“I’m a Mormon” video of the month: Vanessa from London

Each Fast Sunday, we’ll feature one video from the Mormon.org website. A few weeks ago, we highlighted Cecile Pelous of France and Nepal. Today, we feature Vanessa, an aerial dancer from London.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    She is amazing! Very impressive.

  2. Thanks for posting this! What an amazing woman!

  3. Brilliant stuff. Maybe if readers have nominations for other Mormon.org videos, they can post them to our Facebook page…

  4. Woa

  5. “What’s really important is how you treat other people.” Amen!

  6. I think i want to here more of her story. Very interesting. Great choice Cynthia.

  7. Ok. “hear”

  8. I absolutely loved everything about this video. A bullet list of the reasons I found it personally touching would probably span much more space than any polite blog comment should last. However, I will say that as a divorced Latter-day Saint I’ve often wondered if a Mormon.org video would ever feature someone like myself, a person who has experienced the pains, sorrows, forgiveness, and change that comes with a divorce from a marriage that you thought would last forever…

    I am thankful to see that such a video now exists, and that it is so beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this! It has totally rocked my world today.

  9. I agree, WVS, there was a sense that there was more to the story. But I liked the focus on faith and rescuing. There was just enough detail to make you believe she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to faith and rescuing.

  10. Thanks, Stan. I also found it very significant that a divorced member was featured, because that is something that affects so many members of my family, my ward, and the church. I like that it didn’t sugar coat the experience, but still she is shown as an extremely vibrant and happy person. She’s not some sad old maid. There is a real sense that her life is still ahead of her.

  11. Stan (and others), there are others in which divorce plays a part of their story. Two off the top of my head are here and here.

  12. We beleive in change.

    Awesome- thanks Vanessa!

  13. As a side note, Vanessa was one of the aerial dancers during the London Olympics opening ceremony.

  14. This is my Relief Society President!

  15. Thanks so much for this–I am going to look forward to these every month.

  16. No sleeves! I always knew these “I’m a Mormon” ads were done by a rogue, apostate faction of the church.

    In all seriousness, it’s nice to see a bit of diversity in these. It’s one of the main reasons I like them–Mormons from all kinds of walks of life.

  17. Daniel Bartholomew says:

    Rusty, thanks for posting those two links. Robert Comstock is assigned from the high council to visit our Harlem ward. He’s great. Never met the Woolfords but that is a very powerful video.

  18. Antonio Parr says:

    Thank you for posting this. Made my day.

  19. living in zion says:

    Where is the Super Like button? Gosh, do I want her as my friend! My coolness factor would go through the roof.

  20. Wow, she is amazing! I agree, I would love to hear the rest of her story but I think the important bits were there. Love when she talks about extending forgiveness.

  21. Can I just say that she is my actual sister….no really she is!

  22. I came here expecting to see comment along the line of, “Oh, look. A pretty blonde in a commercial on Mormonism.” I’m glad to see that not only was it a good message, but the responses were pleasant as well!

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