(h/t Ziff of ZDs)

(h/t Ziff of ZDs)

By changing the name to Tarefic/Wheaties awards, W&T might have thought they could leave the long history of scandal that plagued the Niblets awards behind, but. they. were. WRONG. Ladies and gentlemen, a scandal of the likes not seen since Banner of Heaven has rocked the Bloggernacle to its very foundation.

On the night of January 31st, 2013, BCC was declared the rightful winner of “Best Big Blog.” All was right with life, the universe, and everything. But like that scene in every movie where everybody is happy and carefree before a bunch of them get killed, it was an illusion. I’ll let this video tell the story:

That’s right, friends.


And then the meme wars began. Blogger crazywomancreek, of “winning” blog Feminist Mormon Housewives taunted us with this:


She had no idea what she was getting into when she picked a meme fight with BCC!!






Did FMH really win?


If they did, was it just the popularity of BCC WRITER Jacob’s Ryan Gosling memes at FMH’s Manuary that put FMH over the top to win??


Was BCC put at a disadvantage by the way W&T designed the award categories??? I would have cleaned up in a best homemade jam category, but W&T didn’t offer one–conincidence?!–I think not.


Then the mud-slinging just went out of control. FMHer Opal made this:


And we don’t need no stinkin Ryan Gosling memes, when we have Gosling doppleganger Kyle M writing for us!



  1. Fauntine

  2. Wow.

    Amazing, Steve.

    That’s all.

  3. I love the Internet.

  4. A few more of my contributions:

  5. that must be really hard for you, bcc. after all you put in approximately 200 more church hours a week than me…

  6. I can’t stop laughing from the top picture long enough to read the rest.

  7. J. Stapley says:

    What are the “Tarefic/Wheaties awards”?

  8. J. Stapley: http://www.wheatandtares.org/2013/01/31/tareficwheaties-winners/

    I for one am shocked. Shocked, I tell you! The Niblets were never known to be associated with contention of any kind.

  9. Also, EOR, you’re welcome! :)

  10. Ziff, Truman ‘shop will truly go down in bloggernacle history.

  11. We all know that FMH is less academic than BCC. It’s no surprise that they can’t count.

  12. Thanks for featuring it, Cynthia!

  13. h/t cwc:

  14. @Josh B: if you leave your image as just a raw link, I can embed it for you. If you put html greater than/less than type tags around it, it erases your message entirely.

  15. Zelophehad’s Daughters bloggers continue to dominate in the wit category:

  16. More brilliance from Zelophehad’s Daughters bloggers:

  17. Note that I made the middle one in 27 first in response to a comment by a ZDer that they were, in fact, fence sitters. And please believe me that I had no idea the power of invoking Troll 2…

  18. EmJen, you (and cwc) will be held accountable at the Last Day for corrupting the ZDs.

  19. Ghost of Steve Evans says:

    Next year BCC is upping the ante and making high-production-values “for your consideration” VIDEOS for all our nominees!!

    “I wrote all my posts in one draft, b**ches!!”

  20. Pretty sure there’s no recovering from this one:

  21. Kevin Barney says:

    These are all great, but I think Jacob wins.

  22. I just want to mention that Expert Textperts did NOT win funniest blog post. This is why democracy doesn’t work, people.

  23. ^ Word.

  24. Casey: agreed. Expert Textperts not winning the award is prime evidence for why we can’t have nice things.

  25. What would bloggernacle awards be without a little scandal? I love it!!!! I nominate this post for Funniest post in 2013!

  26. @Jacob #32:

  27. D. Golden Shizzle says:

  28. Ahhh, Niblets ’07. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

  29. That’s a sick amount of win, Kaimi.

  30. Kevin Barney says:

  31. elisothel says:

  32. crazywomancreek says:

  33. Ziff, I am pleased that as a representative of ZD blog have chosen not to be a fence-sitter in this war. Some of the other bloggernacle blogs are neither hot nor cold, but are lukewarm, and I spew them out. Ardis of Keepapitchinin, it is time to take a side! T&S, will you stand and be counted? Will you join the barricade, who will be strong and stand with me? Somewhere beyond the bloggernacle is there a world you long to see?

  34. And this is why I love the Bloggernacle.

  35. But I can’t figure out how to upload my meme! wah!


    To post an image, just post the link to the page where you made your meme, and I’ll subsequently edit your comment to embed it for you. WordPress prevents embedding of images by commenters (presumably so we don’t get spammed by pr0n or something).

  36. I declare an immediate runoff Niblet contest to determine which of these memes is the best.

  37. Elaine Dalton for the epic win.

  38. The Dalton one is sorta my fave, I think. Or the “BCC Bloggers are Incredible.”

  39. Though Kevin Barney deserves a shoutout for this facebook threads meme as well. :)

  40. Yes. Those three are the holy trinity.

  41. Cynthia’s Yo Dawg and Ben’s Matrix were pretty epic too.

  42. Thanks, Cynthia.

  43. What I love about meems’ “ERMAGERSH” is that it has been Mormonized to remove the “GERD” = “God” and replace it with “GERSH” = “gosh.” That’s just so, sooooo Mormon.

  44. elisothel says:

  45. Alright, that’s it, gloves are OFF. I’m busting out the Downton memes.

  46. Boom:

  47. #86 – Bonjo FTW!!

  48. #86 Bonjo FTEternalW

  49. Lolz, Ardis.

  50. LOL Ben, awesome.

  51. Nominating Ben P #92 as winner.

  52. Ben #92 for the epic win.

  53. rameumptom says:

    Millennial Star’s subterfuge to divide the liberal Mormon base (BCC and FMH) is working! While they fight over who wins the mess of Niblet/Wheaties pottage, libertarians and conservatives will take over the Bloggernacle! Bwahahahaha!!!!

  54. I guess I just don’t see how an old British Mormon newspaper that’s been out of print for over 40 years could take over the Bloggernacle.

  55. I thought the category was Best Biggest Blog. Since Best can’t be quantified, it just IS, how is BCC not the winner? The number of viewers could be 3 and it would still be the Best! IMHO….

  56. I can’t possibly choose a favorite, but the first of Ben’s animated gifs had me in TEARS. I just spent half an hour catching up on this meme war and it has been one of the happiest thirty minutes of my life.

  57. I hope everyone has taken the time to watch this lovely film… http://youtu.be/CMoq1pxPRGQ

  58. I hope y’all are happy…this war has produced real casualties. The onslaught of bombing raids by both fMh and BCC have blown the mormon archipelago to smithereens!

  59. What Miri said.

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