“Brethen, we welcome you to the General Priesthood Session” Priesthood Session

President Henry B. Eyring conducting.

Elder Paul E. Koelliker to give the opening prayer. If the prayer is any indication, this is going to be an extra priesthood-y priesthood session.

Elder Tom Perry followed by Elder Gerald Causee, and then Elder Randy Funk.

Elder Perry: tells story about how his Primary teacher encouraged the boys in her class to prepare for the priesthood. She also taught him the doctrine behind the Articles of Faith.

There is power in the simplicity of the doctrines found in the Articles of Faith.

Elder Causee: Change is hard. We are fellow citizens together in the church. We need to care for everybody, those in pain, strangers, etc.

Jesus Christ went against the custom of the time to reach out to the women of Samaria.

Men of the priesthood should work with the sisters to make sure everyone feels welcome in church.

Elder Randy Funk: The missionaries of this church are stunning. Elders have priesthood powers to open doors in missionary work.

Through our obedience we gain knowledge. Service brings power from God.

Do What is Right by choir and congregation. Lots of white shirts.

First presidency in ascending order.

President Uchtdorf up: Has anyone ever quoted Urkel in conference?

We may think that women feel more inadequate than men, but I’m not sure that is true. Men deal with feelings of failure.

“There is an important difference between the sorrow for sin that leads to repentance and the sorrow that leads to despair.”

“True repentance is about transformation, not torture or torment.”

This feels like the opposite of the stereotypical “kick-in-the-pants” priesthood talk.

“Brethren we love you. We pray for you. You should hear President Monson pray for you.”

“No matter how many times you have slipped and fallen. Rise up! Stand tall! You are stronger than you realize! You can do it now!”

President Eyring: “To hold the priesthood of God is to be held responsible by God for the eternal life of God’s children.”

Retelling the story of the Good Samaritan for priesthood holders.

“You cannot help people repair spiritual damage unless you own faith is vibrant.”

Scripture reading may help those “infected with doubt.”

President Monson: In the conference in Salt Lake center and other places are those with the priesthood of God. Truly you are a royal priesthood.

Tells the difference between a shepherd who leads and a sheepherder who lazily rides behind.

Is theme is home teaching. He gives bad examples then quotes President Benson “We can do better.”

“A friend cares, a friend listens and a friend reaches out.”

“There are lives to brighten. There are hearts to touch. The are souls to save. Ours is a sacred duty to brighten, to touch, to save.”


  1. As a lady, I’m a little excited for my first ever man meeting.

  2. Capozaino says:

    Our chapel is a relative ghost town. Looks like, given the option, most prefer to stay home and watch in their pajamas.

  3. The words of the opening hymn:
    “As with a mother’s tender hand,
    He leads his own, his chosen band.
    To him all praise and glory!”

    The irony stings.

  4. When I heard the first line of the opening song it reminded me of the YouTube video of the boys choir singing meows.

  5. It does seem a weird verse.

  6. I predicted to my seminary class yesterday morning that Elder Perry would be the lone member of the quorum of the twelve to speak in the ph session. The pattern continues.

  7. Butch Bowman says:

    Fair turnout at our chapel.

  8. We’re about 30 at our stke center in Brooklyn.

  9. That is the second time that scripture mastery verse from the New Testament has been quoted today.

  10. I love listening to Elder Perry—he’s got the best old guy from Utah accent of the group. :)

  11. It’s the pirate accent, according to EdwardJ. :)

  12. I tried to listen with my husband, but we’ve reached the inevitable point in every GC when those little wet, smacking mouth noises the elderly apostles make get on my last nerve. So I’ll read it in the Ensign.

    Loved the choice of opening song. Don’t know why it would be a bad choice.

  13. Elder Perry has always reminded me of the “hanker for a hunka cheese” guy from the Saturday morning cartoon PSA from the ’80’s.

  14. Butch Bowman says:

    His interpretation of Article of Faith 11 is…interesting. Elder Uchtdorf’s interpretation is…not the same.

