Call for Help: International Mormon Studies Book Project

Highlighting a very worthwhile project headed by Melissa Inouye.


As Mormonism continues to develop internationally, so too does the field of Mormon studies. More and more foreign scholars are looking to do work in the area, but often lack the requisite resources. The International Mormon Studies Book Project is a new effort to provide critical resources for developing Mormon studies internationally by purchasing books to form a base Mormon studies collection at institutions where scholars have demonstrated a keen interest in doing research on Mormonism. Currently, institutions interested in partnering with the IMS Book Project span the globe, from Asia to Australia to Europe. The first two IMS Book Project collections are slated for donation to Jianghan University(江汉大学) in Wuhan, China, and the newly formed French Institute for Research on Mormonism (Institut Français pour la Recherche sur le Mormonisme) in Bordeaux, France. In the coming months and years we hope to place as many IMS Book Project collections as continued donations will allow and as interested recipient institutions can be found.

Donors to the IMS Book Project can purchase books directly from the organizational wishlist on for shipping to the Mormon Studies program at Claremont Graduate University, where IMS Book Project volunteers will assemble the collection and ready it for shipping to the recipient institution. IMS Book Project collections represent a comprehensive selection of the best work in Mormon studies, tailored to the specific disciplinary, language, and other unique needs of the recipient institution.

The project’s wishlist can be found here.

If you would like to help identify donors, identify recipient institutions, suggest books for inclusion on the IMS “menu,” help cover shipping costs, or be involved in other International Mormon Studies initiatives, send an email to internationalmormonstudies AT gmail DOT com.

Please share this announcement with others who may be interested.


  1. For some reason this project is especially attractive to me, and I was glad to sponsor two books. I hope more people do the same. It would be interesting to hear which books people sponsored, and why.

  2. Melissa Inouye says:

    Thanks, Ardis!!!!!

  3. International Mormon Studies organizers says:

    So far we have received an encouraging initial number of donations at the International Mormon Studies book drive wishlist on, but we need more! We have decided to wishlist enough books to fill the four entire collections that we intend to place at recipient institutions in 2013. Please help us in spreading the word (and the link):

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