Voting: 2012 Boggs-Doniphan Non-Mormon of the Year

Times and Seasons is preparing to name their Mormon of the Year, and so in keeping with tradition we will condescend to acknowledge one lucky person outside the faith. Yes, it is time for nominations for the fifth annual Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year Award!

The award recognizes the non-Mormon who had the greatest impact–for good (Doniphan) or ill (Boggs)–on Mormons or Mormonism this year. The past winners are:

2008: Mike Huckabee
2009: Stephen Colbert
2010: Judge Vaughn Walker
2011: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez

This year’s voting is now open!

Note that you can vote for as many selections as you wish. We will also take new nominations in the thread for consideration to add to the poll. (Edit: For now, the poll accepts addition of new choices. I predict this will end badly with me saying, “This is why we can’t have nice things!!” but do your best to prove me wrong.)


  1. Reblogged this on middlekingdom1of10boyz and commented:
    It was a tough choice for me. GO and vote for your favorite. I almost selected BO, but couldn’t do it. Ha.

  2. I almost voted for BO, still can’t bring myself to do it.

    I think we will have to see how the next couple years turnout before we say that he saved the Mormons by not putting one of us in charge of the nation.

  3. No worries then, boyz, because if he ruins us instead of saving us we’ll just call him a Boggs instead of a Doniphan.

  4. Why so little love for Clint Eastwood? C’mon people!

  5. I personally think Mitt Romney would have done a fine job representing the LDS faith as president. However, I know how the wind blows on this site. I chose Clint Eastwood.

  6. Rebecca, from your first sentence it sounds like you don’t understand the Boggs-Doniphan award.

    If you “personally think Mitt Romney would have done a fine job representing the LDS faith as president,” then anything that prevented him from being elected harmed the LDS faith. Thus, any of the listed choices that prevented him from being elected would be a good choice for you, because the award is half-named for Boggs, who harmed the LDS faith.

    On the other hand, if you think a Romney presidency would have been bad for America, then the same choices would be good choices for you because the award is half-named for Doniphan, who helped the LDS faith.

  7. Last Lemming says:

    Jim Dabakis has been characterized in the media as a “former Mormon,” but I don’t know if he is former enough to qualify for the award.

  8. Last Lemming says:

    Oh, and if Barack Obama warrants a nomination solely by virtue of defeating Mitt Romney, why not Johny Manziel for defeating Manti Te’o in the Heisman voting?

    In all seriousness, however, the absence of John Turner from the nominees is pretty glaring.

  9. I’m torn between the best answer (Clint Eastwood, OBVIOUSLY), and my gratitude to the Evangelical community for telling me I’m no longer a cultist. What to do?!

  10. Agree with Jim Dabakis and John Turner. They are both incredible.

  11. Central Standard says:

    Had to go with the 47% videographer w/ the chair #2 (what a dumb decision by the RNC). To vote for Graham and Olsteen would give them respect they do not deserve. Phffft!

  12. I voted for the bulk of the media not playing the religion card like they could have. I do think we are a bit better for the effort Romney made, so while we may not be stereotyped as polygamous automatons marching lockstep with orders from Salt Lake, we may now be stereotyped as nice, likable, but otherwise stiff and socially awkward folks with good hair.

  13. Since Pres. Obama qualifies for both halves of the award, I can’t vote for anyone else.

  14. I *wanted* to vote for Eastwood but that really would have been merely a vote for the wit of the nomination rather than Eastwoods bizarre rant. I chose Anderson Cooper because that smackdown of Jeffress is what turned the tide against the acceptability of evangelical slurs. Votes for evangelical leaders, evangelical voters, and even the two nominees not playing the anti-Mormon card, are really just tag-alongs to the calling out of Jeffress.

  15. I agree with Ardis–Anderson Cooper was awesome as a Doniphan. It was quite a few months ago, so voters may want to review the incident before voting.

  16. Cooper gets my vote.

  17. Hey, Last Lemming, look! What’s that over there? [types furiously] Oh, huh, I guess it was nothing. No matter. So what were you saying, something about Turner missing? No, you’re mistaken. He’s totally on the list.

  18. Last Lemming says:

    That furious typing had some strange results. When I click on “view results,” I see Turner on the list (with zero votes). In the post itself, however, he is totally not there. (Which would explain the zero votes.)

  19. Last Lemming, he is listed in my poll and I have even voted for him. I was always a little crazy like that.

  20. Last Lemming says:

    OK, I see Aaron’s vote in the results, but I still don’t see him in the poll itself.

  21. We could have elected Stalin himself and it would have been preferable to Romney. Go Barack!

  22. Can we nominate all of the GOP nominees (sans Romney and Huntsman) for being so utterly ridiculous and incompetent that Americans were willing to give a Mormon a real chance at being president?

  23. As an teenage investigator, I spent hours upon hours listening to my Southern Baptist family explain the cult I was joining. Losing cult status is a win in my book.

  24. I voted for the videographer. imo he single-handedly saved Mormonism.

  25. NewlyHousewife says:

    Am I the only one confused why the presidential campaign is the root cause behind the majority of the nominees? Eastwood made a mockery of the RNC, not the faith specifically. His rant was politically motivated, not religiously motivated. It seems flawed to have things related to the election process rather than the religion being the reason someone is nominated. It’s like having a “Teacher of the Year” award with “And I’m a Mormon!” in the forefront. You won the award because you’re a good teacher, not because you’re Mormon.

  26. Newly, that simply reflects the fact that many people feel “Romney losing” is the biggest impact on Mormons or Mormonism this year, but “Romney losing” is not a person it is an event. So, trying to come up with somebody to give the award to on behalf of that event then becomes a bit of a debate. That said, if you think one of the others is a better choice, by all means, vote for one of the others.

  27. Rather disappointed that the poll hasn’t even broke the 500 votes mark by Christmas evening, especially since we can vote more than once. No wonder Romney lost, apathy of the voters. ;-)