Music for Mourning

And this. And this. And this. And Brahms.


  1. Thank you.

  2. This procession (AKA pavane) ‘for a dead princess’ may help us mourn yesterday’s horrific slaughter of princesses and princes. is my favorite arrangement.

    Here is Ravel’s original.

  3. Whoops. Here is the version I love by Vince Mendoza.

  4. A voice is heard in Ramah,
    mourning and great weeping,
    Rachel weeping for her children
    and refusing to be comforted,
    because they are no more.

    Jeremiah 31:15

  5. Thanks. I am not musical, but even so, music can effectively express things when words fail. This fits the occasion.

  6. Thanks Kristine, I needed to hear all of this today! I am grateful for your musical prowess!

  7. Armand Mauss says:

    Great choices, Kristine, to be sure. Certainly the Elgar is one of my favorites when I am thinking in other-worldly terms, even when it comes up (wordless) among the Enigma Variations. Warum, in the Brahms selection, is the most pressing question we are all asking these days, but I guess on these occasions I prefer the more soothing Wie Lieblich . . . from his Requiem. Thanks for the great selections.

  8. Armand!! Why have we never talked music? Next time I see you, we will. I also love Wie Lieblich…, of course.

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