An Embarrassment of Riches

This weekend promises lots and lots of geeky Mormon goodness. If you’re in Provo, join the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities for their annual conference, featuring keynote speakers David Loy and Elliot Wolfson, and lots of beloved bloggers from BCC and other (only slightly less loveable) ‘nacle haunts.

Meanwhile, back at the Claremont Graduate School, scholar and sage Armand Mauss will be feted (how do you do a circonflexe on a Mac??) at a conference titled “Beyond the Mormon Moment: Directions for Mormon Studies in the New Century.” The lineup is terrific–Matt Bowman, Jan Shipps, Jana Riess, Levi Peterson, Michael McBride, Claudia Bushman, Wilfried Decoo, Walter van Beek, Richard Bushman, Max Mueller, Paul Reeve, and Patrick Mason. And you can sit by me if you speak softly and carry a Diet Coke.

And a little farther north, Sunstone is hosting its Bay Area Symposium, starting with a potluck Friday night, and continuing on Saturday with great speakers: Robert Rees, Margaret Toscano, Sheila Taylor, Tresa Edmunds, Carol Lynn Pearson, Mitch Mayne, Todd Compton and a bunch more–a who’s who of Mormon public intellectuals. Wishing I could clone myself and be in NoCal and SoCal at the same time!

Finally, in the just plain Embarrassment dept., I’ll be heading up to the Bay Area after the conference and giving a talk in Oakland Sunday night. I want to think through ways that recent feminist thought and activism in the Church might provide a window into the ways Mormonism is being/will be transformed by its engagement with media (mostly journalistic and social media platforms). I have more questions than answers (as usual), so I hope many of you will come and work through the questions with me–I’m looking forward to a lively discussion. For details, contact Greg Call at greg dot call funny little at symbol me dot com.

Nerds rule!! Nerds rule!!


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    Sunstone West is also in Berkeley. That’s where I’ll be before coming to (finally) meet Kristine.

  2. Kristine says:

    Th.–yay!!! And I’m adding Sunstone right now. Duh!

  3. Here’s your circumflex – keyboard shortcuts by platform:

  4. Holy cow, what a weekend!!

  5. Kristine says:

    Thanks, N.!

  6. Can I really sit by you at Claremont? :D

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    Becca, Kristine never jokes about Diet Coke, so I’m confident the answer is “yes.”

  8. What about the promise of an In n Out Burger w/ a diet coke? . . .

  9. I’ll be moderating one session at the Claremont conference! :D