“A Discussion of Belief and Doubt in Mormonism for those Negotiating a Faith Crisis”

During the first week of July, Richard Bushman and Terryl and Fiona Givens will be presenting an all-day conference for those in a faith crisis. This conference would not be helpful to ex-Mormons or to Mormons who are not struggling with aspects of their faith.  If you would like to participate, please message me or let me know in comments.  Space is limited. It will be held in Provo, sponsored by the Temple and Observatory Group.


  1. Location?

  2. N Chung says:

    Dream Team.

  3. I would love to come!

  4. Angela C says:

    Can someone record and post as a TED talk or similar? Many are geographically distant but would like to benefit.

  5. B Jones says:

    Where’s it at, and how do we message you?

  6. I’d also love to come. Date, time, and location?

  7. Michelle says:

    I would also definitely be interested. Will the location be in Utah? Will a recording be made of it?

  8. Vinniecat says:

    Definitely interested as well, depending on logistics. Thank you.

  9. The July conference will be in Provo. You can email me at Margaret_Young@byu.edu, or message me on FB. Other conferences will be in Boston, New York, an DC later in the year.

  10. It will be recorded.

  11. Jeanette says:

    I’m interested but would need date and time info to make sure I can come.

  12. nelliechung says:

    I’d love to go but I’ll leave a spot for someone who is actually experiencing a faith crisis.

  13. Kirsten Barksdale says:

    My husband and I would like to go too.

  14. Julie Ogden says:

    My husband and I would be interested.

  15. Jeralee says:

    Yes Please! For two.

  16. I think turning this into an online resource is a great idea.

  17. christa.baxter@gmail.com says:

    I live in Provo and I’d love to be there. Two tickets would be perfect. Let me know if I need to do anything else to RSVP.

  18. I would love to come! Two tickets would be helpful but not necessary. What a fantastic line up!

  19. Shelsteruno says:

    Please deal me in–is it possible to get a couple of tickets?

  20. I need this. Two Tickets Please

  21. Sunshine says:

    Would really appreciate a recording of this. I’m on the west coast and can’t make it in person.

  22. Windewaan says:

    I am definitely in a faith crisis, but being in Europe, I won’t be able to attend. i wouild love a recording. of this conference !!!

  23. If you haven’t emailed me or messaged me, please do. I’m giving the details only to those who contact me.

  24. Marty Erickson says:

    Planning to attend.

  25. Central Standard says:

    Save a recording for me!

  26. Brian Kissell says:

    Me and my wife would love to come. What day and time is it?

  27. Anna Hastings says:

    yes! What day and time?

  28. Oh, I would love that!!! I will be in July from 24 till 1 of August. I would lovelovelove to come if it is held during this time. Please let me know.

  29. Would LOVE to come!

  30. Kevin Barney says:

    For those expressing a desire to attend, please note Margaret’s comments above that you need to either e-mail her (she gives her address) or message her on Facebook, and she will provide you with the details directly.

  31. Yes please – 3 tickets if possible.

  32. I would love to attend. One ticket would be great.

  33. I would love to attend, but can’t miss work. If it’s on a weekend, I’ll try to make it. Let me know.

  34. Victoria says:

    I’d like to come

  35. Sherry, Richard Bushman and the Givens couldn’t possibly be further in faith and intent from the apostate site you link to.

  36. I’d very much like to attend. Thanks.

  37. we would love to attend…Thank you!

    six tickets

  38. Folks, I’m taking names and kicking–nothing. You need to email me so I can put your name on the list. I didn’t reveal all of the information. There was a method to that madness. We need to control the crowd since we have only 80 seats. So if you want to do this, look up in the comments an find my contact information. A FB message works, too.

  39. I’d love to attend as well.

  40. Ash McMurray says:

    I too would love to attend this.

  41. Mother in Zion says:

    80 seats for those in a crisis of faith. How about the Conference center? How about live, via satellite?

  42. Ardis, thanks for the heads-up on the “apostate” site. I was just wondering. I heard Fiona speak two weeks ago at the Rocky Mountain Retreat in Colorado so I have some understanding of where she’s coming from. Are you saying that Richard Bushman is vastly different from the Givens in his intent/beliefs/words? I’m trying to understand this……

  43. I would love to attend if there is still room available!!

  44. No, Sherry, I’m only saying that that site is utterly different from anyone (Bushman, the Givens, Margaret, me, your bishop) who genuinely desires to help someone resolve a faith crisis on the side of faith. There may be variations within any group of believers (including the Bushmans and the Givens), but those variations are minor compared to the vast gulf between faith in Mormonism and the proselytizing-away-from-faith represented by that other site.

  45. Just so you all know, having your name on my list does NOT guarantee a seat. I recommend you arrive early. We will overbook to be sure no seat is unoccupied. I like the idea of the Conference Center :)

  46. Richard why do you consider Mormonthink an apostate sight?

  47. Paul Martin Graviton says:

    Ardis, if you would actually go to the link, and look, you will see that the site has actually published information about Bro. & Sis. Givens speaking on “The Crucible of Doubt” in the UK. I think the question is: Is this event with the Givens and Bushman the same kind of event. Don’t be scared to look – you apparently have a firm testimony so nothing can shake it.