  15. Our chapel is full as usual. The Church is still true in Minnesota. ;)

  16. Midwest! What part of Mn? I have ties to Rochester, and Madison WI.

  17. Capozaino says:

    I don’t mind; first time I’ve gotten a seat in a pew instead of a cold, steel folding chair.

  18. My wife and daughter just decided it was ice cream time. No sticking up for MoFeminism to watch the session.

  19. The mouth-smacking noises have positively ruined Eyring’s talks for me. It’s not his fault, of course, but . . . yeah.

  20. My son, watching the choir: “It’s the female singers that round out a choir”.

  21. The articles of faith are like the components of a cell phone.
    Time to update my bingo board.

  22. I wonder what sort of change in living arrangements being a Seventy entails. Apparently it involves moving for some.

  23. Queno, it’s hard to say through all the near voice-cracking going on in that choir.

  24. “There are no strangers, and no outcasts…” except, um, for the women standing outside right now. Sigh.

  25. “Those who were considered impure by the self-righteous were given his [Jesus’] care and compassion. This is a great talk and unconditional love.

  26. ^about unconditional love.

  27. I thought the choir sounded appropriate for a non-professional group of teenage boys. And if they sound a little top-heavy, remember that they’ve probably lost all their good basses to the mission field.

  28. Talk of welcoming everyone to our meetings…#irony.

  29. Eh, it’s still a good and important talk, though.

  30. Elder Causee is the man.

  31. Butch Bowman says:

    The information revolution is changing the Church in a variety of ways.

  32. Maybe the irony is intentional.

  33. Mandy, one could only hope.

  34. It is a really lovely talk, and it’s going to get better on second and third reading, I think.

  35. Guy’s name is Funk. #conferencefunk

  36. Kristine. , why are you so bitter??

  37. LEts be mature people, some want to get in to protest, then cant and whine, this type of behavior is not from the Lord. Turning away woman from a male only meeting is not turning away people from fellowship, let’s use the brains God gave us. This contention is from the devil, not the Lord.

  38. Butch Bowman says:

    A theme of this conference: many of the best talks are coming from people who hail from outside the US.

  39. Internet feed keeps abruptly repeating the last second or two, then jumping live again. Weird and kinda annoying; didn’t do that at all this morning.

  40. Rob that’s irrelevant. Stay focused on content – not personalities.

  41. Well stated wasichu. I bet if women were ordained to the priesthood, then they’d start demanding that we men bear the children.

  42. Rob, are you serious? That was a totally sincere comment–I thought it was a great talk.

  43. lolz, EaT. My siblings and I do that to each other. (e.g. This movie is dumb. *You’re* dumb.)

  44. I think it’s quite relevant Seth. She just wants to stir the pot rather than listen to what The Lord has for her to do.

  45. Sigh…. Can we save the protest debate till after the session has concluded? I’d like to her thoughts on the speakers.

  46. You can’t know that, Rob. No one can see into anyone else’s heart.

  47. Any and all contention against the Lord or his ordained servants is from Satan, healthy and polite disagreements are fine, but when the OW know they wont get in and still show up to cause contention it only serves to further Satans purposes.

  48. I disagree Mandy. You can tell a lot about where a persons heart is by their actions. The spirit of discernment can help too.

  49. My testimony is bigger than your testimony.

  50. I know because I prayed about it.

    In the temple.

  51. Trolls run amock, unfortunately. See y’all tomorrow! Wasichu…have you considered ldsfreedomforum?

  52. Deep breath, everyone.

  53. I’m ready for President Uchtdorf round 2.

  54. Is it possible that a woman is there in the Conference Center tonight? When the camera was panning the congregation, I though I saw a blob of bright color amongst the back and white.

  55. Nice green and blue stripe tie.

  56. BillRichardsonMesa says:

    Loved Elder Causee’s discourse. He nailed it. I was the branch president of a Spanish ward and we had members from the ward that shared the building (white ones) who were not just unfriendly, but rude. “No more strangers” indeed. Unfortunately, those who hold those sentiments do not have ears to hear, I fear.

