There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

The Temple and Observatory Group is heading to the D.C. area. It’s free and includes a FREE LUNCH (pictured).

Belief and Doubt in Mormonism — Washington, DC Area
Discussion by Richard Bushman and Fiona and Terryl Givens
October 19 at 10:00am in EDT
2124 Polo Pointe Drive, Vienna, VA 22181


Please spread the word!


  1. Free lunch … I assume Nibley will be speaking too?

  2. That is a very clever comment, Dave K. I wonder how many people remember that talk. We should link it!

  3. Here is a link to Nibley’s famous discourse. Appropriately, the discourse is free to access through the Maxwell Institute.

  4. Is an Rsvp necessary? If so, how would one go about doing it?

  5. An RSVP is not essential, though it’s always nice for the hosts to know approximately how many people will attend. There’s an “event” page on Facebook. Go the Temple and Observatory Group page to find it.

  6. The Maxwell Institute’s Hugh Nibley page, with its hundred something free links to practically all of Nibley’s works, may be the greatest treasure trove on the entire internet, this side of the scriptures.

  7. European Saint says:

    Thank you for this, Margaret. Are you flying out from Provo for this?

  8. No. I accidentally hit the “join” button on the event page. I attended the Provo one. I just help with publicity for the others. But, having been there, I can say that it’s a great event.

  9. I’m attending.

  10. I went and it was amazing. Bright thanks to the Givens & Bushmans for their friendship in thoughtful Mormonism.

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