Music for Holy Week–Monday

This day is sometimes celebrated as the day of the Anointing at Bethany (although the timing is different in Matthew than in Mark). [See Julie Smith’s excellent treatment of the Markan account.] Bach’s St. Matthew Passion begins with this episode.

The Psalm reading in the Catholic Missal for today is Psalm 27, which begins “The Lord is my Light.” Here are some, uh, diverse settings of that text.

Finally, just because… a little Poulenc, from the Quatres Petite Prières de St. Francis:

O mes très chers frères et mes enfants bénis pour toute l’éternité, écoutez-moi, écoutez la voix de votre Père: Nous avons promis de grandes choses, on nous en a promis de plus grandes; gardons les unes et soupirons après les autres; Le plaisir est court, la peine éternelle. La souffrance est légère, la gloire infinie. Beaucoup son appelés, peu sont élus tous recevront ce qu’ils auront mérité. Ainsi soit-il.


  1. I’ve never heard “Kommt ihr Töchter” so slow. It brings a smile to my face to actually hear it performed by a boys’ choir, no matter how badly they stumble under the onus of such a ponderous tempo. (Intonation? Diction? Schulllllllllld?)

  2. Kristine,
    You never disappoint. Thanks for these.

  3. Agree–you can’t really ruin it, but boy, that’s a snoozer. Checked for the Herreweghe (my favorite of the modern interpretations) on YouTube, and found it introduced by … a UFC ad. Yikes!

    Poulenc: sublime.

  4. Nice, Kristine.

    Before judging against a slower version of Kommt ihr Töchter, be sure to listen to these conducted by Otto Klemperer (here) or Karl Richter (here).

    I do confess a slight preference for a tad quicker temper, like this version by Philippe Herreweghe. (But even even bad chocolate’s very good, and none of these are bad!)

  5. I like the Herreweghe, too. But I also like listening to the architecture of it, and I can do that better at the slower tempo. And can I just say how nice it is to argue about such things?

  6. Armand Mauss says:

    I reallly appreciated your selections for Sunday and Monday, Kristine. I was not familiar with the Poulenc, so that was a nice addition to my education.

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