Here’s how it’s going to go down this weekend: #ldsconf

3449480876_79f7ba29deSo you say you want to watch General Conference? So do we. Here’s the deal for BCC’s coverage, and all the information you need to know.

  1. Watching Conference.  That’s the easy part.  Go here.  Conference starts at 10:00 Mountain Daylight Time on Saturday.
  2. Liveblogging.  We’ll have our live coverage here at BCC, with threads for each session of Conference.  We’ll also have a General Conference portal here, which will be populated with our threads and post-Conference analysis.
  3. Twitter.  You can see the BCC Twitter feed in part embedded in the sidebar; during sessions we’ll have live tweeting of quotes, reactions and analysis.  Twitter coverage will usually be quicker and more frequently updated than our liveblogging. The best way to follow us is here.  We’ll be using the #ldsconf hashtag.*
  4. Facebook.  We’ll also have Facebook-specific content, including discussion, reaction, and related links.
  5. Mind-control.  We’ve outsourced to the Hypnotoad to ensure obedience to all Conference directives.  ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

Questions?  Just let us know.  Have a great conference!

*There has been an effort in some LDS media circles to use both the #ldsconf hashtag and the #christian hashtag on Twitter this weekend for GC updates.  I personally believe this is a pretty bad idea and so we won’t be doing so ourselves.  Two reasons this is a bad idea: 1) it means that a substantial chunk of your character limit is taken up with hashtags, and 2) it essentially means we’re tweetbombing Christians with Conference updates which is far more likely to infuriate and alienate those groups rather than establish LDS members as Christian.  So, there’s that.


  1. So BCC updates will have no hashtag then and can just be followed in your regular feed?

  2. BCC updates for GC will have the #ldsconf hashtag, but can be followed in our regular feed regardless.

  3. That’s excellent news as I have never been able to figure out how to use twitter.

  4. minimax says:

    Who’s saying to use #christian? Thanks for not using it!

  5. OMGosh so excited!!!!!!

  6. Nobody who is anybody cares about the conference. We’re only watching to see if Peggy’s rumor is confirmed. Nothing else matters at all.

  7. I thought you’d be praying, Jim

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