“I’m a Mormon” video of the month: Cécile sold her house in Paris and moved to Nepal…

The initial buzz around the launch of the “I’m a Mormon” campaign in the bloggernacle has died down, but the campaign only continues to grow in visibility and influence. The past month saw more new ads released for non-English-speaking markets, including this one in Russian.

Another recent addition is, I think, the most impressive one so far in any language: Paris fashion designer Cécile Pelous is mother to 154 orphaned children…


  1. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

  2. marginalizedmormon says:

    Thank you–

  3. A masterpiece in a myriad of ways.

  4. I’m proud to be a member of the same faith as this woman. What a wonderful human being!

  5. This is so inspiring!

  6. Oh that she could speak at General Conference.

  7. J. Stapley says:

    What Ben said. Extraordinary.

  8. Amen, Ben.

    Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing this.

  9. Love this story. What an example and treasure. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia.

  10. “Oh that she could speak at General Conference.” I second that! This is completely awesome! I want to be her.

  11. Amen to #6 and 10

    I really needed this today, in so very many ways. It will be on my blog tomorrow! Thanks Cynthia!

  12. Wow. What a courageous woman.

  13. Bluegrouse says:

    Truly remarkable.

  14. This is what I needed to be ready for Church this morning.

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Rechabite says:

    I’m weeping. Thank you, Cynthia. Merci beaucoup, Soeur Cécile Pelous. Mai Dieu vous bénit.

  17. Wow.

  18. Saints. It’s what we aspire to be. This woman is one I think.

  19. Douglas Evans a Canadian temple worker says:

    What an amazing woman! She sets an example for all LDS men and women. Merck, Merck God loves you and you obviously love God. May you always remain an inspiration for children throughout the world!

  20. Antonio Parr says:

    Wow. Thank you for posting this.

  21. What a great example of true service. Inspirational!

  22. There are no words. If she can do what she is doing, surely I can do what He’s asked of me.

  23. Kevin Barney says:

    I described this at the end of my GD lesson today. I knew right away it was a mistake, as I started to blubber like a baby. But it was worth it.

  24. My God. That just changed my day. I feel humbled.

  25. I’ve watched this over a dozen times now and am struck by different things each time. But what gets me every time is how matter-of-factly she relates the part where she said to herself that she should sell her house, and then just “so that’s what I did.” I feel like this is the sequel to the story of the rich young man. But when Jesus said, Cecile, sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and come follow me, she just did it.

  26. Ardis E. Parshall says:

    Look at the constant twinkle in her eye, the complete lack of sanctimony. This is a genuinely happy woman.

  27. Oh, I love this! I just wrote a piece about this today. It makes me feel happy to be human to see this woman.

  28. I was noticing her body language too, Ardis. The way she moves her body strikes me as so balanced, grounded, and in control, in a very physical, literal way. Humble but very self-assured at the same time. “Be ye strong from henceforth; fear not, for the kingdom is yours.” This is someone who has the confidence of her clean conscience. Although, as you said, there is no sanctimony, I found it still somewhat indicting. Can I be so confident in my standing before the judgement seat as she is? No. A call to reevaluation.

  29. what a beautiful soul! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Kiar Shaw says:

    Thank you.

  31. Mark Brown says:

    What WVS said.

    This woman puts the “saint” in latter-day saint.

  32. Why is she collaborating with the Whore of Babylon?

  33. Classy, Thad.

  34. 1.) The video is in French, not russian.
    2.) Jesus puts the saint in Latter-day Saint. “Not the labors of my hand, can fulfill thy laws demands.” She puts the discipline in disciple…

  35. h_nu

    The embedded video is in French, but the first paragraph also includes a link to a video in Russian.

  36. Kevin Barney says:

    When I mentioned this in class, a class member said that his brother had been filming the Russian ones.

  37. Ron Madson says:

    I really love the french people! Served mission there. I recall several members being iconoclasts and some would say eccentric—had to be to join such a foreign church. I met a french woman just like Cecile (Suzanne Letellier) who also gave all her wealth (and it was considerable) to the poor/needy. She was Catholic– but no matter. Can’t help but think of Matthew 25 “sheep” and “goats.” I have reached a devolution in my Mormonism identity that the fact that she is a Mormon is pretty much irrelevant to me, but that she models Mother Theresa and Jesus of Nazareth is the most telling. thanks for sharing

  38. Oh I’d heard this was up but hadn’t seen it yet! Cecile is a dear friend. My husband served in Paris and met her and went to Asha Ashram with her post mission. We’ve been involved with the US organization on and off for many years and our eldest daughter is named for “Didi Cecile”. You can now donate to her work via CHOICE Humanitarian http://choicehumanitarian.org/ and mark it for Asha Ashram (House of Hope) if you’re interested in getting involved.

  39. Researcher says:

    Beautiful video, and thank you for the link, Chrysula.

  40. Glorious and beautiful. Thank you.

  41. LOL at 32.

  42. >36

    Is that Jed Wells?

  43. Sue Miller says:


  44. ::crying::

  45. Cécile has previously been interviewed in the Roads to Zion’s series, which is certainly uncovered her for the “I am a Mormon” program: start viewing at 48:10, http://byutv.org/watch/bf1dece2-e69e-402e-ae63-5d7ced10c258/road-to-zion-france-part-three. Enjoy this extra take into her busy life at the service of others!

  46. Also, a part member family (wife LDS, husband Nitschean!) here in one of the three wards in Bordeaux has sponsored one of Cécile’s “children” from childhood until he was married and had a job. The couple is now sponsoring a 4-year old Haitian boy in my charity… until he becomes safe with a good education or training for the rest of his life.

  47. One more French: this one did not sell his house but I thought I’d post his video just because I’m so Chauvinist about Bordeaux http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BFiKyXWGDM

  48. Spectacular architecture in Bordeaux! I haven’t been to that part of the country. Thanks for the link.

  49. Yes! Bordeaux scores 1, Paris 0! :)
    We’re having a conference on Mormonism this December at one of the universities there. That might be to close but you’re welcome any time!

  50. Cecile Pelous’ I’m a Mormon clip is now now unavailable, marked private. Does anyone know what happened to it?

  51. I’m having the same trouble, and I can’t figure out why or how to get through the “Private” block. Anyone know??

  52. Well that’s sad. I’m seeing the same thing.

  53. Yes, we were so excited to show it to family a week ago and it won’t come up…

  54. Bummer!

  55. Why would the church put it as private if they spent all the money to produce it?