“I’m a Mormon” video of the month: Viennese Nigerian

Brother Talabi is a native of Nigeria, and recently served as bishop in his ward in Vienna, Austria. His happy, effortless manner is infectious, and I have a holy envy for the members of his ward. Enjoy:

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  1. Awesome. “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

  2. Thanks! I think that in the American churches, local leaders feel compelled too much to act as managers and supervisors, rather than as brothers. Maybe the America membership forces them to act this way. But somehow, it seems to me we would do better to have a greater sense of brotherhood and a lesser sense of hierarchy. I believe this is the real Gospel plan — but maybe it only works in places where the people will allow it to work.

  3. This brought me rare tears!

  4. Love this series.

  5. The church is truest in the Vienna International Ward.

  6. Peter LLC says:

    He was a great bishop and remains a pillar in the ward.

  7. was a great bishop”

    Doh! Post updated to reflect no longer serving. Thanks, PeterLLC,

  8. Peter LLC says:

    No problem. He served longer than most (7 years or so), but finally caught a break and was released. Though after a brief stint with the stake he’s back as a counselor in the bishopric.

    I first met Sunday in the mid-90s as a missionary. When I moved to Vienna a few years ago, I nearly fell on the floor when he welcomed me back by name. I had visited a couple of times since the mish, but hadn’t given anyone a particular reason to remember me. In a ward with a lot of coming and going, Sunday is a real treasure of not just institutional memory but the gospel lived well. He’s the kind of person I’d follow west.

  9. very nice — thanks Peter

  10. his joy is contagious!

  11. Peter,
    I had a similar experience when Teddy Perez remembered me as “Elder Head” in 2006, a full eleven years after I was singing karaoke at his house auf Mish. If I converted to Buddhism and lived in Vienna, I would still be active in Wien IV. I’m still waiting for you to find me a job at VIS.

  12. For me, even if I didn’t believe the Gospel were true (and I do), it would be enough just to be a member of the same church as people like Brother Talabi. Those examples and associations make it all worth it. Thanks so much for posting.

  13. Wow… what memories this brings back to have been a missionary at the time Sunday accepted the gospel. It brings back so many good memories.He and his brother accepted the challenge of the gospel and it seems has helped so many others. The world is a great place and the gospel makes it all worthwhile.