Why I’d Like to Hear a Woman Pray in Conference

It’s because every time I’m on a plane, and the captain’s voice on the intercom is female, I get a little teary. I’ve never wanted to be a pilot, and it really doesn’t make any practical difference whether a man or a woman lands the plane safely. I have no eloquent or reasoned argument to explain my emotion. But it matters. It. Just. Does.

I want my daughter to know girls can fly.


  1. Love.

  2. always i am giddy when i see you have posted something. never am i disappointed.

  3. Amen, sister.

  4. How can Kristine alway say in her “very short posts” what most of us can’t say in long essays?

  5. Early intervention with Strunk & White, Ben ;)

  6. lesmblake says:

    How could Pres. Uchdorf not make it happen after this?

  7. yes.

  8. If we were still doing Best Comment of the Week, you lesmblake, would win hands down.

  9. Love this, Kristine. Thank you for your continual wisdom and brevity. :)

  10. I say we start small. Like if we could just have a woman give a prayer at the General Priesthood Session….

    All kidding aside, someone told me that a woman gave the opening prayer at The First Presidency Christmas Devotional. We started watching a few minutes in and so I missed the OP. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, do you think this was the bone thrown hoping it would suffice? That way they could stick with the GAs for Gen Conf?

    (Posted this earlier under the wrong post…sorry!)

  11. Tis true, kc. Tis true.

  12. Unbelievable. I was already wanting to hear a woman pray in GC, but this post really tells me why it mattered to me. I need for little girls to know that they are seen, and heard, and wanted, and appreciated. That they can do.

  13. Love

  14. Lovely.

  15. I’m converted by a BCC post twice in one day. Okay, you got me; I’m on board. I freely admit it’s important.

    I was already converted to Strunk & White, though.

  16. whizzbang says:

    a woman gave the opening prayer at the 1st Pres. Christmas devotional this past year IIRC.

  17. This is lovely, Kristine. I also want my daughters to know they can fly.

  18. My sons need to know it too. Son #1 went out and bought a purple tie to support a friend of his on “pants Sunday.” These issues matter to my sons and to my daughters. Son #1 is no longer LDS, but wanted to support this woman, who was frightened by the prospect of being so conspicuous.

  19. Kristine, you posted this last year on my post, and I’d like to return the favor.

  20. seagullfountain says:

    This reminds me of the old joke where the doctor tells the father carrying the child into the emergency room “I can’t operate on my own kid.” (tell me why this was ever funny). (tell me I’m remembering it wrong bec it never was funny)

    And my confession: I have never heard or seen a female pilot, and I hadn’t really thought about it. I hate that. (whenever I hear a pilot spiel I remember flying egyptair and the pilot saying insha’Allah we will have a safe flight and wanting more confidence than that.)

  21. The safety video on Delta includes a female pilot at the very end. Every time I see it, I think “nice touch, Delta.”

  22. Allan West says:

    I tear up for another reason… when I learned the state of the typical airline pilot… that their pay is equal to someone working at McDonalds… I think of the incredible skill… that these people literally have hundreds of lives in their hands, and the abject state the ‘industry’ has put them in… well, I get angry and can’t see straight.

  23. Thank you, Kristine. That’s it, exactly.

  24. Love. So much love.

  25. YES! this! as a mom of four daughters, we’re constantly having to remind them that the world is their oyster. it started in kindergarten, with the “girls can’t play football” stuff. (wherein my husband promptly went out and bought a cool-looking football and started taking our daughter to school in the mornings, so he could play football with her in front of the boys and talk up how good she was. worked like a charm!) but it continues in day-to-day little things that let them know they don’t measure up and it’s a constant effort to beat those voices down. i also want my girls to know they can fly…

  26. Rarely do you see a post this perfect. Thanks Krisitine.

  27. Not only can girls fly…they can soar! Thanks for the reminder…

  28. Awesome.

  29. Mostimportantly says:

    Kristine how did you know THIS would make perfect sense to me? My first flight was when I was 11 years old. My grandmother got them to let me meet the pilot before departing to help me feel more comfortable (I was going to be on my own for the flight). The flight attendant led us into the cockpit and I expected to meet the man I saw in one of the seats only to be introduced to the woman next to him, the pilot. I looked at my grandma who smiled at me. I know how thrilled she was to see me have that moment.

