A MAD Man Fold-In

There is something different about Jon McNaughton’s latest painting. Sure it contains the basic elements of distasteful propaganda we’ve come to expect from him over the years, but when I first saw it, it reminded me of the kind of painting I am used to seeing in the pages of MAD Magazine (no offense to “the usual gang of idiots”). Then I saw that the artist himself described the piece as “parody” and I realized I was right. Maybe that is the best context to view “Liberalism Is A Disease”…



  1. Brother Matsby says:

    Click to enlarge if you cannot read the text at this size.

  2. Melissa says:

    But what does it look like when you fold it? (BTW, this is genius.)

  3. Matt Page says:

    When you fold it, it doesn’t make an actual picture. It’s SYMBOLIC.

  4. Yeah, I thought the point of the fold-in was that you get a new image when you fold them in — any way to replicate that online like this?

  5. ah, I see, those deep McNaughtian symbols again, like, e.g., President Obama holding a burning Constitution symbolizes President Obama torching the Constitution; or President Obama standing on the Constitution symbolizes President Obama treading on the Constitution.

  6. Awesome message.

  7. Matt Page says:

    Again to clarify, the fold-in image, like McNaughton’s original, doesn’t really work. But it does obscure some of his painting from your eyes.

  8. LOLZ

  9. Love the message at the bottom. Classic MAD.

  10. I can’t decide which is better, the new message or the fact that some of the painting is obscured from my eyes.

  11. Peter LLC says:

    You are good at what you do, Brother Matsby.

  12. Melissa says:

    PFFFT! Symbolism! I just wanted the lulz!

  13. seriously a brilliant observation that it really does look exactly like a MAD fold-in.

  14. Brilliant.

  15. John Scherer says:

    Does Rosie O’Donnell really have T-Rex arms, or is this an artist’s embellishment?

  16. MDearest says:

    I think McNaughton’s style of work lends itself quite well to the Mad Magazine genre of visual communication, but didn’t see it until Matsby’s brilliant symbolic post led me to it. It totally fits!

  17. Matt Page says:

    I want to point out that when I say McNaughton’s painting looks like it could be in MAD Magazine, that is not an insult. I wish I had that ability to paint caricatures. If I did, I would get a job at MAD (a dream job) and use my powers for good.

  18. Oh my gosh! It does look like an Al Jaffee fold-in! Matt, you are so brilliant!

  19. it spleens me, how much i love this.

  20. I want to get a hundred copies of this to use in my garden! It will either frighten the crows, or make the plants grow faster, but either way, it’s a win!

  21. Jacob M says:

    So, Rosie has T-Rex arms, the devil (or is that Obama under that hood) is the most evilist thumbsucker ever, Chris Matthews is pinching his pants for no particular reason, and Nancy Pelosi moonlights (ha! get it?) as a Bela Legosi impersonater! Way too much goodness!

  22. Leroy Parnell says:

    Apologies if this is not as good as the original, but I try :)


  23. Leroy Parnell says:

  24. Leroy Parnell says:

    And the folded version:

  25. Nice.

  26. very cool

  27. Nifty.

  28. Bro. Caiaphas says:

    I feel so awesome that there is at least one other Mormon person who has read MAD magazine. Blessings upon you for this awesome post.

    Countdown to others (and young’uns especially) posting “I don’t get it” comments.

  29. Bro. Caiaphas says:

    I take it back: silly phone said there were no other comments yet. Blessings upon all of you!

  30. I guess Jon McNaughton likes Cracked over MAD, since he banned me from his FB page about two minutes after I posted this article. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.

  31. Lee Daniels says:

    Awe, little libtard a get their feelings hurt

  32. marginalizedmormon says:

    What this man needs to do (no humor intended; I grew up on MAD magazine, but I haven’t read it in decades)–

    is do a portrait of all the same people on the ‘conservative’ side–

    the equivalents of everyone in this picture.

    The left/right, liberal/conservative paradigm is shallow and not useful–

    The idea that the only threats to liberty come from the ‘left’ is idiotic. But the idea that the ‘left’ is more compassionate and less blood thirsty is also idiotic.

    I know this was meant to be a light post, but I can’t take it that way. I find McNaughton’s paintings mildly offensive, because of the powerful neo-conservative angle, but the fact is that none of these people are doing any good for America today–or for the world. The people who pretend to oppose the ‘conservatives’ are not protesting endless wars.

    George Bush did as much damage to the constitution as Obama has done; this taking sides will get America nowhere, fast.

  33. “none of these people are doing any good for America today–or for the world”

    None? Any?

    “The people who pretend to oppose the ‘conservatives’ are not protesting endless wars.”


  34. Another Steaming Turd indeed….John McNaughton can go take a long walk off a short pier!!

  35. marginalizedmormon says:

    All right, Ray, show me the good all these talking heads are doing–

    conservative or liberal–

    I’m waiting–

    and, yes, the ‘left’/liberals used to protest the war. Show me the protesting that is going on since Obama continued the wars Bush started. The left (except a few courageous people like John Cusack, who isn’t a politician) have suddenly gone quiet in their anti-war role. I used to respect them for that, though I don’t favor either Republicans or Democrats.

    These people are all in the same camp, and this is just a football game (with opposing teams) put on for the entertainment of the American people–

    I believe. But, show me; go ahead. I’m waiting.

    I like BCC, and I enjoy reading it, now and again. I’ve never been an accepted member of the inner circle here, but what I read is mostly left/right–

    People either voted for Obama (and thought it would matter) or voted for Romney (and thought it would matter), and–

    it’s just high school team sports–

    It would be refreshing to see something that points out that all of them are in the game for purposes other than to make the world a better place–

  36. marginalizedmormon says:

    here, Ray–

    this guy is not in McNaughton’s painting–



    It’s an admirable thing for a ‘liberal’ to criticize liberals or for a ‘conservative’ to criticize conservatives–

    anything else is just the ballgame–

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