“I’m a Mormon” video of the month: Costa Rican saints

Each Fast Sunday, we’ll feature a video from the Mormon.org website. This month we have a pair of videos featuring Mormons who live in Costa Rica. Freddy is a pizza chef and father to four children, two coming via adoption. Karina is a champion judo fighter and teacher. (Update: To view with English subtitles, press play and then press the “cc” button that appears at the bottom of the video.)


  1. Leafcutter ants at 0:17 in Karina’s video FTW.

  2. Geoff - A says:

    We had these adds (I’m a mormon) a couple of years age and when we ask if it has any affect on baptism numbers we can’t get an answer. Does anyone know if there is any effect or is it to help the existing memebers?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks they don’t look Costa Rican? They look white.

  4. Freddy, not Karina

  5. Quickmere Graham says:

    Henry: You may not be the only one who thought that. It’s unclear precisely how many of the BCC readers would miss the forest for the trees so badly.

  6. It’s inspiring when you can’t understand what’s being said but still are impressed by the stories.

    Thanks for continuing to share these.

  7. Henry: the majority of Costa Ricans are of European ancestry. 40% are white.

    Spanish-speaking white folks. What’ll they think of next?!

  8. They also looked like they have washed their faces, which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t stop sending money to that dirty children charity I’ve been sending money to.

  9. By the way, I loved these lovely videos.

  10. @Ray — I totally agree about the language thing. Just so other readers know, there is an option on youtube to turn on subtitles (the “cc” button along the bottom of the video).

  11. These are fantastic; thanks for posting them, Cynthia. I think the whole campaign is birlliant, and I personally don’t much care whether they have a direct effect on baptisms. The Church also needs goodwill and understanding, and videos like this go a long way to providing that.

  12. Sharee Hughes says:

    I loved these, especially after I clicked on the “cc” button and could understand what they were saying. Videos such as these help people realize that Mormons are regular, ordinary people, just like everyone else. Like Kevin, I feel such videos give us more credibility as a people and a church, even if they don’t bring more people into the church.