  30. Perfect, Kristine! Thanks for this.

  31. I just posted this on my FB page with my comments. Feel free to look…www.facebook.com/sherryjohns
    YES – we need to hear our “Mother’s” voice thru the voice of women in Conference. Here’s what I wrote –

    “YES…Having a woman pray in the LDS Church General Conference is the right thing to do. And it sends a powerful message – that women ARE equals with men, that our VOICES are just as authoritative and the WOMEN MATTER in a strong sense, not just in platitudes and by patronizing. VOICE does matter and I for one, have grown weary of only hearing men’s voices, no matter how kind or loving. I want to hear my “mother’s” voice at Conference…..

  32. CJ Douglass says:

    Kristine, this long-view strategy you’re promoting (consciously or not) gives me a lot of hope.

  33. ALSO – FMH just put up a similar post –

    I have a feeling this is gonna be big…and it’s time. Does anyone remember GBH stating that he wasn’t aware of anyone agitating for change for LDS women, for feminism/women holding the p-hood, etc. in his interview with Larry King? Well, it’s happening NOW…..

  34. Yes, I’ll enjoy hearing more prayers in General Conference by women.

  35. Perfect. And as others have said, as a daughterless parent, my two sons need to know it.

  36. Dr. Horrible says:

    but, but…what about those poor GAs whose one opportunity to speak at GC is during the prayer?!?! I mean, why else would their prayers be 3-4 minutes long?

    I am gender neutral on the ‘prayer in GC’ thing so long as their prayers are concise and under 30 seconds.

  37. @seagullfountain It’s a riddle: A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. The doctor comes in and exlaims “I can’t operate on this boy.”

    “Why not?” the nurse asks.

    “Because he’s my son,” the doctor responds.

    How is this possible?

    It’s not meant to be funny, just tricky.

  38. Answer: The doctor is the son’s other father. (Let’s not even think of the possibility of a woman being a doctor. Better gay marriage than that!)

  39. There has been, and will be more I’m sure, I guess why there is more men is to give more of the seventy a chance to be part of conference, I guess??

  40. Um, no, Richard, there have not been. That’s kind of the whole point.

  41. manaen, what do you mean by, “Yes, I’ll enjoy hearing more prayers in General Conference by women.”? More than zero? It has never happened. The current number is zero.

    I don’t understand these “memories” you and Richard and others elsewhere claim to have of things that have never happened.

  42. my husband has the same fake memories. he swears he’s seen a woman pray in gc and looked at me sideways when i insisted he was wrong. weird.

  43. wreddyornot says:

    As brevity is to the soul of wit, so your posting, Kristine, boosts the pump of my heart and clears the fog in my mind. Thanks!

  44. Sally White says:

    My children know they can fly, know they can soar, because I have taught them and given them hope in the important facets in our home. No need for them to be hindered in life or in religion because someone thinks their ability to pray in public is more important than who the prophet knows he should choose. Seems like people (members and non-members alike, which is sad) are just looking for excuses to attack the church. I did, however, enjoy your post.

  45. “Seems like people (members and non-members alike, which is sad) are just looking for excuses to attack the church.”


  46. Really, Sally? You think the prophet assigns the prayers? And why is it “attacking the church” to suggest something that would make me love it even more?

  47. What’s with all these people saying “I totally agree with the post that women should pray. But all of you are just criticizing the church when you say that women should pray.” Huh?

  48. Last year while doing some traveling I had one female pilot. I was surprised to hear her voice on the intercom but then I was elated. I told everyone I could and all said they never had a female pilot. When I was leaving the plane I told the female pilot I was glad to have a lady pilot fly the plane. I am impressed with the many women in the military who fly fighter jets and want to go into combat.

  49. Many years ago I happened to be in a small gathering where an apostle was asked about women having to wait until age 21 to serve a mission. He said it would change some day but probably not until several of the senior apostles had died. Revelation and change are regular experiences for us as members, but the Quorum of the 12 only act when they are unanimous. Pray for them, and expect more change!

  50. JennyP1969 says:

    Allegiant Airlines has female pilots.

    People used to say that would never happen and that women who wanted to be pilots were out of line and attacking the airlines just to make a fuss or get attention. Oh, and they were trying to take good jobs away from a breadwinner.

    And all they wanted was to fly.

  51. JennyP1969 says:

    And all we want is for women to pray at General Conference.

  52. JennyP1969 says:

    And then YM and YW someday, and even a little child. Jesus would be so happy.

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