Music for Advent

For the first Sunday in Advent–three settings of O Come, O Come Emmanuel


Robert Shaw

Choir of Clare College Cambridge (with some rarely sung verses)


  1. And before woodboy shows up to tell me, I’ll just note that I know Rorate Coeli would be a more appropriate text. :)

  2. Yay! I badly need some well-chosen music this evening as I am chained to the computer working on projects.

  3. You know, Rorate Caeli would really be a more appropriate text…
    Here’s another one. Usually a Lenten piece, but the latin version has the words from the Advent Prose:

  4. One of my top two favorite Christmas hymns. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rechabite says:

    Gaude! Gaudete!

  6. woodboy–cool! I didn’t know that existed except the English version we sang.

  7. He set it in Latin originally, and it was later repurposed as an English anthem. The English setting is much more popular in church use though.