By Common Consent Reader Survey: 2013

Reader Survey2013 has thus far been one of introspection for the By Common Consent permabloggers. We’re deep into discussions about the direction of the blog (editorially and otherwise), and are thinking of how we can best edify and grow the bloggernacle community.

Please help us by filling out a short survey. It’s only six questions, and is completely anonymous and confidential (and you can skip any you don’t feel comfortable answering). Be as specific or as general with your responses as you like.

The survey is here. Thanks so much!



  1. I’m tracking the results, and already regretting that this survey is anonymous. So much good feedback here, from readers that I suspect we aren’t familiar with. Thanks and keep it coming…and start commenting more so we get to know you.

  2. I know Kyle has already said this, but thank you to all of those who have responded so far.

  3. answers didn’t fit me. read daily, comment very rarely, but probably too often for some.

  4. marta, the open-ended questions are probably of most interest to us, the others are just to give us a sense of the relationship people have with the blog.

  5. do we ever get to read the answers?

  6. That’s a good question, marta. I suppose we can make the broad strokes public, but I want to keep the actual wording confidential to protect the respondents.

  7. Second the motion.

  8. Why keep the responses confidential to “protect the respondents?” We all read this damn thing, there are no secrets here, you are asking for comments for improvement. In some cases, you will get some comments that you may not like, however, I opine that being a good LDS site, most of the comments will follow the masses! Obviously, if someone used an individual’s name, that could be redacted, however, there is no real secret here– at least as I see it. What am I missing– if anything? OR ,is the the “Temple is Sacred not Secret” theory of operation?

  9. Solomon–we just don’t want to embarrass all the people who thought their responses would be kept private and used the opportunity to talk about how staggeringly brilliant I am, and how hot my shoes are. And I don’t want to make the other bloggers feel bad ;)

  10. I third the interest in a summary of responses.

  11. Well, damn it, Kristine, now it is too late.

  12. So, are the polls closed? Do we hear any results?

  13. J. Stapley says:

    Yeah, we’ll have some results up soon.

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