New Permablogger: Angela!

Different Angela.

Different Angela.

Gang, this is BIG NEWS. Angela C. (aka Hawkgrrrl) has joined up with us to be a permanent addition to our merry band of misfits. We’re excited she’s aboard and finally we can all start blogging in earnest.

Welcome, Angela!


  1. Hooray for Angela!

  2. Angela… Angela… I know that name from somewhere.

  3. hawkgrrrl says:

    Thanks for the welcome! And for publishing my yearbook photo.

  4. Welcome!

  5. Congrats Ang! Don’t forget where you came from! ;-)

  6. Welcome! So glad to see BCC got you Hawkgrrrl! I’ve been reading you forever!

  7. Chad Too says:

    I miss my 80s glasses. Welcome Angela C.!

  8. Congratulations, Hawkgrrrl!

  9. One of my favorite writers and commenters – and a great person, as well.

    Ang / Hawk will be a great addition to BCC.

  10. Great addition!

  11. Yeah, though BCC walked through the valley of the shadow of death,
    We feared no evil, for Steve Evans was with us (in absentia).
    His rod of bannination and his staff of moderation comforted us.
    He maketh us to write posts monthly without fail, he leadeth us to organize our general conference coverage.
    He recruiteth awesome new bloggers to reenergize us; our comment threads runneth o’er with his wit.
    Surely goodness and lack of mercy for trolls shall follow this blog all the days of its life, and it will dwell in the bloggernacle for ever.

  12. Howdy!

  13. Welcome!

  14. J. Stapley says:


  15. Thomas Parkin says:

    Fantastic addition. Angela is immensely, wonderfully sane. Looking forward to reading her posts here at the major Mormon blog that really matters.

  16. Meldrum the Less says:

    Great news.

    (If’n we’s a merry band o’ misfits, how come yas keep moderatin’ me away?
    Oh, it be outa luv…)

  17. Kevin Barney says:

    If blogging existed in ancient Greece, the name Angela could be taken to mean “(female) blogger.” So blogging is in her bones!

  18. hawkgrrrl says:

    Wait, I didn’t realize you guys were misfits. I thought this was the cool kids’ table. Dang it!

  19. Welcome, hawkgrrrl!

  20. IOW, welcome and good to see you here permanently!

  21. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    Who’s the boss? Hawkgrrrl! That’s who!

  22. +2, psalms by Cynthia, and the acquisition of Angela. Yay!!

  23. Great addition to BCC!

  24. I’ve always loved reading Hawk’s posts – the more places the better. Congrats for adding her here.

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