Church announces Twible will be used as headings for the LDS KJV Bible!

download (1) Well, not really. But they should.

Here at BCC we have issued few edicts. Certainly we have offered sage advice. Motherly wisdom and fatherly Knowsbestticisms. We have indeed cajoled. Pled. Perhaps even subtly tried to shame others into action. But now, I, under the authority granted me by the governing board (which has no idea what I’m up to), I am issuing an edict. I was going to offer a bull, like a papal bull, but a BCC bull. But I feared the jokes that would ensue about BCC bull and refrained. So to the edict. Go now one and all. Both high and low. Both blue and green. Both sour and sweet. And ride thee forth to procure a copy of BCC friend Jana Riess’ book, The Twible.

I recognize that some will be disinclined to follow edicts for edicts sake. To you stubborn souls I offer a modicum of reasons. The best reasons will be found by perusing the book itself. If you have followed Jana on twitter or Facebook than you know the hilarity of these bytes of wisdom as she offers up a tweet capturing the gist of each chapter of the bible. These are both funny and wise. Some forced me think more deeply about the text and made me see things in new ways. Others made me blow diet coke out of my nose.

So follow the edict or your good sense and go buy the book. I know what everyone on my list of good boys and girls is getting for Christmas. This. Go thou and do likewise.


  1. Just got my copy and read it with great pleasure. The TOC is worth the price of admission (s.v., Leviticus).

  2. To those who have read this–what do you think of the book as a potential Christmas gift to a 16-year-old boy who attends seminary and likes it moderately well? (This auntie struggles with gift ideas for the teenage nephews!)

  3. Steve Evans says:

    Laura, it would be a rad present.

  4. Laura, my wife has been asking me what I want for Christmas, and I haven’t been able to tell her. Now I can.

  5. And I was all set to go on and on about all the bull at BCC.

  6. But I feared the jokes that would ensue about BCC bull and refrained. So to the edict. Go now one and all.

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