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From fMh: (Apply at this link): 

About one year ago one of our own Tracy McKay, BCC blogger, single mom, and student, lost the financial support of her ward. And you, the amazing loving fMh community rallied together to get her the support she needed. (we will hear an update from Tracy soon!)

We are proud to announce that this tradition of helping single Mormon mothers will live on in Tracy’s name, as the Tracy McKay fMh Scholarship for Single Mormon Mothers.

Please spread the word far and wide, pass this information along to any Single Student Moms in need of financial assistance. (Note handy scholarship links on the sidebar, look to your right near the top!)

Tracy McKay fMh Scholarship for Single Mormon Mothers
Application Requirements

A $3000 scholarship awarded once yearly. To be used for tuition, books, and supplies.

Application Requirements:
Send the following essays by April 1, 2013 to:

  • An 1,000-1,500 word essay describing your relationship to Feminism, Mormonism, and Motherhood.  You do not necessarily have to be a feminist or a Mormon (however you choose to define those terms) to apply for this scholarship, but your essay should explore your relationship to all of the listed identities.
    Email using subject line: [Your Name] FMH Scholarship Essay
  • 300-500 words explaining your educational goals
    Email using subject line: [Your Name] Educational Goals

These materials must be received by April 1, 2013.

Eight finalists will be selected by the fMh bloggers and announced on April 15, 2013.  

Finalists must submit these additional materials by May 15th. Scholarship recipient will be announced June 1st, 2013.

Please Note: By accepting this scholarship you agree that your winning scholarship essay will be published on the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog, and you will be asked to provide two guest posts about your educational journey and/or a topic of your choice.   


  1. Awesome! I heard this might happen, and it is wonderful to see it become a reality.

    There isn’t a better person after which this scholarship could be named.

  2. Cool!

  3. Fabulous name for a great idea.

  4. Sharee Hughes says:

    I read Tracy’s blog and all of the responses to that. My heart was full as I read the messages from those who were willing to help, but I was saddened by those who seemed to think Tracy was a freeloader and thought she should just get a job.. I admire Tracy for wanting to get the best education she can so she can provide better for her children, and I wish her bishop had waited at least until she had her degree to cut her off of church assistance. I certainly understand how she feels. I have some financial problems, too. I was unable to pay my property taxes in November, so now owe interest and penalties, which I can’t pay. My bishop told me they couldn’t pay that, but they did give me some cash and a couple of grocery store gift cards at Christmas (which were much appreciated). That is, I think they came from the ward. The card was unsigned and when I asked the bishop about it, he would not confirm or deny. It might have just come from him personally. Anyway, it was most welcome. I’m retired and I have a part-time minimum wage job, am trying to find more work to supplement my minimal Social Security But if I come up with some spare cash, I will support this scholarship program. It is a most worthy cause.

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