Sam Brown in Dallas/Fort Worth, January 26 -27

Sam Brown will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area speaking at three events sponsored by Miller Eccles Study Group Texas. On Saturday, January 26, he will be speaking to MESG TX in Arlington and Plano. On Sunday, January 27, he will be speaking at a multi-stake fireside in Arlington. All of the events are open to the public. Those in the North Texas area should mark their calendars and stop by. For full details, check out the MESG TX website.


  1. I’ll be there!

  2. I saw Sam speak about a year ago at an institute event in NYC. He was excellent. I’d highly encourage all you Texans to attend.

  3. Geoff - A says:

    As a non US member, who is Sam Brown?

  4. Only got to see his Sunday presentation. Very moving and thought-provoking. Very much needed.

  5. Geoff – A, he is one of the bloggers here at BCC and he is the author of this book

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