Some Results from the BCC 2013 Reader Survey

Reader SurveyA heartfelt thanks to everyone who completed our reader survey a couple of weeks ago. Some of you have asked to see the results, and while we want to keep the verbatims confidential, we’ll share what we can.

BCC readers are an incredibly diverse bunch. We received well over 200 responses to our survey, from 14 countries and 36 states (and maybe more), and each response was different. For instance, some of you think we’re too lax with our comment moderation, some of you think we exercise unrighteous dominion. Lots of readers love Blair’s book reviews, but one guy can’t stand them. But the most common response was that BCC is great. (Thank you, and we agree.)

When we saw several similar responses to a question, we noted it, and here are some of the most common responses:

Some stuff readers like: 

  • Rebecca
  • Steve and Police Beat Roundtable
  • Kevin
  • Blair’s book reviews
  • D&C lesson series (and other curriculum-based posts)
  • Topical variety
  • Author variety (specifically, young people and women, and international perspectives)
  • The permabloggers
  • In-depth history
  • BCC cross-pollination with other bloggernacle sites
  • Matsby
  • Fires and firestorms
  • Zeitcast
  • Charts, graphs, infographics
  • The Sideblog
  • Merciless troll slaying (while sparing the young and innocent)
  • “I’m a Mormon” video selections
  • Reader Question Box

Some stuff readers don’t like:

  • The WordPress comment filter
  • Fiction
  • Long posts
  • Too much sarcasm
  • Inside jokes
  • Untruncated posts on RSS (you want to have to click through?)
  • LDS Living (but you like us as an alternative)
  • Criticism of General Authorities
  • Not being able to edit comments
  • Opacity around our comment moderation policies

Lastly, here are a few charts and graphs, because some of you said you like them. (Note: we were intentionally vague about how “church activity” is defined.)

A majority of BCC readers give themselves a 5 when asked about their level of church activity.

A majority of BCC readers give themselves a 5 when asked about their level of church activity.

Level of BCC Activity

41% of respondents give themselves a 3 when asked how active they are on BCC.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.09.27 AM

We looked at how BCC activity matches up with church activity, and found that there’s a wide range, though most of the heavy BCC “users” give themselves a 4 or a 5 for church activity.























Anything in here that surprised you? Anything you disagree with? Here’s your last chance to sound off…


  1. How is it even possible that Margaret did not come up with enough frequency to be included on the “liked” list? She’s the best thing you *occasionally* have going for you.

  2. Although I do enjoy the Utah / US centric stuff it would be good to get mor international perspectives on things mormon. How this would be done I am not sure but just an idea.

  3. Paddy, we actually have 4 permas who live outside the US (2 natively: Ronan JH and Aaron R, and 2 long-term expat: John C and Norbert). But you’re right, we don’t hear their voices/perspectives enough on those issues, and we could use more voices (particularly outside EU).

  4. bethanyanddaniel says:

    I’m glad for this info. I know someone who thinks that all the mormons on the internet are apostate (that’s why they take to the nets). It’s nice to see even a loose correlation between church and bcc activity. Of course, maybe the apostates are just deluded about what “active” really is (they are apostate, after all)…
    I guess I’m gonna need some better proof before my soul stops being worried about :)

  5. I already have to click through to see the full posts when using the RSS feed at How would I go about getting the untruncated posts that y’all don’t like?

  6. I like fiction. I suspect the problem a lot of people have with fictional posts is when they don’t know that they are fiction until sometime after they’ve read (and commented on) the post. But I thought the Gilda Trillim posts were a delightful change of pace.

    I also like a lot of the longer posts. And I love untruncated RSS posts.

  7. I note with dismay that my suggestion of a 100% Flash-based site redesign with a continuous background loop of a “I Am a Child of God” in techno beats has been ignored yet again.

  8. I usually don’t comment but I have to delurk to second #7.

  9. J. Stapley says:

    Casey, I’ve been trying my best to get that implemented.

  10. But I like fiction AND sarcasm. If you guys would publish more sarcastic fiction, all my dreams would come true.

    Please note that, while I am expressing my love for sarcasm, I do so with complete sincerity, and without the slightest shred of sarcasm.

  11. Steve, come on. Use your real name.

  12. People are sarcastic on here? Yeah, right.

    I’d pay money to see what Casey’s suggestion looks like. Somebody seriously needs to put that together.

  13. Hey, I’m a perma and I can’t get a feed that’s not trunkated. I’d love one on my reader that I didn’t have to click through!

  14. Rachel E O says:

    I was one of those who made a comment/complaint about the WordPress comment filter, not being able to edit comments, etc. And I was just thinking, an alternative method of addressing these issues that would perhaps be logistically easier to implement (I don’t know, maybe not) would be to allow a comment preview, either real-time as the comment is being typed (as is done on some wiki editing sites or on the Times & Seasons website), or as a preview option available to the commenter (as is allowed on Blogger).

  15. Don’t want to sound like a total idiot here, but can someone clarify what the “Reader Question Box” is?

  16. @Corrina, it’s an ongoing series where we share weird stuff that shows up in our list of search terms that brought people to the site (wordpress keeps track of that as part of the site monitoring statistics). Archive:

  17. Thanks, Cynthia. Will have to go back and read them…looks like I’ve been missing out on some good gut laughs. Thank you for this site and all that you permas do to keep it going. Love it.

  18. I’ve been mistaken for the mysterious Steve- all my life goals have officially been accomplished and I don’t know what to do with myself now. Open to suggestions.

  19. BCC rocks! Especially the permabloggers.

  20. Thanks for posting these results. I wonder if the (relatively) small number of respondents who gave themselves a 5 on BCC activity relfects a pretty high ratio of lurkers to commenters. (I had to de-lurk to say this.)

    Also, thanks for all the wonderful, fascinating, and funny writing you all do. I love BCC!

  21. What if, instead of being able to edit a post, you can edit it, and keep the original archived in some way?

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