now people at the institute are going to be playing Settlers of Catan. I always have to strongly demur because I think it’s against my religion. For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of Catan is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of Catan-tion, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to Catan with anger, one with another.

  303. #304 sbagleysd: *snort*

    And with that, i’m off to help kids get unbored. See y’all in six months!

  304. Kevin Barney says:

    Someone tell Cynthia to “calm down…”

  305. drbrewhaha says:

    #304 – Play Zarahemla instead – it’s virtually a direct port. Basically, it’s Catan converted to Mormonism.

  306. KerBearRN says:

    Rock on, y’all!

  307. 287, upon reflection, perhaps there is a difference made by the mantle of a prophet.

  308. Is using the term “end quote” after quoting someone unique to General Conference talks? It seems unnecessary.

  309. Apparently there is controversy about whether it is “end quote” or “unquote”… I say they just start using air quotes.

  310. It occurred to me after posting #310 and# 311 that a reason for clearly demarcating quotes (sometimes when it may seem overkill) is probably related to the needs of of the many foreign language interpreters. In fact, it may be the generally slow and steady pace and formal speaking style of GC is also in part intended to make real-time interpretation easier.

  311. End quote / chose quote / unquote — I don’t know, but my young son thinks these are gospel words because he only ever hears them on General Conference audio.

  312. As a young boy in grade school, the kids used to yell at me, “Vernon’s a fag!!”, though there was nothing effeminate about me. That was emasculating. Now as an adult Christian believer, who happened to earn a couple of post secondary degrees, I’m less of a man ‘cuz I didn’t practice as much careerism as the Gee Ehs. Now THAT’S emasculating.

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