A Yule Blessing From The Mountaintops

If you like artist Jon McNaughton’s special recipe of mixing religious devotion and political propaganda, then you are going to love his new Christmas card…



  1. I actually had to go to his website and make sure this wasn’t real. That is how insane he is–this could completely be something he would do.

  2. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    And the government shall be upon his shoulders.

  3. No. Just no.

  4. Genius. Scary Genius, but you managed to capture the glory of mingling scripture and the political paintings of men.

  5. A Baby Boomer says:

    The way you impugn patriots is despicable. Obama is taking away our liberties. People think they don’t have to work for what they get anymore and the government should just give them education and health care and it keeps raising taxes to do it. People feel entitled to everything and they won’t work to make this country great. My father fought in WWII to keep us free but people today don’t care about freedom. We are in bondage because they are selfish and lazy and the Chinese own America.

  6. LOL.

  7. I knew it! God really does favor Notre Dame.

  8. I knew I belonged to the church of Ronald Regan.

  9. So we don’t drive traffic over to his site, this really is a parody of this work, not the actual work he’s promoting. Some would not be very surprised at this, but it is not an accurate representation of this particular work.

    If you’ve been blessed not to have heard of this man before, please don’t go to his website and encourace the insanity.

  10. I don’t know which is worse–that you were kidding from the outset, or that it was real when you posted it. (Either way, I’m not a fan of him.) But it appears to have been edited. I just looked at McNaughton’s web page, and the baby appears to be bald.

  11. My first non-anonymous comment on BCC (although I daily lurk) and I realize I’ve made a fool of myself! Oh well, hello there BCC readers. Someday I hope to overcome my initial impression on you.

  12. Jeanette, welcome to normal. Baby Boomer, however, is hereby nominated for a special award. Well done!

  13. Original here:
    I think the original is lovely.

  14. Jeanette: No worries — I thought it was a real McNaughton at first, too. Satire success, Matt!

  15. It is lovely DQ. This photoshop guy thinks he’s funny by mixing religion and politics. All he’s shown is that McNaughton is a class act and whatever he does is derivative. The silent majority will go on ignoring Matt Page and respecting a true artist like John McNaughton who doesn’t tear others down.

  16. I knew this couldn’t be a real McNaughton, Obama wasn’t depicted lurking somewhere in the shadows spitting on a torn up copy of the constitution.

  17. Kevin Barney says:


  18. “a true artist like John McNaughton who doesn’t tear others down.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whew! That was a great one! I’m definitely taking notes for my funniest comments of the year post.

    Wonderful work, Matt!

  19. Matthew’s comment HAS to be satire, right?!

  20. Considering it is Mathew with one t, then I’m certain it’s satire…..he’s a perma folks……

  21. Har.

  22. Jason, just so you are not disappointed, I understand that somewhere McNaughton is working on a Christmas-themed painting of Herod, and, well you can guess where that’s going.

  23. I love it, but I’m thoroughly creeped out by it. I guess that was the reaction you were going for?

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