  48. it's a series of tubes says:

    the site has actually published information about Bro. & Sis. Givens speaking on “The Crucible of Doubt” in the UK

    Forgive my UK slang, but bollocks. The site attempts to eviscerate what was presented. The MT quote: “we assume his message will shore up the faith of the members who want to believe at all costs and let them offer the excuse “the Church has answered those questions”.

    Also, thank you for the unexpected hilarity of offering Ardis, of all people, the counsel “Don’t be scared to look!”

  49. Paul – that’s why it was confusing to me – the site seemed fair in what it reported about Bushman/Givens. Thanks Ardis – again, trying to figure this out.

  50. Paul Martin Graviton says:

    it’s a series of tubes said: “Forgive my UK slang, but bollocks.”

    Either you do not know what “bollocks” means, or you don’t know what “published” means. Nowhere did I say that what is said on Mormon Think was too Ardis’ liking, merely that it published information about “The Crucible of Doubt” which is, apparently what Sherry wanted to know. Because Ardis’ reply to Sherry was this, “Sherry, Richard Bushman and the Givens couldn’t possibly be further in faith and intent from the apostate site you link to,” it appears that Ardis did not bother to look to see what Sherry was talking about before he posted.

  51. it's a series of tubes says:

    you do not know what “bollocks” means

    merely that it published information about “The Crucible of Doubt”

    I lived in the UK for long enough to know my slang well, thanks. And you know as well as I do that your statement quoted above severely misrepresents the content of the linked page. The direct quote I pasted above makes the site’s position clear.

    Bushman and the Givens are toward one end of pro/anti sliding scale, and MT is toward the other. To assert otherwise at least disingenous, and more likely malicious. Protip: you’ll find a receptive audience for the MT position, but not here.

  52. In the context of this site and thread, Paul is a troll. Don’t feed him.

    Having said that, I understand when he makes such ridiculously dishonest statements, it’s hard to ignore.

  53. Paul Martin Graviton says:


    Sherry asked this very simple question: “Is this a similar program? http://mormonthink.com/glossary/crucible-of-doubt.htm

    She seems to be asking a very straightforward question, one that requires a simple yes or no.

    If you go to the link, you will find that it is about the talks that the Givens gave in the UK. (MormonThink’s discussion of it is not flattering, but that is *not* what Sherry seems to be asking.) Her question simply seems to be, is the conference by the Givens and Richard Bushman similar to the talks presented by the Givens in the UK? Why is that a difficult question to answer?

    If someone who is familiar with the Bushman/Givens conference could simply look at the link Sherry provided, and simply answer, “Yes, it appears to be the same type of material that will be covered,” or “No, it doesn’t appear to be the same type of material.” Is that so hard?

    Instead, Ardis replies with this: “Sherry, Richard Bushman and the Givens couldn’t possibly be further in faith and intent from the apostate site you link to.” Ardis misrepresents Sherry’s question. And, at the same time, underhandedly chastises her with the “apostate” comment.

    Apparently the purpose of this post is to invite those who are “in a faith crisis” to attend this conference. It would seem that the very type of people who would be currently experiencing a crisis of their faith would be the type of person who would visit MormonThink. Whether you or Ardis believe that such a site would help a person resolve their crisis of faith in the direction of staying in the faith is beside the point. A person who is currently having a crisis of faith will visit such a site. Apparently Sherry has done this.

    As to your comment, it’s a series of tubes: “Protip: you’ll find a receptive audience for the MT position, but not here.”

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with a “position” – but rather answering the question that was asked.

    The only “receptive audience” would be Sherry – the one who asked the question.

    If you, it’s a series of tubes, speak on behalf of By Common Consent when you say that someone who is trying to help answer a simple question is unwanted here, specifically on a thread geared toward those who would be inclined to visit MormonThink, that is unfortunate for the integrity of By Common Consent.

  54. Sherry, that site is deliberately deceptive, from top to bottom. Don’t trust anything on it, or anyone associated with it.

  55. I certainly didn’t intend to stir up a hornet’s nest with my question. Wish I could hear the program. I do hope the church, thru programs like this one by Bushman and Givens, realizes that some Mormons have legitimate concerns, like me. I wonder/hope meetings of this nature might become more wide-spread. I’ve never wanted to leave the church; it’s the only one I’ve ever known.

  56. it's a series of tubes says:

    Ray, I should know better than to feed the trolls, but I just needed to address this one before ceasing to feed:

    If you, it’s a series of tubes,… say that someone who is trying to help answer a simple question is unwanted here

    What I actually said: “you’ll find a receptive audience for the MT position, but not here.” And I reiterate and stand by that statement. I’m not going to further respond to the unspoken straw man you are attempting to paint for me.

  57. There’s no hornet’s nest stirred up, Sherry! You apparently found (by Googling? by some referring link?) material on an apostate site, and you asked a question. In response, you have me, Ray, it’s a series of tubes, all simply alerting you to what kind of a site it is. On the other side, you have one commenter trying to goad the rest of us into a debate, by misstating what each of us has said. That’s the definition of a troll. Generally, the best way to handle a troll is not to gratify his ego with a response. Please don’t think anyone here faults you for anything you’ve said — you’re fine.

  58. facts!! Truth!! Knowledge!! Go Mormonthink.com!! WE LOVE YOU!

  59. I would love to come. And my husband.

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