  57. Rob. Careful.

    Elder Funk’s remarks are worth some discussion I think.

  58. Dang. Uchtdorf is two for two. Men have feelings of shame and inadequacy and failure.

  59. Did President Uchtdorf just quote Gatsby?!

  60. I am out too. I find the running commentary to be too contentious for my taste. I need the soothing balm of the Spirit.

  61. I think it’s lovely that President Uchtdorf is giving such an uplifting, encouraging talk to the brethren. Didn’t he do that last conference as well? I think they need more of that. I’ve had male friends and relatives tell me in the past that priesthood session was all about chastisement and calls to repentance and it made them feel like they were never good enough. Hopefully this will help any who feel that way.

  62. I really hope he lives long enough to be president of the church. Where’s Ziff and his number-crunching prediction post?

  63. BillRichardsonMesa says:

    Awesome to have my wife sit next to me and listen to the priesthood session. Now I don’t have to try to regurgitate all of the talks when I come home. I AM home (on the couch), and she is snuggling right next to me. So cool.

  64. True repentance is about transformation, not torture or torment.


  65. BillRichardsonMesa says:

    Mandy, i think that a lot of the men have needed a swift kick in the past. Sometimes “hard” words fit the bill.

  66. Maybe, but sometimes a soft answer is more effective with some people.

  67. “true repentance is about transformation not torture!” go President Uchtdorf

  68. Rob, just trying to get rid of some of the extraneous nastiness.

  69. Did Uchtdorf just say “the foods we love to graze”?

  70. No Mandy, men need it blunt. It’s the women that usually need to be spoken to tenderly. That’s why Jacob was so distraught about how he had to address the men in front of the women and children.

  71. Obviously not the men I know.

  72. Here’s the post I was looking for predicting who will be president of the church based on age at call, life expectancy, etc. http://zelophehadsdaughters.com/2009/10/14/predicting-who-will-be-church-president/

  73. Butch Bowman says:

    Generalities about the differences between men and women tend to be of limited insight and utility.

  74. I don’t think we’ve ever closed a Conference thread before. But this one will be gone in a minute if the comments can’t move back to the content of the meeting. Thanks.

  75. Butch Bowman says:

    Another awesome sermon. Amen, Pres. Uchtdorf.

  76. This is an interesting take on the Good Samaritan story.

  77. I think it is significant that contact with corpses was supposed to temporarily disqualify you for temple service. The Levite may well have been pricing the demands of ritual over the demands of charity.

  78. Prizing that is.

  79. Kent Larsen says:

    I’m waiting to see the gyrations the anti-immigrant crowd go through when reminded of Elder Causee’s talk

  80. The true irony is in the first word of the title of his thread. I think these speakers tonight prepared their messages with a specific audience in mind. Just as the speakers last Saturday night did.

  81. Good point, Seth R. Reminds me of Nicodemus helping to bury Jesus – even though he was a member of the Sanhedrin and it would have made him unclean (not to mention scandalous since it was in fact Jesus). It would have taken real courage to go against the Pharisees’ letter of the law to truly come unto Christ.

  82. Again, language acknowledging the viewpoint of the doubter. It’s been a bit of an ongoing theme this conference.

  83. This is such a compassionate and inspiring talk. Right up there with Elders Holland and Causse and President Uchtdorf (times 2).

  84. Specifically, a call not to get frustrated and uncharitable with those who repeatedly don’t accept the truth you attempt to bear witness of.

  85. Kent Larsen says:

    It just occurred to me that of all the GAs I’ve seen over the years, Elder Eyring looks the most like J. Golden Kimball.

  86. The Levites and priest both, Seth.

    Really an excellent session. I don’t think we’ve had three such for… Well, a long time. Plus we get to sing god of our fathers, which has the best chord in the whole hymn book. (Also, you can belt out a really energetic eensy weeny spider to that tune!)

