“I’m a Mormon” video of the month: Lindsey Stirling overcomes anorexia to be music phenom

You’ve probably heard about dancing, cosplaying, YouTube sensation violinist Lindsey Stirling. Her fanciful creations include enchanting ice caves, Lord of the Rings medley in New Zealand, and Zelda medley in quite convincing Zelda costume. Her live tour recently brought her here to San Diego, to the ecstatic delight of my coworkers, self-described biggest fans of Lindsey. Lindsey’s Mormon.org video reveals how she has battled eating disorders and other challenges in her career. Meet Lindsey:

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  1. My girls absolutely love Lindsay. She is an amazing musician, and her story is inspirational.

  2. *Lindsey

  3. I’m not seeing the video link in the mobile version. I went and watched it on Mormon.org. Good stuff. My children would correct you that she is wearing a Link inspired outfit from the Zelda game series, in the Zelda Medley, Zelda is the princess and Link is the hero. It’s a common mistake that grownups make.

  4. Haha, darn! It stinks to be caught in a grown-up mistake. I hope I’m not a completely lost cause–I do still know the difference between a hat and a snake eating an elephant.

  5. I love her music and her energy and her creativity. I loved this entry on Mormon.org when I first heard it, and I loved watching it again. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. I love all her videos! Her love of life is so obvious, and even more impressive because she is willing to open up about not only the reality of depression and anorexia. I so admire that she desribed it as a long term project, and that she had to completely change the way that she thought about everything in her life. She didn’t have a “miracle” that removed it, she had a mental health condition that she decided to fight, and it took the support of her family and friends to get to her goal: being happy!

    This is the message I want them to hear, since chances are pretty good that they, a sibling, a roommate or best friend, (heck maybe all of the above, will have those struggles in their lives. I want them to not look down on people who are struggling, I want them to reach out, whether it is asking for help, or offering it!

    My daughters love watching the videos too! I was so sad that I didn’t have medical clearance to go to her show when she was in Portland. My 11 year-olds have made me promise that the next time that she is here, we will go! Easiest promise to do something I would do anyway. ;-)

  7. Naismith says:

    Amazing series, thanks.

  8. Kevin Barney says:


  9. Big fan of Lindsey here. If you catch BYUtv at all, you’ll get bits of her performing talents in various things like the Independent Study commercials.

  10. Thanks for your comment, Julia. I also appreciated how she is an amazing example of how this can be true of someone who suffers from depression: “Her love of life is so obvious.” Depression is NOT just being a person who chooses to be Eeyore all the time. Depressed people are all kinds of people. What we share is a common illness that can interrupt our usual joie de vivre. I think Lindsey’s video has the power to make a significant impact on young women who may be suffering from eating disorders or other forms of mental illness, or know someone who is (and that includes everybody!). Really admire her courage in doing this.

  11. European Saint says:

    Note that Stirling (who I saw perform in Cologne, Germany — fantastic!) will be performing with James Taylor and MoTab on 19 July. See you there!

  12. J. Stapley says:

    Watched the Zelda link with my kids; they loved it. Then we watched the Mormon one, and they asked what anorexia was. A good conversation.

  13. Moonwalking into people’s hearts.

  14. This REALLY hits close to home – because my sister struggled with a life threatening eating disorder for many years. What a wonderful “I’m a Mormon” video.

  15. Lindsey is amazing. Especially how she basically shares her faith in some of her shows in a simple, gentle manner. Her melodies are inspiring.

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