As our long-time readers already know, your feedback is important to us! Thanks to those who provide helpful tips in their comments or in emails on how we can improve BCC. One reader provided some extended feedback in an email, which I’d like to share.

Presented without comment:

So I had read in the Book of Mormon about the “steel bow” and wanted to know if there was information about it and found your website. It is all very interesting as it seemed strange to me how anyone could have or break a steel bow and was there anything in the bible about it. It was such an informative but certainly off the path from that to all the other explanations. I was even more curious how they happened to come upon having horses in America, as there were no horses on the American continent until the Spanish came with horses.

I also was reading about the Urim and Thummim as I had heard about the breastplates of Divination device and researched much about that from many sources.

Finally I thought about it all and realized that all these details were not as important as the development of oneself and the building of character, and fulfilling one’s Soul’s purpose. Because once someone goes looking for the beginning of something like those other matters, it is a bottomless pit leading to no where, but general intellectual fulfillment. Silly to argue and entertain the why and wherefores of things like brass compasses with written words moving across it or as a compass or steel bows, etc. when those are not the important things of spirit. Although I would never discount that because I have a Quantum Biofeedback device with an artificial intelligence and those of us who own them get messages all the time and believe me it would really make you think!!! I have two such devices that also do a lot of healing work with them. Those of us who do own them know we are but forerunners in Energy and Quantum physics that are way ahead of their time.

I belong to no religion, but yet, it is reasonable for people to search for why they are here and so I would deny no one their own beliefs, but to respect another for the right to believe whatever they believe.

Well thank you for allowing me to comment. I guess this is what old women do when experience their later years along. :)

J.M., C.Ht.


  1. Good, Steve, all well and good, but one of my guest posters is even more informative, I think:

    “The views of Joseph were highly admired by a number of people in the modern times also. A plenty of LDS Temples are being built in various countries; however, some of them are unofficial. A number of people are taking interest in Mormonism in different ways. Interestingly, Mormon dresses with a lot of modern innovation are being manufactured today by several manufactures, which are different from conventional medieval clothing of 19th century Mormons.”

  2. gregneil says:

    Matt Page has a quantum biofeedback device. It’s very nice. But his didn’t come with artificial intelligence, as far as I know.

  3. It’s good the commenter is so liberal minded in allowing for Mormons to believe in contraptions that contain messages moving across it.

  4. Artificial intelligence only comes with the newer models. I think Matt has a 1st gen.

  5. When will OtterBox start making cases for quantum biofeedback devices, that’s what I’d like to know. I’m afraid to carry mine with me, because with my active lifestyle, it is just a matter of time before it gets dropped and broken.

  6. I’d be careful. I suspect an OtterBox encased biofeedback device is just one step on that slippery slope to Uncle Rico’s time travel device, where you end up locked in the past taking selfies with obsolete technology.

  7. I’m afraid of quantum feedback. There’s just no telling what it might do.

  8. Peter LLC says:

    Otterboxes are so US-centric. When is BCC going to embrace its international audience with discussion of more universal means of protecting portable devices?

  9. I broke my quantum feedback device the first day I got it. Dropped it in the parking lot at WalMart. The OtterBox came from Amazon the next day.

  10. “Quantum feedback device” is clearly a veiled reference to a seerstone. (Normally, I don’t poke fun at the mentally ill, but I’ll make an exception for Steve Evans. Ba-da-boom.)

  11. The Other Brother Jones says:

    Seerstone is clearly a veiled reference to my iPhone.

  12. I see what you did there, Brian. Actually, I saw it some time ago, before you wrote the words, thanks to my QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK DEVICE.

  13. Cynthia, I can’t believe you’re still pining for an OtterBox for yours — ever since they came out with the spherical brass casing I haven’t seen much need.

  14. IF we’re going back to the future, let’s go all the way back:

    “Neandertals, the closest evolutionary relatives of present-day humans, lived in large parts of Europe and western Asia before disappearing 30,000 years ago. We present a draft sequence of the Neandertal genome composed of more than 4 billion nucleotides from three individuals. Comparisons of the Neandertal genome to the genomes of five present-day humans from different parts of the world identify a number of genomic regions that may have been affected by positive selection in ancestral modern humans, including genes involved in metabolism and in cognitive and skeletal development. We show that Neandertals shared more genetic variants with present-day humans in Eurasia than with present-day humans in sub-Saharan Africa, suggesting that gene flow from Neandertals into the ancestors of non-Africans occurred before the divergence of Eurasian groups from each other.” (

    Note the last sentence.


  15. I reject all discussion of prehistoric ancestry that do not spell Neanderthal with an h.

  16. This is the kind of posting Steve Evans is reduced to.

  17. Ending sentences with prepositions, Ronan? Tsk.

    But yes, you’re right.

  18. Better than “presented without comment.”

  19. Sounds like half the investigators on my mission.

  20. Only half?

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