  87. Snort. I’m totally going to try that for a Home Evening song.

  88. Ben,I’ll have to try singing that with my seminary class.

  89. Well, it should be said that even a token mechanical visit can be worth doing. For instance in the case of elderly widows. It’s really a good idea to send someone over to make sure the heat is still on and the cats haven’t eaten her.

  90. I love the prophet’s explanation of HT as to teach, to inspire and to serve.

    The Abraham Lincoln quote, about genuine friendship, and the additional commentary about the need for home teachers to be friends with those they home teach.

    “Coming slowly.” Aren’t we all coming slowly, towards being the best we can be?

  91. Kent Larsen says:

    It looks like we will have two sessions in a row end a bit early.

    Feels strange somehow.

  92. Seth – The type of visit to an elderly widow that you describe is still ministering. It is more than showing up at the door and saying you are just there to say you came by.

  93. My itsy bitsy spider sounds much more somber and important set to this tune than it usually does. :)

  94. Why does listening to this choir remind me of acne?

  95. Because they’re all fourteen?

  96. Kudos to the moderator for keeping the thread open despite armies of battling trolls. Well done.

  97. This closing hymn is why I love choral music. An orchestra with that level of technical skill would be painful to listen to, but there is something so moving about seeing people make music with their bodies that just slays me, every time. (Also, teenage boys all look like Bambi to me these days–maternal instincts on overdrive :)) And the director sneaked in a verse that’s not in our hymnal. I like it:

    Refresh thy people on their toilsome way,
    Lead us from night to never-ending day.
    Fill all our lives with love and grace divine,
    And glory, love, and praise be ever thine.


  98. “Elder Perry has always reminded me of the “hanker for a hunka cheese” guy from the Saturday morning cartoon PSA from the ’80′s.” I thought I was the only one who made that connection. Also Holland = Deputy Dawg.

  99. It is disheartening to see to what depths this site has descended. The mockery and disdain demonstrated to these good brothers is truly sad. Obviously this is no place for faithful saints. Of course, I will also be mocked for this observation – as are all who voice an opinion differing from the enlightened, modern, free-thinkers here.

  100. Bro. Harmon,
    It is hard to learn of your rebuke, especially since I loved your work in Summer School.

  101. I don’t mind the rebuke so much as the lack of specifics. Are you upset about the choir? The argument that happened? Something on ANOTHER thread perhaps? What?

  102. I think this is a place for faithful saints as well. Have we forgotten President Uchtdorf’s message already? Yes it is disappointing when threads descend into flame wars, and people feed trolls. Perhaps I am feeding one right now, but I have been uplifted by some posts and comments, and I find value here. I do disagree with much of what is said, but where’s the fun in only listening to people you agree with?

  103. Who knew Home Teachers had partners? That was news to me. And as an old lady with a broken arm, I’m appreciating any kind of Visit, reportable or otherwise.

  104. The attendance in my ward’s chapel was sparse. The wife of one of my friends attended, as she worked during the other sessions. No one asked her to leave, but her husband was approached by a few older men (not leaders) and told to take her home. They stayed.

  105. Woman uplifted by priesthood session says:

    Mark, I would guess you were at our building, except there were a few more women when it started, and several more by the end of the session when the lights went up. The only man, (that I was aware of) who was telling women to leave, (in a fairly loud voice) was escorted by two men out to the foyer, and the ward missionary types (which included couple missionaries) were dispatched to sit with couples. There was a set of Elders and a set of Sister missionaries, sitting with young men that I assume were investigators. By the end, there were two more women who sat together with three Aaronic priesthood age young men. (I am assuming they were the mothers of the YM they were sitting with.)

    By my best counting, (I’m pretty sure there were two women there at the beginning that were not part of the 16 that I counted at the end) there were 18 women, and about 20-25 men. The only 3 YM I saw were the ones sitting with their mothers. (No father/son traditions, unless the son was at least late 20s/early 30s.)

    It was kind of fun to watch the people interacting, even though I didn’t know any of them. (We went to the closest stake center to us, instead of the one for our stake, out of convenience.)

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