Exactly 1000 words on pants



  1. (Or 1005 if you count the post title. :-))

    [Update 3/24/2013: See related posts here and here.]

  2. Love it.

  3. yaay!

  4. DisgruntledActiveSingleMormon says:

    And the world kept turning as it normally does…

  5. why can’t I see the post

  6. Debs,
    Because a picture speaks . . .

    Splendid photo, CBL. Our women wore trousers and purple and I wore a purple tie. Not that anyone would care around these parts — we are just delighted when people show up — but we wanted to show solidarity. If nothing else it reminds me to be aware of things, like the difference between the deacons and beehives, the former who are busy and Sundays and enjoy adult male company, and the latter who have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO. I will wear purple until I figure out how to change that. I hope this becomes a common sight.

  7. Awesome, Cynthia!

  8. Joanna has a nice Wear Pants to Church explainer for anyone still wondering what this is all about.

  9. Mark Brown says:


  10. Looks great! I’m sad I didn’t take a picture of me and my crew. Feeling very happy about all of this.

  11. We changed our Christmas tree skirt to tree pants on Sunday…

  12. Love!

  13. Last Lemming says:

    From Joanna’s post (linked in #8 above):

    But by all accounts, Wear Pants to Church Sunday unfolded quietly and peacefully, even in congregations that had once threatened to summon participants for mandatory interviews with their clerical leaders. In some Mormon congregations, it’s being reported, members of the male lay clergy wore purple in solidarity.

    Like many, I was indifferent to the whole thing until the nastiness emerged on Facebook,and I figured I had to stand against that, so I wore a purple tie (one of 3 in the ward). Now, however, I think the whole incident tells us more about Facebook than it does about the Church.

  14. I believe Last Lemming has a point–about the Facebook reaction.

  15. Sharee Hughes says:

    I don’t know if any of the women in my ward wore pants as I didn’t go to church yesterday. Neither did many others. There were so few there, the bishop canceled church after Sacrament Meeting. The reason: over half the ward (including me) had food poisoning from our ward Christmas party Thursday night. Although I do not object to women wearing nice pants to church, I am not likely to do so. I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts.

  16. Love it!

  17. To Sharee #14, ah the joys of Ward parties. I’ve reached a point where I will generally only eat my wife’s food when we attend a potluck.

  18. Oh Sharee, that’s horrible! I am so sorry.

  19. Kevin Barney says:

    Love the pic. (And I freely admit it took me a beat or two to get the title; very clever!)

  20. I wore my purple tie!

  21. One sister in my ward wore pants. I complemented her on her outfit and she noticed my purple tie. A couple other sisters remarked that they did not want to deal with the negative social consequences, so they came in dresses or skirts. I like the purple hat!

  22. Central Standard says:

    #15 We need a full post as a follow-up.

  23. Sharee Hughes says:

    To Alain, #17. It wasn’t a potluck. Thirty different people were assigned funeral potatoes (and we were given the recipe), so not everyone ate the same potatoes. The ward supplied the rest (ham and spinach salad).. I think the culprit was likely the spinach, but I don’t know if it has been checked out.

  24. Stay classy, LDS Reddit:

    There is now a formal moratorium on discussion of female pantsuits and/or pants. Any woman who wears pants should be summarily executed. Discussion over. …

  25. Mark Brown says:

    Oh, Cynthia.

    Let’s not judge too harshly. After all, these are probably just nice people who don’t think church meetings are an appropriate venue for this sort of thing.


  26. I guess you can link almost anything with being holy, even cutting foreskins. How many years will it take to make pant-suits less sexy, more churchy, than skirts, and thus more Godly?

  27. Start that meme: less sexy, more churchy, more like men.

  28. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting in my ward. After the sacrament, a 15-year-old girl gave a beautiful talk on charity, reading her talk from her braille notes. Then her father talked about Mary and Joseph, and two sisters did a harp/violin duet of Chrstmas music, and a final talk from a stake high counselor. Good organ playing and good hymn singing. It was a good meeting. I can’t remember what anyone wore.

  29. I saw a same-sex couple wear pants to an old (I mean pioneer-old) Salt Lake ward 4-5 years ago, a triple-whammy if ever there was one. They walked in like they owned the place. Because, actually, they did. They understood this and comported themselves accordingly. It’s our church. When you cede too much authority to the authorities (especially authorities literally disoriented by the modern world) you diminish yourself to the detriment of the church – your church!

  30. I am not understanding the full import of wearing pants vs. a skirt…what’s the big deal?

  31. To paraphrase Homer (not that Homer): The internet. Is there anything it can’t do?

  32. Haha that was pretty cool Cynthia…

    I had to think back to Sunday and now I remember a couple of women wearing pants….I thought it was odd for like 30 seconds then moved on.

  33. Great picture, Cynthia!

  34. Love the pants, but come on, that jacket is awesome.

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