New Permablogger: Morgan Davis

More great news. Morgan Davis* (who has been our guest here on many occasions) has joined BCC as a permanent fixture. Morgan is a thoughtful blogger and all around great guy, and we’re immensely proud that he has agreed to be part of our merry band. Everyone, please welcome Morgan!

*Picture may not be representative of actual Morgan Davis.


  1. Welcome!

  2. Awesome.

  3. J. Stapley says:

    Excellent. Welcome aboard.

  4. Our powers have increased exponentially….

  5. “*Picture may not be representative of actual Morgan Davis.”

    That’s too bad. I really liked the movie “Singles” and was looking for greater insight into the Seattle grunge scene circa 1991.

  6. Now what do we do? Go after President Monson? Sheesh.

  7. +1

  8. hawkgrrrl says:


  9. Hoorah! Welcome!

  10. Thanks all. Just got a hair cut, and I feel like a new man. The beard stays though. Solidarity, Blair Hodges!

  11. says:


  12. Wordimus.

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