The Passing of Frances B. Monson

president-monson-with-wife-dEarly Friday morning, Frances Beverly Monson passed away. Sister Monson was the beloved wife of President Monson, and the mother of their three children, Thomas, Ann and Clark. She met her husband in 1944 after he saw her perform in a production of “Hello Dolly”*, and one cannot help but fondly wonder how much this influenced his well-known love of musicals.

Sister Monson, the youngest of five children and only daughter, grew up in Salt Lake City. Like so many of her generation, growing up in the Depression influenced her and accorded her thrift and resourcefulness. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoyed math and science, which served her well in her accounting job, which she used to pay for college.

Sister and President Monson were married on 7 October 1948 in the Salt Lake Temple. She spent her life supporting her husband in his work and callings, and raising her family.

We send love, support, prayers and comfort to President Monson and their children during this time. Read more about Sister Monson’s life and service here.

*Update: the two met at a University of Utah “Hello Day Dance”, not at a performance of “Hello Dolly”. Thanks to Publius for the correction.


  1. Amen. She was a wonderful woman and obviously loved deeply by her husband.

    God bless Sister Monson, Pres. Monson and their family.

  2. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    Maybe this is just my vacillation between wishful thinking and revealed doctrine, but it is very easy for me to imagine a long line of souls welcoming Frances, who had spent waning moments and days with her husband.

  3. The Other Brother Jones says:

    So Sorry to hear it.

  4. thanks for this and the lovely photo!

  5. I bet the next time we see President Monson in GC, he will look about 10 years older. That’s certainly how it worked when Sister Hinckley passed away.

  6. Sad news. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cordeiro says:

    Godspeed, Frances. Welcome home.

  8. Just a little quibble: Hello Dolly was written in the 1960’s. Might it have been another play that he saw her perform? Or a straight play that would later inspire the musical?

    Anyway, so passes another prophetess. Death must be sweet for an elect lady.

  9. Publius says:

    According to President Monson’s biography, he met Frances at the “University of Utah Hello Day Dance”, not at a performance of “Hello Dolly”.

  10. grhammjr says:

    good research Publius

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